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Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 1 Recap – Long, Long Way From Home


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 1 Recap - Long, Long Way From Home

[00:00:30] Cobra Kai is expanding on the back of their win at the All Valley tournament. With Silver leading the dojo, no expense is spared as the Cobra Kai commercial rolls out. The dojo looks sharper than ever as it features many high-tech equipments and boasts of Tory’s success as the first female All Valley champion. Meanwhile, Chozen is living with Daniel at this house. Amanda is cleaning up beside the pool when she sees a butt-naked Chozen get out of the pool.

[00:02:00] Amanda disapproves of Chozen living with them. Daniel flew Chozen from Japan to help stop Cobra Kai, but Amanda isn’t happy that Daniel didn’t inform her first about Chozen or his decision to stop Cobra Kai. Amanda thought the All Valley tournament was the end of Karate for their family. She‘s relieved John Kreese ended up in jail and Sam didn’t get hurt in her fight against Tory. Daniel says someone must stand up to Cobra Kai, especially with Terry Silver leading it. Daniel assures Amanda she won’t see Chozen naked again, but she doesn’t care about Chozen. Amanda is scared that her children will be in harm’s way, with Daniel and Chozen looking to end Cobra Kai. Daniel promises Amanda that their children are safe, but there really isn’t any assurance.

[00:03:30] Miguel arrives in Ceuta, Mexico, looking for his father. Some locals offered to help him look for the address on a map, but it‘s all a scam. They tell Miguel to pay for the map, so he takes $5 from his wallet. Miguel is about to leave when the guys ask him for a reward because they found his bag. Miguel realizes they‘re scamming him, but he has no choice. It‘s four against one, and he can’t risk fighting in an unknown area. Miguel gives them all his cash in exchange for his bag. Meanwhile, Johnny and Robby are also in Mexico. Johnny didn’t tell Robby the truth behind their trip. He tells him they‘re bonding, but he just needs to take care of something first.

[00:07:30] Daniel meets up with his students at the dojo. They could’ve won the tournament, but Sam lost to Tory in the girls’ finals. Daniel announces that he’s closing the dojo to keep his students safe. The kids disappointingly leave the dojo, but Sam knows Daniel has another plan. Daniel plans on defeating Cobra Kai with Chozen. He can’t keep operating the dojo because Silver will target the kids, and he knows Silver isn’t afraid of putting kids in harm’s way. Sam is disappointed that she can’t compensate for her loss at the tournament, but no one is blaming her for losing.

[00:09:00] Miguel finds the address he’s looking for and immediately looks for Hector Salazar. There are some men playing cards in the back room. Miguel overhears that one of them is named Hector. He thinks he has finally found his father, but it turns out that Hector isn’t the Hector he’s looking for. They tell Miguel to leave before they beat him. Miguel tucks his tail between his legs and leaves.

[00:11:30] Johnny finally tells Robby the truth, and he’s unhappy. Robby doesn’t want to help Miguel, but Johnny has no other plan. He wants to fix his relationship with Robby, but he can’t sit idly and let Miguel wander off in Mexico. Johnny doesn’t have a big plan on how they will find Miguel. He‘s taking things one step at a time, but Robby isn’t convinced. He‘d rather spend his time with Tory than look for Miguel. Johnny tells Robby he can book a ticket home once they get to Mexico if he really wants to go back. While they‘re talking, a pickup truck appears out of nowhere. Robby sees the truck just in time for Johnny to avoid it, but they end up in a ditch.

[00:13:30] Daniel briefs Chozen on who Terry Silver is. He tells Chozen that they must put an end to him. Chozen is happy to kill Silver for Daniel, but Daniel doesn’t mean it that way. Daniel wants to expose Silver for who he really is. Everyone sees him as a philanthropist invested in saving all the kids in the valley, but Daniel knows he has a sinister plan behind Cobra Kai. Daniel warns Chozen to be careful with Silver, but Chozen isn’t afraid. He wants to face Silver head-on and asks Daniel to take him to Silver.

