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DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Neverwhere Land

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - Neverwhere Land

The Elves

A female elf named Fymryn sneaks inside the Nightsilver Woods to steal sacred lotuses. She disguises when Mirana and Marci see her, but her pouch gives away her intentions. Mirana chases after her, but Fymryn manages to escape.

She shows the lotuses to her friends and reveals she took them to reclaim their homeland, just as their stories say. Her friends praise her bravery and insanity, but she isn’t done yet.

Later, Fymryn tells the story of Mene: the Goddess of the Moon, and Selemene: the Dark Moon Goddess. They worship Mene, who is trapped “inside the shadow,” and seek her return. She believes the magical lotuses are the key to this, but she’ll first have to bring them to the sage in his tower.

Fymryn’s friends are skeptical of her claims and her recklessness. They tell her Mene is dead, and her mission is foolish. Fymryn doesn’t lose hope; she reveals her powers of illusion and speed and claims it as proof of Mene’s presence. Convinced, her friends join her.


Every night, Davion stirs in his nightmares. Mirana presses him for answers, but he also has no clue. He can see fragments of memories from the Dragons, and he feels like they are all inside of him, so he wants to find answers in Dragon Hold. Mirana is suspicious but suggests perhaps the sage could help them.

Their journey leads them to a crossroads. Mirana picks the quick route, but they face a snowstorm in the mountains. Suddenly, their path crumbles under their feet. Sagan anchors its claws, so they don’t fall into the crevice, but Mirana cuts herself off the rope, realizing she’s making things heavy. She falls into the chasm.

The Tower

Fymryn finds the tower’s location, but her friends can’t see it. They seem to get teleported as they move inside the peaks, discovering a wondrous structure around a gorgeous landscape, just like the stories.

The tower’s halls are massive, filled with magical books and paintings. The elves get lost inside. The sage confronts Fymryn, asking how she saw the tower. She then gives him the stolen lotuses.

The sage calls her a thief and asks her to leave. He takes the lotuses and tells her Mene is dead, so nothing can be changed.

Before teleporting her to the woods with her friends, he gives her a gold coin for her trouble. The elf laments her failure.

The Cave

Mirana retreats to a cave, escaping the cold. She finds a cannibal with red glowing eyes. The creature attacks her, but she kills it. Mirana prays to the Goddess, wishing to go back home. 

She notices a red glow deep into the cave. The glow comes from a large red crystal jutting out of the earth, surrounded by more creatures. She follows it, but she’s suddenly put in a trance.

A heavenly voice calls out to Mirana, urging her to remember. She comes back to her senses, arming herself with the bow to defend herself as she gets chased by the cannibals, leading her outside the cave. Davion comes to her rescue, and they escape on the back of Sagan with Marci.

Knights and Goddesses

While sleeping, the elves are confronted by a warrior named Luna. She claims Mene is the Dark Lady who will plunge the world into endless shadow. She asks for the lotuses back, but the elves fight back. Luna kills all of them except for Fymryn, who narrowly escapes. Luna, harnessing the light of the moon, finds her. Fymryn is about to be killed when the sage takes her back to his tower with magic.

Mirana talks with Davion back at camp. She is troubled by the cannibals she saw. She knows they are people, but they are different from Davion—still having the inherent humanity within.

Our Thoughts

While lacking in action, we are confronted by the complications with the elves, the sage, and the lotuses. It is unclear which one of the Goddesses is right. The lore keeps expanding. I rate this 3.5/5.

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