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Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode 9 Recap – The Fall


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode 9 Recap - The Fall

[00:00:30] It‘s time for the 51st Under 18 All Valley Karate Tournament. Daryl introduces everyone to the crowd. All three dojos make their appearance, and the tournament starts.

[00:03:00] Daniel and Johnny give a pep talk to their respective dojos. They‘re ready to fight Cobra Kai and win. They must win, or their dojos will close up for good. No one wants to lose to Cobra Kai, so they’ll make sure they give it their best. Sam and Miguel haven’t spoken to each other since prom. Johnny tells Miguel that he must focus on the tournament because he’ll get back with Sam sooner or later. Johnny thinks Miguel is thinking about Sam, but he‘s really thinking about what happened when Miguel went to Johnny‘s apartment after prom.

[00:05:00] Cobra Kai is ready to win it all as Silver and Kreese give their command. The tournament starts with the skills challenge. By the end of the first round, Miyagi-Do is in the lead, followed by Eagle Fang. Cobra Kai sits in the fifth spot, but they aren’t counting themselves out just yet. Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang falter in the second round, putting Cobra Kai on top. The committee loves the attention the skills challenge is getting. They‘re voting to kick Ron out of the committee, but he pulls off getting a special guest to the tournament. The male and female qualifiers are about to begin, so Ron calls out Carrie Underwood to sing a special number.

[00:12:00] The qualifiers put Miyagi-Do in second place. They could’ve made it to first place, but none of their other students could win against Cobra Kai. Daniel and Sam watch as Cobra Kai bested them in all three remaining fights. Daniel tells Sam that Cobra Kai knows their every move because Robby taught Cobra Kai everything Daniel taught him. It‘s a dirty move, but he can’t do anything about it. They just need to focus and do their best moving forward.

[00:15:00] Daniel speaks to Robby before the quarterfinals begin. He tells Robby that putting his principles behind him makes winning useless. Daniel knows Robby is a better person, so he’s still doing his best to speak to his better nature. Devon loses to Tory as the quarterfinals start, removing any hopes for Eagle Fang to compete in the girl’s division. Johnny tells Devon that she did great, but Devon isn’t getting her hopes down. She’s only been training for a few weeks and feels she’ll do better next year if they win with Miguel. Miguel is the last hope for Eagle Fang to win which puts a lot of weight and expectations on his shoulders.

[00:18:00] Demetri wins his match for Miyagi-Do and guarantees him a semifinal spot. Eli is the first to face Cobra Kai, but he doesn’t feel like he‘ll win against Kyler. Moon goes up to Eli and talks to him. She gives him a big kiss and tells Eli to win the match. Eli‘s confidence shoots up that Moon is talking to him again — the only thing he needs to win against Kyler. Eli defeats Kyler to advance to the semifinals. All they need is for Sam to win to guarantee themselves at least the girls‘ division.

[00:20:00] Sam faces off with Piper in the quarterfinals. Piper is confident she‘ll win against Sam because she knows all their moves. Sam switches over to her Eagle Fang moves to win against Piper. Piper can’t read Sam’s moves because she‘s relying on everything Robby taught them. Sam eventually wins, but Daniel disapproves of her strategy. Sam tells Daniel she can choose what strategy to use.

[00:22:30] Kenny is facing Robby in the quarterfinals. Robby goes easy on him, but Kreese tells him to finish the match so Cobra Kai has a better chance of becoming champions. Robby goes all in and destroys Kenny. Kenny can’t believe what happened and leaves the venue in shame. Robby tries to go after him, but Tory tells him to stay focused. Meanwhile, Miguel and Eli are facing off in the quarterfinals. Daniel speaks with Miguel before the match, but Johnny sees him and cuts the conversation off. Daniel tells Johnny to stay away from Sam. Johnny says Daniel should stay away from Miguel.

[00:26:00] Eli isn’t thrilled to be fighting Miguel. No one has ever beaten Miguel, even when they were still in Cobra Kai, so the fight won‘t be easy. Daniel tells Eli to just be patient with his attacks and stay in defense to win. Johnny tells Miguel that he must defeat Eli if he wants to advance to the finals, but Miguel doesn’t want to beat Eli because he‘s his friend.

[00:28:00] Miguel tries to score the first point, but Eli blocks his attack. Eli gets back up from the last attack. Miguel sees the opportunity to try out his flying tornado kick. He leaps up and spins in the air but fails to execute the move and lands badly on his back. Miguel is unable to get up and screams in pain. Everyone worries about Miguel, especially Carmen, who‘s watching from the stands. Johnny rushes over to Miguel as the referee calls for a medic to assist Miguel with his injury. Eli can’t do anything but stand over Miguel with a worried look.

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