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Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 9 Recap – Survivors


Published 12 months ago

Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 9 Recap - Survivors

[00:00:30] Sam doesn’t take the news lightly and attacks Tory in anger. Miguel and Robby go out of the apartment to stop the fight. Tory just wants help, but Sam doesn’t want to help her. All she sees is that Tory is a coward, so she doesn’t deserve any help. Tory leaves instead of fighting Sam. She thought coming to her would be a good idea, but things didn’t go as planned.

[00:01:30] Johnny and Carmen just finished their monthly check-up. The baby is slowly forming inside Carmen, but it‘s too early to tell the baby’s gender. On their way out of the clinic, they bump into Silver inside the elevator. Silver congratulates Johnny for their achievement. Johnny thought Silver was talking about their baby, but he‘s talking about their spot in the tournament. Now Silver knows Johnny is having a baby. Johnny goes to Daniel to tell them what happened between him and Silver.

[00:03:30] Louie thinks Silver has everyone under surveillance. Daniel and Amanda assure Johnny not to worry because Silver can’t risk anything and lose his spot at the tournament. Amanda invites Johnny and Carmen to a few drinks so they can relax for a bit. Johnny tells Amanda that Carmen can’t go drinking in her current state. They ask Johnny if Carmen is pregnant — he confirms. Everyone congratulates Johnny. Louie offers to throw a party for him and Carmen. He wants to make it up to Johnny for blowing up his car in the past. Louie invites Anoush, but he refuses to come. He also has a date with someone special.

[00:05:30] Sam and Miguel tell Demetri, Eli, and Bert about Tory’s revelation. Now that they know that Cobra Kai cheated at the tournament, they must tell their senseis about it. But Sam doesn’t want to tell Daniel about the revelation because of what happened to Daniel at the hands of Silver. She wants to keep things under wrap until they have enough evidence against Silver. Bert tells Sam he’ll talk to Stingray and get him to tell the truth. Eli and Demetri go with Bert to help out. Miguel tries to talk to Sam about what happened the other night, but she refuses to talk with him.

[00:06:30] Tory returns to Cobra Kai. Sensei Kim punishes her and tells her to do her exercises double-time. Silver is furious with everyone at Miyagi-Do. Silver and Kim agree they must destroy Miyagi-Do and everyone else who joins them. Suddenly, Robby shows up at the Cobra Kai dojo. He apologizes to everyone for turning his back on them and leaving. Robby tells them it‘s his mistake that he didn’t take them with him. Robby explains that it’s not too late to leave Cobra Kai and stop listening to Silver and his evil teachings.

[00:08:00] Silver applauds Robby for his guts to enter his dojo and try to persuade his students to leave. He shows Robby that his students are loyal to him, so they won’t leave. Silver asks his students what they’ll do to Robby and his friends if they ever enter the dojo again. All the students answer in unison, “No Mercy, Sir!” except Tory. Robby nods at Tory as thanks for not giving in. Robby leaves while Kim looks at Tory in disgust.

[00:09:30] Louie takes the adults out for a night of fun. They go to a bar and drink all night long. Meanwhile, Sam and her friends go with Bert to confront Stingray. He thought the person ringing the doorbell was the pizza delivery, so he was surprised to see Sam and everyone else outside his apartment. He refuses to speak with them, but they all just enter his apartment to confront him.

[00:13:30] The adults continue to party as they reminisce about their glory days. Daniel tells everyone about his feuds with Chozen in Japan, to which they laugh. Daniel offers to get the next round of drinks while Amanda invites Carmen to dance. Carmen asks Johnny to come with her, but he refuses. Johnny stays at the table with Chozen to get to know him better. Johnny discovers that Chozen is still single and doesn’t have someone waiting for him back in Japan. Chozen tells Johnny there is one woman who captured his heart.

