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Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 5 Recap – Extreme Measures


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 5 Recap - Extreme Measures

[00:00:30] Stingray makes his triumphant return to Cobra Kai. It’s been a while since Silver put Stingray in the hospital. He now lives in style, thanks to Silver who’s renting an apartment for him. Silver couldn’t have taken over Cobra Kai without Stingray’s help, so he’s pampering him to keep him from telling anyone what he did. Stingray gets welcomed by all the students at Cobra Kai except for Kenny and Tory. They know something is up with Stingray, but they can’t talk to him yet. Tory takes over the class while Silver talks to Stingray in private. They go outside to see Johnny’s old car. Silver got hold of it through the impound auction, and he’s giving it to Stingray.

[00:03:00] Miguel arrives at a restaurant and finds Robby at the tables. Miguel asks Robby if Johnny invited him over. Robby confirms the invite, so they go their separate ways. Johnny arrives and calls his boys back to the table. He wants to fix Miguel and Robby’s relationship, but they don’t want to. Robby and Miguel tell Johnny that fancy food won’t fix anything between them. The boys leave, so Johnny is back to step one as he tries to correct all his mistakes, including Miguel and Robby’s feud.

[00:04:30] Daniel is a mess at this point. His whole family had left, and he didn’t know what to do. Chozen assures Daniel that his family will return once they’ve fixed everything with Silver. Daniel blames him for everything he’s going through, but he has no evidence to prove it. Chozen finds an article in the mail about John Kreese. Someone wrote the word “liar” on it along with the address 808 Prospect Street. Chozen suggests they check the address, but Daniel is skeptical about it. He thinks it’s just one of Silver’s elaborate plans, but Chozen says they won’t find out until they visit the address.

[00:07:00] Amanda and the kids are at her mother’s house. They get a visit from their Aunt Jessica who takes the whole family out for dinner. Meanwhile, Johnny has another plan to get Robby and Miguel to make up. He invites Miguel to his apartment where he has something set up for them. Miguel doesn’t want to come because he thinks Robby will be there. Johnny shows Miguel that Robby isn’t there, so Miguel enters the apartment. Once again, Johnny lied. Robby is just inside Johnny’s room. Johnny prepared an escape room challenge for them. He thought it would work, but it didn’t. Miguel and Robby don’t want anything to do with each other, so Miguel just goes back to his apartment.

[00:11:00] Daniel and Chozen visit the address and finds Stingray arriving in Johnny’s old car. Daniel knows it‘s all weird, so he and Chozen follow Stingray to his apartment. He confronts Stingray and enters his new apartment. Daniel assumes Silver paid Stingray to get Cobra Kai. Stingray doesn’t confirm Daniel’s theory, but the look on his face is enough confirmation for Daniel. He wants Stingray to tell him the truth, but Chozen stops Daniel’s interrogation before he does something regretful. Daniel leaves the apartment and comes up with another idea to dig up the truth.

[00:13:30] Amanda and Jessica go to an old bar where they used to go in their youth. They allow Anthony and Sam to play some old video games so they can talk.  The two go to the bar where they bump into some old bullies. No one can forget what Amanda did to her teacher, and they all want to bring it up, but Jessica tells the bullies to just leave so they can talk. Jessica wants to know why Daniel isn’t with them. Amanda opens up to her about Daniel and his current addiction to Karate.

[00:15:30] Daniel arrives at Johnny’s place and brings him up to speed. He thought Johnny would want to get back at Silver for beating them at the tournament, but he‘s mistaken. Johnny wants no part in his scheme to get Silver. He’s focusing on family, so he doesn’t want to screw things up by returning to Karate. Daniel tells Johnny that everything is his fault to begin with. He resurrected Cobra Kai which is now the cause of his problems. Johnny doesn’t understand what’s going on with Daniel. He used to be calm and peaceful, but now he’s running around looking for a fight with Cobra Kai.

[00:17:00] Daniel tells Johnny what happened between him and Amanda. It isn’t the best way to air things out, but he needed the talk. Meanwhile, Sam discovers that Anthony is the kid being bullied at the water park. She didn’t know what had happened, so she apologized to Anthony for not being there for him. Anthony says he deserves to be bullied after what he and his friends did to Kenny. Meanwhile, Jessica learns that Terry Silver is back, so she tells Amanda what happened between Silver and Daniel in the day. Silver tried to flip Daniel into hating Mr. Miyagi. It worked for some time, but Silver’s plan didn’t come into fruition. Jessica is confident Daniel can beat Silver again, but Amanda isn’t convinced. She knows Daniel didn’t get over Silver in his youth.

