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Dash & Lily Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – Christmas


Published 2 years ago

Dash & Lily Season 1 Episode 7 Recap - Christmas

[00:01:00] Lily wakes up on Christmas day and eagerly goes to their Christmas tree. She looks for the red notebook, but it isn’t there. Langston told her there could be a very good reason why the notebook isn’t there yet. She remembers that Dash told her he would give the book to her Aunt Lillian. She goes to Lillian, but she doesn’t have the book. Lily wore the other red boot, so Dash would recognize her if he accidentally bumped into her. Lillian tells her she would “dash” the book right over once he brings it to her. She then tells Lily she doesn’t mean any puns.

[00:03:30] Lily realizes what Lillian meant about puns. She remembered the clue Dash gave about his name: “My name is a connector of words,” Lily vaguely remembers. Lily realizes that Dash is the guy she met at Priya’s party. She immediately calls Boomer and asks him about Dash. Boomer is surprised Dash provided Lily his name, but he quickly discovers Dash hasn’t said anything yet. She asks Boomer if Dash was at Priya’s party last night. He doesn’t want to answer the question, but Lily tells Boomer that Dash left the party with Sofia. Boomer can’t keep things secret anymore, so he tells Lily she met Dash at the party.

[00:05:00] Lily goes to the bar to meet with her friends and go caroling. She tells them Dash has a girlfriend. One of her friends offers Lily a drink, but she isn’t old enough to. Still, she tries all of their drinks and settles with peppermint schnapps. Lily feels broken, finding out about Dash and Sofia. She thinks Dash played her for a fool, so she decides to continue her drinking spree at the bar. She ends up texting Edgar: “I wanted you to kiss me! I’m at McSorley’s.” By the time Edgar came around, she was already tipsy. Lily thinks it is Dash at first, but she comes to her senses and sees Edgar. Edgar shows Lily a mistletoe and starts kissing her. Dash shows up at the bar bringing Lily’s boot. He sees her kissing Edgar, but Lily stops as soon as she sees Dash.

[00:08:00] Dash was kissing Sofia inside the museum when he realized it felt wrong. He told Sofia he was thinking about Lily while he was kissing her. He finally stood up for himself and ended his relationship with Sofia once and for all. Dash wanted to go home, but Sofia convinced him to stay for the night inside the museum. The next day, Dash receives a notification from the “Manhattan Mommies,” a mommy app Boomer downloaded into his phone. It showed a picture of a girl wearing a single boot and the bar’s location, so Dash quickly made his way to the bar.

[00:11:30] On his way to the bar, he passes by a movie theater and sees the poster for the movie “Collation.” He buys two tickets and runs toward the bar. Dash enters the bar and sees Lily kissing Edgar. He realizes he has already met Lily at the party. Dash volunteers to take Lily home—she’s too drunk. He decides to take Lily to her Aunt Lillian. On their way over, they have a confrontation. They seem to have kept secrets between both of them. Lily kept her identity a secret from Dash when she was speaking with Boomer all along. Dash didn’t tell Lily he was seeing Sofia. So when he tells Lily nothing is going on with him and Sofia, Lily doesn’t believe it.

[00:16:00] Dash returns the boot to Lillian after dropping Lily off. “This doesn’t have to be goodbye,” she tells Dash, but he no longer wants to play the game with Lily. Lily wakes up at around 6:30 in the evening. She promised her grandfather she would be home by six. Arthur arrives at Lillian’s house, and he knows Lily has been out drinking. She tries to deny it, but Arthur can smell the liquor. She tells her grandfather he should try drinking peppermint schnapps. Arthur takes her home. He doesn’t speak with her because he is disappointed with her lies. They arrive at the apartment, and she gets a surprise from her parents, family, and friends. She ends up ruining it as she vomits into her red boot.

[00:18:30] Dash goes over to Boomer and confronts him. He is angry at him for not telling him about Lily. Boomer tells Dash he was just looking out for him, but Dash blames him for ruining everything. Boomer tries to be an understanding friend and asks Dash to join him and his family for Christmas dinner, but Dash refuses and leaves. Meanwhile, Lily lay in her bed waiting for Christmas to end. Her parents enter her room to give her the big news. They tell Lily it was Langston’s idea that they come home for Christmas. Although they are home, things aren’t going to get any better. Lily’s father tells her they need to move right after New Year because he got accepted at his new job in Fiji. Lily refuses to go to Fiji with them, but things will happen with or without her support.

[00:21:30] As Lily’s parents leave her room, her mother tells her she has some explaining to do about her boot and what looks to her like a hangover. Lily decides to bring the red notebook out to see Dash’s final entry. Dash told Lily they shouldn’t see each other anymore, that it wasn’t her fault things didn’t work out between them. Dash took the blame because he believed a Christmas miracle was possible. “Goodbye, Lily. Merry Christmas,” Dash wrote, breaking her heart.

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