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DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – Princess of Nothing

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - Princess of Nothing

Blacked Out

Davion staggers out of the cavern on the night of the battle. He gets ambushed by a group of bandits who wants to steal his sword. Then everything turns black.

Davion wakes without clothes and possessions. Mirana, Marci, and Sagan: Mirana’s large cat help him. When pressed by Mirana on what happened to him, Davion’s memory is murky. He remembers the burrow, the cave, and a dragon. He recalls the two dead Elderwyrm, but not much else.

Davion leads Mirana and Marci to Haupsdadt to find their next lead and brings them to a tavern he knows. They find a portrait of Kaden on the stairway, one of the strongest Dragon Knights of all time. Davion sees Kaden as a legend—the only one who killed all eight types of Elder Dragons.


That night Mirana and Marci head their way to the Black Market while Davion drowns himself in alcohol. In a drunken stupor, he regurgitates a ring belonging to one of the bandits. A tavern patron recognizes it and says it was his friend’s, whose body was found on the road, torn to pieces with his five other companions. Dragon armor was also found along with the bodies, making Davion a suspect.

Davion denies the man’s allegations. A fight ensues. The man pulls out a dagger, but he is no match for Davion’s skills. The man leaves with a bloody nose, promising to come back with a vengeance. Davion inspects the ring then passes out. Visions of the demon Terrorblade and the previous encounter spring back to his mind. The innkeeper is forced to kick Davion out to avoid further trouble.

In the Black Market, Mirana and Marci find their lead. Looking for Nikdo, they go inside a palace full of luxuries, treasures, and pleasures. Mirana offers a trinket as payment for information, but suddenly Gwanwyn appears. It turns out Mirana’s uncle wants her very badly. They are taken downstairs to the dungeons.

Marci gets sold off to one of the merchants. But despite being mute, she is a competent fighter with superhuman strength. They defeat the henchman while Mirana coerces Gwanwyn for information. The downed elf tells them both to find the Shopkeeper at Magpie’s Roost.

Mirana finds the Shopkeeper and asks about the stolen lotuses from the Temple of Mene. The Shopkeeper seems to know a lot about them and many other artifacts, even revealing Mirana is an emissary of Selemene. He tells them to go to a sage who lives in a tower in a valley south of the Broken Peaks. He gives them a green gem to see him.

Davion tries to exchange the ring for a sword, but the blacksmith wouldn’t permit it. He tries his luck on gambling but fails miserably.


Mirana finds Davion outside, waiting for the bandits. She asks him to go with them to the Broken Peaks instead of fighting, but he declines. Mirana and Marci leave him as the latter hands him a dagger.

The bandits arrive on horseback, around twenty to thirty armed men, surrounding Davion. Heavily outnumbered, he is beaten and stabbed. Mirana and Marci help him with arrow shots from the cliffs, but Davion isn’t defeated yet. His body heats up, transforming into a half-human, half-dragon, then goes on a brutal rampage against the bandits. One bandit survives, returning Davion’s wrist blade from the previous encounter. Davion sees his reflection on his dagger and regains his senses, returning to human form. He regrets his rampage and questions, “What have I done? What am I?”

Mirana and Marci come to his rescue. They ride Sagan and escape before the guards of Haupstadt arrest them.

Our Thoughts

The reveal of Davion’s dragon curse and the intrigue behind Mirana’s background and mission keep the story going. We also see how badass Marci really is and why she’s a fan favorite.

It’s a solid episode overall. I’d rank this a 4/5.

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