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Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 10 Recap – Head of the Snake


Published 7 months ago

Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 10 Recap - Head of the Snake

[00:00:30] Kreese continues his sessions with the psychiatrist in prison. He really wants an early release, but the psychiatrist isn’t convinced that he has really changed. He does his best to convince her, but she insists that Kreese think about his actions and their consequences. The psychiatrist wants Kreese to reflect and change, but Kreese knows he will never see the light of freedom again.

[00:02:30] Kreese sees one of his goons picking a fight in the prison cafeteria. He goes over to stop the man but dies on the cafeteria floor as Kreese’s goon stabs him. The prison guards call for help, but it seems Kreese dies instantly. Meanwhile, the limo of death finally stops in the middle of nowhere. Daniel discovers that Mike has been driving the limo all along. He wants revenge for what happened to his store. Mike tells Daniel that his life has hit rock bottom because of him. Daniel tells Mike that it’s Silver’s fault, not his. Mike wants payback for what Silver did. Daniel tries to talk some sense into Mike, but Chozen and Johnny side with Mike. They want Silver gone, so they drive to Silver’s house.

[00:06:30] Sam calls a meeting at the apartment block. Demetri, Eli, Miguel, and Robby wait for Sam’s arrival. They don’t have any clue why Sam wants to meet them. After a few minutes, Sam shows up with Tory and tells them they can take down Cobra Kai. Tory tells them that Silver’s assault on Stingray would’ve been caught on camera because he installed security cameras at the old dojo. She tells them there’s a security server at the new dojo, and all they have to do is find a way to access it. Sam tells everyone to call their friends because they need all the help they can get.

[00:07:30] Silver and Kim are enjoying wine at his house. Silver tells Kim that he has a plan for his rivals before the start of the Sekai Taikai tournament. While they‘re talking, a limousine barges through the front gate of Silver’s estate. Mike, Johnny, and Chozen storm the house to find Silver. Silver tells them they’re trespassing, but Mike doesn’t care. One of Silver’s senseis shows up to fight them. Mike underestimates the sensei and loses the fight. The other senseis show up, so Chozen and Johnny have no way out. They have to fight Silver’s henchmen.

[00:10:00] Amanda and Carmen are having a peaceful conversation when Daniel calls her. Daniel tells Amanda what happened and tells her to pick him up. Amanda can’t pick Daniel up because someone from Cobra Kai shows up at their house. Daniel tells Amanda to call the police, but it‘s too late. Daniel can’t do anything because he’s stranded in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, Sam and her friends arrive at Cobra Kai’s main dojo. They plan on breaking in, but Tory still has access to the dojo using her key card. They take down the security cameras, but they don’t notice Silver’s private camera on his office wall. Kim tells Silver that Tory and the other kids have broken into his office at the dojo, so Silver instructs Kim to take care of the kids while he finishes Chozen and Johnny.

[00:13:00] Chozen and Johnny fight Silver’s senseis. Johnny tells Chozen to run after Silver as he tries to flee. Meanwhile, Daniel finds a man peeing on the side of the road. He asks for help, but the man refuses to help him. Daniel tells the man that he’s getting home one way or another. He doesn’t know the man is with his friends, so the fight quickly escalates. Daniel is outnumbered, but Amanda arrives just in time to save him. It‘s Stingray who went over to their house, driving Johnny‘s old car. Amanda asks for Stingray’s help to pick up Daniel and save the kids.

[00:15:00] Demetri and Eli finally locate the footage from the old dojo, but they can’t download it in time. Silver erased the footage before they could even see it. Tory tells them they still have footage they can use against Silver. She gives Demetri the time and date of the footage. While Demetri and Eli find the footage, the other members of Cobra Kai arrive to stop them. Robby and Tory try to convince their Cobra Kai friends to leave the dojo, but they don’t believe them. It turns out that Mitch is a traitor. He called Kyler and told him what Sam and her friends were doing. Mitch wants to return to Cobra Kai because of all their amenities. A fight breaks out between the two dojos as Kenny tries to land a punch on Miguel’s face.

[00:17:00] Stingray apologizes to Daniel for getting everyone involved. He just wanted to go back to Cobra Kai. He didn’t think anyone besides him would get hurt. Daniel, Amanda, and Carmen all try to reach anyone. None of their children are answering their phones. Carmen can’t even get a hold of Johnny. Daniel assures Carmen that Johnny is fine because he’s with Chozen and Mike. Meanwhile, Chozen finally corners Silver inside his house. Silver fights Chozen off, but he loses the first round. He retreats as he sustains an injury to his right leg. Silver takes one of his swords and takes the fight to the death. He thinks Chozen will back out, but he‘s mistaken. Chozen takes out his twin sais and accepts Silver’s challenge.

