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Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 7 Recap – Bad Eggs


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 7 Recap - Bad Eggs

[00:00:30] Daniel fears that every kid in the valley will end up in Cobra Kai if they don’t do something. With Silver at the helm, Cobra Kai has infiltrated every household. Anthony does his best to avoid Kenny and his friends but to no avail. They find him near a Cobra Kai giveaway booth and take him to the nearest bathroom to dunk his head in a toilet. Anthony begs Kenny and Kyler not to, but they show no mercy.

[00:02:00] The adults work on a plan against Silver. They must find Silver’s secrets to use them against him, but Daniel no longer wants to involve other people because of what happened with Mike. Amanda suggests they go to John Kreese because they’re out of options. Johnny and Daniel disagree at first, but they don’t have any options, so they eventually agree. Meanwhile, Anthony starts his training with Miyagi-Do. Daniel and Johnny are busy with their plan, so Chozen takes over training the entire dojo. He gives everyone an egg and tells them to protect it from him. Everyone runs away from Chozen as the training session begins.

[00:06:00] Devon is pumped up to be in Cobra Kai, but Tory isn’t speaking to her. Devon thinks Tory is just afraid she could dethrone her, but Tory doesn’t want Devon to be in Cobra Kai because she plans on leaving. Meanwhile, Sensei Kim is planning something to find the future leaders of Cobra Kai. Silver says Tory is a leader, but Kim isn’t convinced. She says they’ll need more than Tory to dominate the valley. Silver agrees with Kim and allows her to put her plans into motion.

[00:07:30] Daniel and Johnny visit Kreese in prison to ask for help. They expect Kreese to be in a talking mood, but he isn’t. Kreese tells them he knows what Silver is planning, but he doesn’t want to help them. Meanwhile, Chozen starts going after the eggs. Demetri is confident that Chozen won’t penetrate his DIY protective covering, but Chozen’s kunai goes through it like butter. Demetri is the first one eliminated from the session as Chozen starts hunting them down one by one.

[00:11:00] The Cobra Kai dojo splits into two: male and female. Sensei Kim takes the girls while Sensei Odell takes the boys. The challenge is to split the groups into pairs: one leader and one follower. Kyler and Kenny are the first pair of boys. They fail to take Sensei Odell down. Devon and Tory are the next pair, but they also fail to take down Sensei Kim. Meanwhile, Kreese reveals he‘s the one who gave Daniel the lead about Stingray. Daniel failed on the lead, so Kreese no longer trusted him with another. Daniel offers to help Kreese get out of jail or get a reduced sentence. Kreese agrees to help Daniel and Johnny in exchange for his lawyer. Johnny is skeptical about trusting Kreese, but Daniel tells him it’s worth the risk.

[00:15:30] Chozen takes out everyone except Sam and Miguel. While he’s looking for Sam and Miguel, Eli and Robby argue about their past altercations. Demetri tells them they must move on because they’re on the same side already. He wants them to focus on Chozen and how they can defeat him. Meanwhile, Sam and Miguel are catching up inside the dojo when Chozen surprises them. Miguel has his egg inside his pocket and automatically breaks it when he falls after Chozen’s attack. Sam thinks her egg is safe inside her bag, but Chozen shows her he already got it from her. He breaks the egg before Sam, who feels disappointed because she can’t pass the challenge.

[00:19:00] Kenny and Kyler try again, but they can’t work together against Sensei Odell. Kyler keeps blaming Kenny for their failed attempts. Kenny quits on Kyler, so Silver asks to speak with him inside his office. Silver tells Kenny he can be better than all the other fighters in the valley. Kenny isn’t sure of himself, so Silver tells him to step up and become the leader he’s destined to be. Kenny is fully immersed in Cobra Kai, so he doesn’t see past Silver’s plan. Meanwhile, Johnny continues talking to Kreese while Danny calls his lawyer. Kreese tries to talk Johnny into retaking his side. He isn’t done trying to brainwash Johnny, but he won’t fall for it anymore. He tells Kreese he’ll end Cobra Kai to remove every mark he left on everyone.

[00:22:30] Daniel returns and gives Kreese his lawyer’s phone number. Kreese tells them Silver’s plan in exchange for the number. Meanwhile, Chozen gives everyone a second chance to pass the challenge. He tells them to take a brand new set of eggs. Everyone is ready to keep their eggs safe, but Anthony suggests they place them in one location and defend it with everything they have. Everyone agrees they failed because they weren’t working together, but Demetri worries about having all their eggs in one location. They‘re still talking with one another when Chozen launches his attack.

[00:25:00] Chozen does his best to take the eggs, but he‘s no match against a group of teenagers. After a few more attacks, Chozen concedes. Everyone celebrates the victory. Chozen tells them that working together is key to beating Cobra Kai. Meanwhile, Tory and Devon try again. Tory tells Devon she must listen to her to beat Sensei Kim. Devon agrees, so they rise to challenge Sensei Kim. They work together but still fail because Tory saves Devon instead of scoring a point against Kim. Kim tells Tory she would’ve won if she sacrificed Devon, but she chose to be a better leader instead of winning the point. Kenny and Kyler try again, but Kenny refuses to follow Kyler. He uses Kyler as a distraction to win against Sensei Odell.

[00:29:00] Silver is very proud of Kenny’s achievement, but Kreese doesn’t think highly of Silver. Kreese tells Johnny that Silver is young and dumb just like he was when they first met. Silver paid for a trip to Korea to learn Tang Soo Do from Master Kim Sun-Yung. Silver wanted to dominate the world of Karate, so he told Kreese to join the Sekai Taikai. He thought Kreese would be thrilled to join, but he refused. Silver really wants to join Sekai Taikai but allows Kreese to take control. Silver owned Cobra Kai, but Kreese brought it to the ground after he lost to Mr. Miyagi and Daniel.

[00:32:30] Kreese tells Daniel and Johnny about Silver’s plan — world domination. Kreese politely asks for the lawyer’s number, but it‘s just a ploy. Daniel didn’t plan on helping Kreese in the first place, and he fell for their trap. Kreese gets mad, but he doesn’t give up. He knows there are multiple ways to get out of prison.

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