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Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 3 Recap – Playing With Fire


Published 10 months ago

Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 3 Recap - Playing With Fire

[00:00:30] Daniel plays golf with Anoush, Louie, and Chozen. They‘re about to get drinks from the bar when Silver shows himself. He gives Daniel a chance to back down, but Daniel won’t accept defeat. He’s hell-bent on stopping Silver. Silver tells Daniel he’s playing with fire. Chozen says he’s gasoline, which makes no sense. Silver ends the conversation and asks the bartender to put all their drinks on his tab. Louie and Anoush order drinks since it‘s free. They‘re worried about Silver, but Daniel assures them there’s nothing to worry about.

[00:02:30] Miguel is back home, trying to make up for his mistake by cooking breakfast for Carmen and his grandmother. Carmen and her mother are happy that Miguel is home. Johnny joins them for breakfast. Miguel thinks he should also make an apology meal for Sam since he must also apologize to her. Before Miguel can make the meal, Carmen rushes to the bathroom to throw up. Johnny thinks it‘s because of the food, but Carmen seems pregnant.

[00:04:30] Sam isn’t doing too well. She‘s stress eating because she can’t move on with what happened to her at the tournament. She still blames herself for the loss even if no one is really blaming her. Anthony annoys his sister, so she calls Yasmine and Moon to have lunch together. Meanwhile, Daniel and Chozen plan their next step against Silver. Daniel knows Silver is already making his moves, so Chozen suggests they do the same. He asks Daniel if he knows anyone associated with Silver. Daniel remembers Mike Barnes.

[00:06:00] Carmen tells Johnny she’s a couple of days late. Johnny doesn’t understand what Carmen is saying, so she goes straight to the point — she‘s pregnant. Johnny loses his mind. He suddenly becomes nervous and drops his car keys on the floor. Carmen regrets telling Johnny the news and assures him she’ll check first. They go to the nearest pharmacy to get a pregnancy test kit. Meanwhile, Miguel is meeting Sam later that night. He‘s at the tattoo shop with Eli and Demetri, and they tell Miguel he’s in deep trouble with Sam. They say Sam wants to break up with him.

[00:08:00] Sam is also with Moon and Yasmine. They‘re also helping her play hard to get with Miguel. While the boys think of a way to help Miguel with Sam, Daniel and Chozen stalk Mike. They follow him to some warehouse where they see men working for Mike. Chozen tells Daniel he can handle Mike’s goons, but Daniel doesn’t want to fight. He tells Chozen to wait in the car as he goes out to talk to Mike. Meanwhile, Johnny wants a refund for his condoms because they don’t work. It seems Johnny used an old variety of condoms which means they‘re already expired or just too old to keep his semen at bay.

[00:11:30] Carmen sees that Johnny is worried. She tells him to breathe and assures him he won’t repeat his mistakes with Robby and Shannon. Johnny sees a man holding his baby inside the pharmacy. The man is a wreck; he looks like he hasn’t slept well in days. The baby won’t stop crying, but the man does his best to woo the baby. Johnny tells Carmen he’ll be sick, which irritates her. Carmen tells Johnny he must prepare himself while she takes the pregnancy test on her own. Carmen thinks Johnny isn’t ready, and if she’s really pregnant, he must get his issues sorted out.

[00:13:00] Moon takes Yasmine and Sam to a beauty spa. She tells Sam she went there herself when she first broke up with Eli. Moon thinks the spa’s amenities will do wonders for Sam, although she isn’t too eager to try them out. Meanwhile, Miguel and the boys go to a jewelry store to get a little something for Sam. Miguel sees an octopus necklace on sale, but he still can’t afford it.

[00:15:00] Daniel sneaks inside Mike’s warehouse. He follows the sound of Mike’s voice as he’s talking to someone on the phone. It seems Mike is talking to Silver, and they‘re planning to get rid of his kids. Daniel takes the phone from Mike and talks to Silver, but he‘s mistaken. Mike was talking to his client, Michelle. They were discussing Japanese cedar chairs instead of children. Mike ends the conversation with Michelle and shows Daniel he runs a furniture store. Daniel feels ridiculous for thinking Mike is involved in something shady.

