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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – Set Your Heart Ablaze

BY Harris

Published 2 weeks ago

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 Episode 7 Recap - Set Your Heart Ablaze

Last Breath

Kyojuro gives it all he’s got, but he’s completely outclassed. He faces Akaza with heavy breaths while the demon tells him not to die just yet. Blood spills from Kyojuro’s mouth in small droplets.

Akaza tells him that fighting is futile. Kyojuro’s wounds are irreparable, while the demon’s wounds have already healed.

Tanjiro wants to help, but he can’t move from his sustained injuries and the Hinokami’s toll on his body.

Suddenly, Kyojuro’s spirit awakens in flames. He tells Akaza he’ll fulfill his duty; no one else will die. Kyojuro puts on a Flame Breathing stance. Akaza is impressed, making him even more convinced that the Hashira should become a demon.

Akaza wants to fight him for eternity, but Kyojuro sets his heart ablaze to surpass his limits. He unleashes Ninth Form: Kyojuro while the demon attacks with his Destructive Death. The two techniques clash in a wave of fire and destruction reverberating around the clearing.

Kyojuro slices through Akaza’s body in a downward and upward stroke while the demon throws a wild counterattack. Tanjiro sees the demon’s arm pass through Kyojuro’s abdomen when the smoke clears. Akaza pleads for Kyojuro to turn one last time since his wounds are fatal.

Kyojuro’s Mission

Kyojuro remembers being back home while his mother is recovering from her illness. She tells him that he’s stronger than others to protect weak people. Those blessed with gifts are obligated to share their gifts with others. Kyojuro agrees and hugs her. She doesn’t have much left to live, so she entrusts the mission to him.

The Hashira then plunges his blade into Akaza’s neck. Akaza goes in for a punch, but Kyojuro stops it with his other arm. The sun is about to rise, so the demon has to run. Akaza struggles to break free while Kyojuro’s conviction remains strong.

Tanjiro and Inosuke move in to help, but Akaza purposely severs his arms to escape with Kyojuro’s sword in his neck.

Akaza runs away into the woods. Tanjiro hurls his sword into the demon’s chest and calls for him to stop running. Tanjiro challenges the demon for a fight, but it’s no use because the sun is coming out. He cries in frustration. Inosuke trembles. Kyojuro smiles in resignation.

Kyojuro tells Tanjiro to stop and calls him forward. He asks Tanjiro to go to his father’s residence for possible records on the Hinokami Kagura and to send his family a message. He also acknowledges Nezuko as a true member of the Corps for her strength and bravery.

The Hashira tells him he must protect his juniors, adding that they should train harder to become the next Hashira. In his final moments, he sees his mother, who tells him she’s proud of his accomplishments.

A Heart Ablaze

In his final moments before death, Kyojuro smiles.

Zenitsu arrives carrying Nezuko’s box. He tells them Kyojuro made sure the train caught minimum damage as it was thrown off the rails. He can’t believe Kyojuro is gone and wonders why an Upper Moon attacked them.

Tanjiro cries at how there’s still a wall in front of him no matter how hard he trains. They cry as they lament the passing of the Hashira. Inosuke screams at Tanjiro to stop whining and to keep the will to fight. He tells them to stop crying while he has tears bursting out of his headpiece.

A crow flies away from the incident to tell the others the news of Kyojuro’s passing.

Our Thoughts

It was a devastating loss filled with epic moments. The animation for this whole season was superb. 4.5/5.

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