[00:15:30] Silver dismisses the entire dojo except for Tory. They bring out a new dummy for her to break. Tory checks the dummy and discovers that it’s made of solid stone. She tells Kim and Silver that she can’t break the stone because it will break her hand. Tory tries to leave the dojo, but they won’t allow her to leave without breaking the stone. She tries to break the stone, but she can’t. Tory’s fists are already bleeding, but Kim starts taunting her. She tells Tory that she’s weak because she’s allowing her feelings to hold her back. Kim knows that Tory is weak because of Robby, but Tory says she’s not weak. She tells everyone she broke up with Robby for the dojo. Tory launches her strongest attack at Sensei Kim. She dodges the attack, and Tory’s fists land on the stone dummy, which shatters like ice.

[00:17:30] Silver tells Tory that she must continue to make better decisions for the dojo. Everyone leaves her on the mat as she struggles to get up. Tory seems to have broken her hand, but no one cares. Meanwhile, the guys confront Stingray to tell them what happened to him at Cobra Kai. Stingray can’t tell them the story directly, so he tells them a cryptic story. Stingray can’t cooperate with them because he’s scared that Silver might actually kill him once he finds out that he told the truth. Sam is very disappointed at Stingray. She thought she could convince Stingray to cooperate with them. Sam leaves Stingray’s apartment. Miguel chases after her.

[00:22:00] Miguel apologizes to Sam about what happened the other night. He’s confused why Sam is angry with him when they already broke up. Miguel asks Sam to focus and understand everyone’s side because she keeps blaming Tory for not telling the truth after the tournament. Miguel explains to Sam that Tory can’t tell them the truth because of the consequences that come with it. Miguel knows that Tory is afraid of what might happen to her once she tells the truth. He points out that the important thing is that Tory already told them the truth. Miguel explains that Sam must decide what she wants to do with the truth.

[00:24:00] At the bar, Johnny tells Daniel that Chozen is head over heels for Kumiko. Surprised, Daniel returns to the table to ask Chozen all the details. Chozen couldn’t tell Kumiko how he felt because of what he did to her back then. He feels his sins were unforgivable even if Kumiko was why he changed. Daniel tells Chozen that he must man up and tell Kumiko the truth before it’s too late. After talking, they hit the dance floor with Johnny and Carmen and continued partying.

[00:26:30] While everyone is having fun, Louie sees Anoush at the bar. He goes over to see who he’s dating and discovers it‘s his sister, Vanessa. Anoush didn’t want to tell Louie because he’s a bit of a hothead. Anoush is right. Louie just punches Anoush, leading to a brawl. Vanessa tries to stop Anoush and Louie from fighting, but she‘s too skinny to do anything against them. Meanwhile, Chozen calls Kumiko and tells her the truth. Chozen still wants to party, but Amanda and Carmen want to go home. They allow the boys to continue partying as they take an Uber back home.

[00:29:00] Tory is putting some ice on her knuckles when she hears a knock on their door. She opens the door and finds Sam on her doorstep. Sam notices the bruises on her knuckles and asks what happened. Tory knows Sam doesn’t care, but Sam offers to listen to Tory if she’s having issues with Cobra Kai. Tory allows Sam inside their house and sees everything is a mess. Sam also sees Tory’s mother lying on a hospital bed in the other room. She now sees that Tory is living in a nightmare, allowing her to take a step back on her hatred against Tory.

[00:31:00] Sam offers an alliance with Tory. She needs her help to convince Stingray to come forward and confess everything to the police. Tory tells Sam that they may have a way to check if everything happened at the old dojo. Meanwhile, Silver and Kim have a drink at the dojo. Silver is skeptical that Devon can win Sekai Taikai. Kim assures Silver that Devon has everything to win the tournament. He wants Cobra Kai to live on forever, so they must win the tournament. Kim asks Silver what will happen if his adversaries crush his dreams. Silver says he will never allow them.

[00:32:30] The party limo has already left the bar. Daniel, Johnny, and Chozen are having a great time, but Anoush and Louie are still at the bar. The limo driver asks Louie where the party limo is. Someone else is driving the limo, and the senseis are trapped inside. They realize someone wants to hurt them, so they do their best to hang on as the limo swerves from left to right.

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