[00:20:30] Silver does his best to kill Chozen, but he fails. Chozen wins the fight by disarming Silver, but he hears Johnny’s pain cries and loses focus. Silver uses the opportunity to kill Chozen by taking his sword and slicing him while he‘s distracted. Meanwhile, the kids continue their fight at the Cobra Kai dojo. Tory faces Devon, but she does her best not to fight her. Tory knows Devon will eventually believe her, so she tries to explain what happened.

[00:23:30] Kyler takes some of his buddies to Silver’s office. He tries to take Eli down, but Eli won’t lose against Kyler. He takes them on three against one as Demetri works on uploading the video on the internet for everyone to see. Meanwhile, Kenny finally faces Robby, but he still can’t defeat him in a fair match. Robby tries to talk some sense into Kenny, but he doesn’t listen. Kenny uses the Silver Bullet on Robby, so he falls to the floor and tries to gasp for air.

[00:25:00] Johnny is in the same scenario as Robby. He‘s up against four senseis, so he can’t do anything. Silver returns inside his house to finish Johnny, but he just leaves him to his henchmen. He needs to sort everything out at the dojo, so he cleans up and leaves. Meanwhile, Demetri and Eli have successfully started the upload on the Cobra Kai channel. They immediately leave Silver’s office before anyone can stop them. Miguel and Tory are doing their best to hold off the other Cobra Kai members, but Sensei Kim finally arrives and picks a fight with Tory.

[00:27:00] There‘s no way out for the Miyagi-Fangs as Cobra Kai encircles them at the dojo. They can only defend the tablet as it has already reached 18% of the upload. Anthony gets hold of the tablet, so they play defend the egg just like what they did with Chozen. Tory is no match for Sensei Kim, but Sam rushes to her side to help her. Sam and Tory are still no match for Sensei Kim. Devon joins the fight, but she tells Sam to go save Anthony instead. Kim tries to persuade Devon to help her, but she chooses to help Tory.

[00:29:00] Stingray, Daniel, Amanda, and Carmen arrive at the dojo. Some of the other Cobra Kai members are standing guard outside. Stingray demolishes them so they can finally enter the dojo to save the kids. They arrive just in time as the upload is complete. Anthony plays the video on one of the dojo’s screens to stop the fight. Everyone discovers that Tory won the tournament because Silver paid the referee. Silver arrives at the dojo to confront Daniel, but it‘s already over. All the Cobra Kai students no longer want to be part of his dojo. They‘re ashamed that their sensei chose to cheat to win. Silver tells everyone that life is just a competitive sport and they must do whatever it takes to win.

[00:33:00] Johnny is still outnumbered, but he finds strength after seeing the ultrasound photo of his new baby. He stands up and takes the other senseis down. Johnny puts up a good fight, but in the end, he still loses. They‘re about to kill Johnny when Mike comes in to save him. Back at the dojo, Silver challenges Daniel to a fight. Amanda tells Daniel to finish what he started, so Daniel prepares for the fight. Daniel remembers what Silver taught him in his youth and uses it against him. Silver fails to defeat Daniel, so everyone one of his students quits on him — the end of Cobra Kai.

[00:38:30] The cops arrive to sort things out. Stingray finally testifies against Silver while Robby reaches out to Kenny. Kenny leaves as he doesn’t want to talk with Robby. Tory sees Robby and approaches him. Robby wants to apologize, but Tory just wants to kiss him after everything she’s been through.

[00:40:00] With Robby and Tory getting back together, Miguel goes to Sam to make up with her. Sam asks Miguel if the octopus necklace is his. Miguel reveals he was supposed to give it to her, but she broke up with him before he could show it. Sam apologizes to Miguel, but he tells Sam he loves her and would do anything for her. Sam confesses her love for Miguel, and the two also get back together.

[00:41:30] Johnny, Chozen, and Mike make it back alive. The paramedics took Chozen to the hospital because he sustained many injuries from his fight with Silver. Everyone sees Silver being taken out of the dojo in handcuffs. Daniel and Johnny are pleased that Silver and Kreese will become cellmates. The police tell everyone that Kreese is dead after what happened at the prison cafeteria, or so they think.

[00:44:00] Kreese used melted Jell-O as fake blood. The cops took him to the infirmary, where a doctor found out he‘s faking his death. Kreese takes out the guards along with the doctor and puts on the doctor’s clothes as a disguise. Kreese slowly exits prison and uses the psychiatrist’s access badge to get his freedom. Daniel and Johnny’s problems aren’t over; Kreese will definitely go after them.

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