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Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 10 Recap – A Flimsy Alliance

BY Harris

Published 3 weeks ago

Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 10 Recap - A Flimsy Alliance

Tough Choices

Senku remembers the first book he read about Edison during his childhood. When other kids were learning about basic math, he would be working on his electric inventions.

After a year and four months of hard work, he finally created electricity in the Stone World. Chrome and the others are pumped but tired for the day. Gen has to make some hard choices.

Senku tells the others about the threat that Tsukasa poses. By association, they also feel suspicious of Gen. Since Gen is neither good nor evil, Senku proposes to get him on their side by letting him deceive Tsukasa.

Chrome tries to convince Gen that the Kingdom of Science is more fun, but Gen simply states that he isn’t passionate enough and only wants to live selflessly.

Gen remembers the moment when Tsukasa de-petrified him. He is one of Tsukasa’s chosen people. Behind Tsukasa are even more statues he has collected. Tsukasa asks for his help as a Mentalist to confirm Senku’s death and figure out his psychology.

While Gen inspects the generator, a man beats him up and stabs him with a spear. Chrome and the others come to rescue him and find out he survived by having fake blood bags all over his body. Yet even with layers of protection, Gen still ends up badly injured.

Grand Bout

They try to figure out who might have done it. Suika volunteers to investigate again while the others nurse Gen with herbs and poultices.

The following day, Suika reports that Magma tried to kill Gen. Magma boasted to his friends about killing a sorcerer. He also wanted to get rid of Kohaku but couldn’t find the chance. He must have thought that Gen was the sorcerer instead of Senku due to his earlier display of magic tricks.

Magma also wants to kill Kohaku due to her victory in the Grand Bout Tournament — an arena contest held in the village to nominate the new village chief. Magma made it to the finals, but he lost to Kohaku.

The winner should have been chosen to marry Ruri, but instead, Kohaku was banished for being disobedient. A repeat tournament will happen next month, which made Magma act up.

Kohaku also proposes that if someone from their side wins the tournament and becomes village chief, it will be easier for them to build the Kingdom of Science and find a cure for Ruri.

She then tries to recruit Kinro and Ginro to their cause and start training. She apologizes to Chrome and tells him the guards have a better chance of defeating Magma.

Chrome remembers when they were young, and she took Ruri to a field of flowers. He made a promise back then to find a cure for her illness. Chrome tells Kohaku it’s fine as long as they find a cure, adding that he’s becoming a brilliant scientist anyway.

A Bargaining Chip

Kohaku also wants to join the tournament to fight alongside Kinro and Ginro. They rush to heal Gen’s wounds, as it would only be a matter of time before Tsukasa notices and comes after them.

Gen passes a message to Senku that night and disappears in the morning. Chrome and the others panic after they discover that he’s gone.

Gen hurries back to the cave showing Tsukasa his injuries.

Senku stops Kohaku from chasing after Gen, knowing that the man has already decided to help them.

It is revealed that Senku offered to make cola for Gen. Gen returns to Tsukasa’s cave and tells them he can’t find Senku, so he must be dead.

Our Thoughts

Usually, I wouldn’t like the sleazy selfish character, but they’re making him really work in this episode, adding nuance to his actions and motives. I rate this 3.8/5.

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