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Dash & Lily Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Hanukkah


Published 2 years ago

Dash & Lily Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - Hanukkah

[00:01:00] Lily told Dash she wanted to know him for Christmas. Dash obliged and told Lily to go to Grand Central Terminal just before the first train arrives—he told Lily she would enjoy it. Dash told Lily that she would experience stillness in the middle of a busy city. Lily went as instructed and found herself in the middle of an empty train station. “Tell me what you see,” Dash told Lily. “I see the arch over the windows. It’s still dark outside. But in here, the sky lit up with constellations,” she replied. She told him she knew he likes stillness, but there’s more than one way to find it, she added.

[00:02:00] Lily responded with her dare: she sent Dash to one of her cousins: a busker at Central Park. He stays still until people come over to leave a tip, then performs an act in exchange for their money. Lily dared Dash to stay still and copy her cousin for ten minutes so they could continue their dares. Lily added it’s time she knew his name to maintain a fair game. Dash committed to the dare and left the notebook with the busker. Lily goes to Central Park to get the notebook. Dash told her she needed to earn his name. He made Lily guess, leaving a clue that his name is a connector of words.

[00:03:00] Dash sent Lily to a corner in New York to try a meal called “Lot’s Wife.” Lily got a huge pretzel covered in so much salt you could barely see the brown-colored pretzel. She ate the pretzel and guessed his name: Andy. She also left a dare for him. Since Dash made Lily eat salty food, she told him about her favorite food: a plate of Christmas cannolis. She asked him for his sweetest Christmas moment. She knew that despite his saltiness, he’s bound to have at least one sweet Christmas moment. Dash wrote the sweetest moment he had about Christmas: when his parents told him he would have two Christmases. He was so excited until he found out his parents were having a divorce.

[00:04:30] Dash left the notebook at the restaurant and asked Lily what her worst Christmas moment was. He told Lily that despite her love for Christmas, she’s bound to have the worst Christmas, even just once. She told Dash her worst Christmas was that year. Her parents are in Fiji, and her grandfather is in Florida visiting his girlfriend. “I’d like to say my worst Christmas is this one,” she tells him. But Lily felt she needed to tell Dash something personal. Hence, she told him about her real worst Christmas experience—her experience in middle school.

[00:06:00] Lily made friendship bracelets for everyone in their batch, but no one kept the bracelets. She found all the bracelets were thrown in a corridor of their school. She made one for her crush, but the boy just found her weird. Lily thought she always fitted in school with the other kids, but she never really fitted anywhere. “They don’t understand you,” Lily’s grandfather told her, then invited her to get ice cream. Lily made herself a bracelet and decided to keep wearing it under her jacket.

[00:08:30] Dash decides to respond to Lily’s experience, but he knows the response isn’t proper. He doesn’t want her to get the wrong impression of him, so he rips out his response and goes to Boomer. They were talking about Lily when two men entered the pizza parlor and placed an ad on their board. Dash sees the ad and finds out it is a club. As a dare for Lily, he takes the flyer and puts it inside the notebook. She goes to Central Park then finds the notebook under the “Alice in Wonderland” statue. She opens the book and finds the flyer inside. Lily tells her brother about the new dare, but she is hesitant to go. Benny and her brother manage to convince Lily to attend the party and go in the sexiest outfit she has.

[00:11:00] Lily found a spaghetti top in a thrift shop, but she couldn’t wear it in public. Benny and her brother tell Lily to wear it. She hesitates but ends up wearing it. She goes to the club looking for Dash. Everyone wears a mask in the club, then a guy asks Lily who she is. Lily walks further into the club and finds a masked guy with the red notebook. He asks if she’s Lily, so she confirms, but the guy ridicules her. She remembers how her crush rejected her in middle school. Lily starts crying in the middle of the club as the party-goers form a circle to trap her. She finally wakes up and realizes it was just a dream.

[00:14:30] Lily hesitates to get out of bed to go to the club, but she knows she needs to go. She reaches her destination and sees a drag queen outside the restaurant. She asks her for the club, but the drag queen wants to know what’s dragging her down that night. Lily told her that her parents weren’t there with her. The drag queen thought her parents were dead, but she rectifies the situation by telling her they’re on vacation in Fiji. She knew nothing was wrong with Lily, so she told her to leave, but Lily told her that she hadn’t been kissed. The drag queen asks Lily how old she is. “I’m 17,” she answers. The queen opens the basement door and allows her to go down the rabbit hole.

[00:17:00] Lily ends up bumping into a lot of people in the bar. They were rude to her and unwelcoming. She tries to take hold of her situation by cutting the line at the bathroom. She enters the bathroom and cleans herself up. She sees the note Dash left her in the mirror. “Get out there, Lily,” it says. The note makes her smile, getting her back to her groove. Lily goes out of the bathroom and stands at the back of the crowd while the band greets everyone in attendance. The band starts playing. She bumps into a girl named Aryn. Lily asks Aryn what she’s doing at the club. “Are you kidding? The music’s lit,” Aryn responds. She tells Lily her boots were nice then goes back to partying.

[00:19:00] The drag queen Lily spoke to earlier sees her standing at the back. She tells Lily she’s not getting kissed by just standing at the back. So she drags Lily near the stage where she starts dancing. Lily starts dancing crazy, and she gets the crowd going. She even leads them on her version of the conga. One of the band members sees the red notebook inside Lily’s purse and tells the vocalist that she is their girl. The drag queen crowns Lily as the crowd cheers on her performance. After her performance, a guy approaches her. She thinks the boy is Dash, but he isn’t—it is Edgar: her middle school crush. Edgar sees Lily’s purse, which has a notebook inside. Edgar calls Lily weird again. Her memories come rushing back.

[00:22:00] Edgar laughs as Lily runs out of the club. She stumbles and falls as Edgar chases her out of the club. Lily felt embarrassed as she took a cab home. She left one of her boots when she fell outside the bar. Lily realized she forgot to leave the notebook and wondered how Dash would find her. Lily knew Dash would no longer be able to find her. She arrives at their apartment and notices the door open. Lily calls her grandfather; she thinks someone broke into their house, attacking her brother, Langston. Oranges fell from above as she hid under their table. She immediately realizes no one broke into their house—her grandfather got back from Florida. He went to the table to confront Lily, who had just arrived from partying. He was angry, so he grounded her “forever.”



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