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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 Episode 10 Recap – What Are You?

BY Harris

Published 2 months ago

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 Episode 10 Recap - What Are You?


Inosuke stalks one of the brothel’s rooms, suspecting it to be where Makio is. The meal left for her remains untouched. He opens the door to find an empty and disheveled room with a suspicious rattling sound in the ceiling. He tries to chase the sound. While trying to smash through a wall, he hits a customer instead, so his disguise disappears.

Meanwhile, Zenitsu has been searching for Tengen’s wife, Hinatsuru, to no avail. Playing the shamisen has led him nowhere, and the owner’s wife died two days ago. Everyone has been silent and gloomy since then. He notices someone crying nearby; he investigates.

Zenitsu finds the crying girl inside a messy room. He tries to comfort her and asks if he can help. Suddenly, an Oiran asks him what he’s doing in her room. Zenitsu senses she’s a demon without even looking at her due to her unnerving sound. She could be an Upper Rank demon.

The other girls explain to Warabihime Oiran that Zenitsu is just a new girl. Zenitsu apologizes, but Warabihime continues to scold the servant. Zenitsu intervenes after seeing her cruelty.

Tanjiro continues to work exceptionally well at his house. He’s cleaned the hallways, watered the plants, and did many other tasks fast, so he asks for more work. Eventually, the mistress ran out of work for him.

Inosuke’s mistress learns about the destruction he’s caused. When confronted, she finds him in a weird position while trying to locate the brothel’s demon.


Zenitsu directly conflicts with Warabihime, with the former asking the Oiran to let go of the girl servant. She hits Zenitsu with a closed fist.

Before the Demon Slayers‘ infiltration two days ago, the Kyogoku House‘s mistress, Omitsu, confronted Warabihime about her other workers‘ suspicious desertions and suicides. Warabihime denied the accusations, but the mistress didn’t want to cover for her lies anymore. The mistress once heard a story from when she was young of an Oiran called “hime,” who tended to tilt her head and stare down at people when she’s irritated, exactly how Warabihime was staring at her.

Accused of being a demon, Warabihime took the mistress to the roof. She mocked the mistress, telling her she wasn’t worth eating before throwing her to the ground.

When she returned to her room, she found Muzan waiting for her. Muzan praised how stronger she has become since they last met but warned that she should not be too confident lest she slips.

He addressed her by her real name Daki and told her he has great plans for her since she’s killed seven Hashira. She is special in Muzan’s eyes.


Warabihime smacks Zenitsu away for daring to touch her. She’s eager to teach him a lesson.

The brothel owner arrives and begs her to stop the commotion and get ready for opening. Warabihime changes her tone and apologizes, asking the servants to clean up her room. She then looks at Zenitsu and notices how he could minimize the damage dealt to him. She suspects he must be from the corps, although not as strong as a Hashira.

Warabihime prepares her makeup and anticipates the battle coming soon.

Meanwhile, Tanjiro smells darkness enveloping the town. Something is about to happen.

That night the three servant girls wake Zenitsu up, brings him food, and help nurse his injuries. They thank him for helping them against Warabihime earlier. When the girls leave, Daki pulls Zenitsu to the ceiling.

Our Thoughts

Daki is definitely more interesting than Akaza. Does that mean our heroes get to defeat her? 4/5 for suspense.

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