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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – Deep Slumber

BY Harris

Published 3 weeks ago

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 Episode 2 Recap - Deep Slumber

The Boarding Rookies

Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke board the Mugen Train just in time. They scan the various cars in search of Kyojuro and find the flame-haired Hashira enjoying his bento meal.

Tanjiro cautiously introduces themselves to him. Kyojuro recognizes him from the meeting with the other Hashiras. He lets them sit beside him and discuss the specifics of the mission.

Tanjiro tells him about his father, who can perform a Kagura dance even with his frail body. He asks if Kyojuro is familiar with the Hinokami Kagura Dance, which is somehow connected to the techniques he used to defeat his old foes. Kyojuro tells him he hasn’t heard of it and compliments how well he can incorporate his father’s dance into a fighting style.

Kyojuro explains that Flame Breathing has had a long history. Flame, water, thunder, earth, and wind are the fundamental breathing techniques from which other techniques have branched. When he learns that Tanjiro has a black sword, he notes that those types are unsure of their style and offers to train him.

Meanwhile, Zenitsu is busy preventing Inosuke from challenging the train to a running battle. Kyojuro tells them to settle down as demons are about to attack. Zenitsu panics as he thought they‘ll go to a demon’s location, but they‘re there already. Kyojuro explains that 40 passengers have disappeared from the train in a short amount of time; all the swordsmen the Corps sent went silent.

A train conductor arrives to check their tickets. Upon checking Tanjiro‘s ticket, the light flickers, and a horrible scent fills his nose. Kyojuro stands up and tells the conductor to move back. It’s an emergency.

Flame Breathing

A demon reveals itself from hiding. Kyojuro stands tall and challenges it head-on. The demon lunges and gets obliterated after receiving Kyojuro’s Flame Breathing technique.

Behind them, the conductor flickers out and disappears.

Kyojuro finds another demon in the next car with long and stretchy limbs. Inosuke charges first, but there’s another passenger trapped between them. In a flash of movement, Kyojuro pulls Inosuke and the passenger to safety. With Flame Breathing Second Form: Rising Scorching Sun, he destroys the next demon effortlessly.

Seeing his marvelous skills, the three demon slayers ask for apprenticeships — Kyojuro accepts with glee.

Suddenly, the light flickers again, putting them all in a deep sleep.

Elsewhere, the panicking conductor pleads to a demon to let him sleep as he wants to reunite with his dead wife and daughter. Now talking to him via a severed hand, the demon obliges the conductor and puts him to sleep.


Four other youngsters in the car ask him for their next task. The demon tells them to tie up the demon hunters and guard them once they wake up.

Tanjiro dreams of walking on the heavy snowfall as he heads back home. He soon notices a presence, who appears to be two of his younger siblings. They ask him if he’s done selling the charcoal. He drops his sword and hugs them, crying and apologizing.

Enmu, Lower One of the Twelve Kizuki, stands on top of the Mugen Train’s first car, relishing the slow deaths of his victims. His human underlings tie up the demon slayers, connecting the rope on the victim’s wrist to theirs. After counting slowly, they also fall asleep and invade their hosts’ dreams.

Tanjiro dreams of his whole family welcoming him home and playing with his siblings. He feels like he’s woken up from a bad dream.

Enmu laughs as his victims slowly fall to the dream’s allure.

Our Thoughts

We all know Tanjiro is trying to escape the illusion, but there’ll be lots of trauma. I’m not sure I’m ready for it. 3.5/5.

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