[00:15:00] Sam can’t move on from her loss. She keeps reviewing the fight footage and practicing how she could’ve blocked Tory’s attack. She does her best but can’t figure out a way to block the attack. Each time she practices, she ends up losing to Tory again. Sam doesn’t want to give up, but she must stop practicing because Miguel is calling her. Miguel calls Sam for advice, but they argue about her loss at the tournament. Miguel isn’t focused on Karate at the moment, so he doesn’t care about how Sam feels. Sam feels irritated that Miguel doesn’t care and ends the call. After the call, Miguel finds another man also named Hector. This time, he really thinks it’s his father.

[00:17:00] Johnny needs to change a tire on their van to get moving again. Robby asks Johnny how he got the van when it was stolen from him. Robby tells Johnny that he and Daniel went looking after him after disappearing. They didn’t find him, but they found the van and took it back. Johnny admits he hasn’t been there for Robby, and he has also failed Miguel. Johnny doesn’t want to go back to living a life of regrets, so he tells Robby to follow his lead and close out things with Miguel too. Meanwhile, Carmen still worries about Miguel. Sam told Carmen that Miguel had called her and was doing okay. Carmen wants to come down to Mexico to find Miguel, but Johnny assures her that he will find Miguel and bring him home.

[00:18:30] Daniel and Chozen arrive in Encino for the grand opening of the new Cobra Kai dojo. While scoping the dojo from the parking lot, Chozen sees Silver training some of his students from the window. He recognizes the moves Silver is demonstrating. He tells Daniel about Kim Sun-Yung. Daniel didn’t think Kim was a real person. Daniel and Chozen return to the pool house so he can tell Daniel more about Kim. Chozen tells Daniel that Kim is a master of Tang Soo Do. He demonstrates how Kim’s technique works and tells him they must be careful around Silver. Chozen suggests they must think like Silver to expose him to the public.

[00:20:30] Miguel follows the man he thinks is his father, who goes around town shaking people’s hands like a public figure. Everyone in town seems to know him, and they all seem to like him. Miguel sees Hector approach a woman and a kid. It seems they‘re his family. The kid’s name is Luis. Miguel asks Luis for his name as his soccer ball rolls over in his direction. Miguel returns the ball, and Luis runs back to his family.

[00:22:00] Johnny and Robby arrive at the bus station. Johnny gives Robby a few bucks to go home. He apologizes for dragging Robby to Mexico and heads over to the surfers Miguel spoke to earlier. They run the same scam on Johnny. They show the address on the map while another man tries to pick his pocket. Johnny feels the attempt to take his wallet and stops the man from taking it. They‘re about to gang up on Johnny, but Robby helps him. A fight breaks out, but they‘re no match for Johnny and Robby.

[00:25:00] Miguel continues to follow Hector and his family. Luis continues playing with his ball, which rolls out onto the street. A car is about to pass by, so Miguel acts quickly and saves Luis from being hit. Hector and his wife see Miguel as a hero and invite him to dinner to repay his act of kindness. He introduces himself as Hector Salazar. It seems Miguel really found his father within just one day of being in Mexico. Hector tells Miguel that it feels like they have met somewhere before. Miguel does his best to hide his excitement because he doesn’t want to get his hopes up.

[00:26:30] Robby and Johnny have a few drinks by the beach. Johnny bids Robby farewell as his bus is arriving soon, but Robby decides to stay and help Johnny fix his mess. He tells Johnny he’s happy to see him cleaning up his mistakes instead of running from them. Meanwhile, Silver welcomes his new senseis to training camp. He will train them and see if they have what it takes to become the next sensei of Cobra Kai. One of the candidates is Chozen. Silver doesn’t know him, but it‘s all part of Daniel and Chozen’s plan to infiltrate Cobra Kai and stop Silver.

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