[00:17:00] Johnny starts preparing for the baby. He looks up videos on the internet about how someone prepares for a baby. Johnny gets rid of all his negative stuff and cleans his refrigerator. He even does some pest control inside his apartment just to make everything clean for the baby. Johnny is overreacting, but he doesn’t know what to do, so he’s just all over the place. Meanwhile, Mike and Daniel get to know each other for a bit. It seems Mike’s life was a mess after the All Valley tournament. He turned his life around once he met his future father-in-law. Mike found a father figure in his father-in-law. He taught Mike that he could do more things than just Karate. Daniel can’t be any happier for Mike, but he must tell him about Silver.

[00:20:00] Sam enters one of the self-actualization pods. She didn’t want to use it at first because she kept having nightmares of drowning, but Moon convinced Sam nothing bad would happen to her, so she tried it. Sam falls asleep inside the pod, and she goes straight into her nightmares. This time she enters a battle with herself. She thought it‘s Tory wearing a black gi, but it‘s herself. It seems Sam is having issues accepting who she is.

[00:22:00] Sam is having difficulty with the dark version of herself. She‘s better at Karate than she is. Sam does her best to survive, but she wakes up before her evil self can land the finishing blow. Moon and Yasmine pull Sam out of the pod. Meanwhile, Chozen grows impatient. He enters the store and starts attacking Mike. Daniel tells Chozen to stop, but he isn’t listening. Mike takes his coat off and fights Chozen. Daniel comes between them and stops the fight. Daniel apologizes to Mike and tells him everything is just a big misunderstanding. Chozen tells Daniel to call an ambulance because he beat up all of Mike’s employees.

[00:24:30] Miguel goes to Johnny for advice because he really doesn’t know how to make things right with Sam. Miguel wants things to return to normal but thinks Sam is still angry at him. Johnny tells Miguel to just tell Sam the truth and go from there. He explains that everyone makes mistakes, but telling the truth opens up a way to make up with someone, which is always the best option. Miguel can’t believe Johnny gave him some useful advice. Johnny can’t believe himself either, but he’s gone through some big changes in his life since meeting Miguel.

[00:28:00] Miguel meets up with Sam at the Miyagi-Do dojo. He apologizes to Sam, but it doesn’t get him anywhere. Sam breaks up with Miguel for the second time. She apologizes to Miguel and tells him she must find herself first. Sam is really broken after everything that’s happened. She just doesn’t know what to do. Miguel respects Sam’s decision and tells her he’ll always be there for her, even as a friend.

[00:30:30] Miguel does his best to be strong and hold back his tears, but he can’t. He cries out of the dojo as it‘s one of the most painful experiences he has ever faced. It seems more painful than learning that Hector is a douchebag. Miguel didn’t even have a chance to give Sam the necklace he got her. He throws the necklace away at the dojo’s driveway.

[00:31:30] Carmen arrives at a brand-new apartment. Johnny threw out all his old stuff and made his apartment baby-proof. He assures Carmen that he’ll be there for her and their baby. Carmen tells Johnny that she took the test on her own and that they will have a baby. Johnny can’t contain the joy he feels. He‘ll be a father, and he won’t mess things up this time.

[00:33:00] Daniel is at the country club sauna to unwind. Silver enters the sauna carrying a phone and plays the voicemail Daniel left his old lawyer. Daniel got the lawyer‘s details from Mike. Silver reminds Daniel about playing with fire, so he’ll face the consequences. Silver tells Daniel he’ll handle his old friend first before he goes after him. He leaves the sauna as Daniel worries about Silver’s ultimatum. Meanwhile, Mike arrives just in time to see his furniture shop burn to the ground. He can’t do anything but kneel on the road as his livelihood goes up in flames.

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