[00:20:00] Although Johnny isn’t the greatest guy to get advice from, Daniel talks to Johnny about his problems. Johnny tells Daniel that he’s been the family man all these years, so he can work things out with Amanda just like how he did in the past. Daniel agrees with Johnny’s perspective. He also learns that Robby is staying with Johnny for the summer, and he’s trying to get Robby and Miguel to become friends. Daniel knows it‘s a long shot to get them to make up, but Daniel knows Johnny can do it. After their conversation, Daniel leaves and thanks Johnny for his help. Meanwhile, Amanda and Jessica get into a fight with Lizzie at the bar.

[00:22:30] Elizabeth remembers Amanda’s old nickname, “Babe Ruthless.” She teases Amanda with it, but they aren’t in the mood for her stupid trip down memory lane. The conversation leads to a fight where Amanda nearly gets punched in the face. She doesn’t know how to fight, so all the shoving leads nowhere. One of Elizabeth’s friends holds her down as Elizabeth prepares to attack her. Sam sees her mother getting into trouble, so she comes to her rescue, and they all leave the bar.

[00:24:30] Daniel bids Chozen farewell. He must return to Japan to focus on his own life. Chozen feels like he failed Daniel, but Daniel assures him he’s been a big help. Daniel wants to make amends with Stingray before heading to the airport. He tells Chozen he’ll visit him with his family as soon as all their problems are fixed. Meanwhile, Johnny returns to his old self and pits Miguel against Robby for the fight of the century. He tells them to be men and fight out their differences — no points or mats, just a good old backyard fight. Miguel and Robby have no problem fighting each other, so it‘s on.

[00:26:00] Miguel scores first blood with a kick to Robby’s face. He also lands another kick, but Robby isn’t scared of getting hurt. Robby lands a few kicks to even things out. They take the fight to the second floor of the apartment building. Johnny knows the fight is going too far, so he tries to stop it. Miguel and Robby don’t listen to him. They‘re too focused on fighting each other. It could‘ve been a repeat of what happened to Miguel, but this time Robby is on the losing end. Johnny rushes to the second floor, but Miguel stops the fight before things get out of hand.

[00:27:30] Johnny thinks he‘s too late, but he arrives just in time.  He sees Miguel and Robby making up and finally accepting each other as friends instead of rivals. Miguel asks Robby why he didn’t hold back during their first fight. Robby tells Miguel he just wanted the fight to end, but he didn’t think it would end the way it did. Miguel accepts Robby’s explanation as an apology. They are now friends. Johnny is happy to see his boys making up. He accidentally spills the news that he and Carmen are getting a baby, which excites everyone.

[00:29:00] Amanda, Jessica, and the kids got home safely. Jessica tells Amanda to cut Daniel some slack because he has all the right to hate Silver and go after him. Amanda agrees with Jessica after getting into a bar fight over some stupid name-calling. Meanwhile, Sam agrees to teach Anthony Karate to defend himself against Kenny. She knows Kenny won’t stop bugging her brother, so he must learn Karate, even if it’s just for self-defense.

[00:30:30] Carmen arrives to see the boys eating dinner with Johnny. She asks Johnny how he got them to make up. She sees the bruises on their faces and thinks Johnny beat them into submission. Johnny says they beat each other up into submission and admits it‘s Daniel’s idea to return to his old ways. Johnny tells Carmen he’s not working with Daniel anymore but thinks it’s a good idea to do so again. Meanwhile, Daniel arrives at Stingray’s apartment. The door is open, but no one is home. He enters the apartment to give Stingray a replacement for his PlayStation. Daniel looks around for Stingray, but the only one there is Silver.

[00:33:00] Daniel tells Silver that he’s surrendering. He doesn’t want anything to do with Cobra Kai or Karate. Silver tells Daniel that he’s not done with him. He wants Sam and Anthony to join Cobra Kai as part of his plan to turn everyone against Daniel. Daniel won’t allow Silver to get his hands on his family, so a fight breaks out between them. Daniel does his best, but he can’t win against Silver — not when he was a student and not now when he‘s a master. Daniel faints after the fight but not before Silver issues his ultimatum. He wants Daniel to be alive to see how he‘ll ruin his whole family.

[00:35:30] Tory is at a crossroads. She doesn’t know what to do with her life. She thought winning the tournament was supposed to fix things, but everything got worse.  It seems she‘s talking to a psychiatrist, but it‘s just Kreese. She wants to know if there’s an end to everything. Kreese assures Tory that there‘s an end — Silver going down. Meanwhile, Johnny visits Daniel only to discover what happened to him because of Silver. Amanda and the kids return home, and Chozen decides to stay to help out since Daniel can’t do everything on his own anymore.

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