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Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 11 Recap – Clear World

BY Harris

Published 11 months ago

Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 11 Recap - Clear World

A Clear View

Kohaku continues to train with Ginro and Kinro for the upcoming tournament. Meanwhile, Chrome and Senku work on their next step toward the cure-all drug. The group set its sights on making glass. Even now that they have electricity, Senku explains that glass is just as important as iron, making it safe to store a variety of substances.

Senku wants to replace Suika’s mask with a glass one so he can finally see her face. He removes her mask to reveal a cute visage, but she soon wrinkles her eyes. Suika explains she has to squint to see clearly. Senku figures she’s nearsighted, so the invention of glass will definitely help her. Suika cries after learning there’s a cure for her condition. She always dreamed of seeing everyone clearly.

They search for quartz sand; something Chrome wasn’t interested in collecting before. They head to one of the peaks and find the sand there is suitable.

They return to their huts to grind the glass and heat it up. Senku adds calcium carbonate and some lead to the mixture to create clear glass. They make a bamboo contraption to polish and shape, adjusting it according to Suika’s vision. They then slot the glass pieces into Suika’s melon mask.

They lead Suika into a sunflower field to test her vision. As soon as she wears the mask, she marvels at the real beauty before her.

On the training ground, Kohaku tries to mimic Magma’s moves to train Kinro and Ginro, but they still aren’t strong enough. Kinro’s poor eyesight is his weakness, but he doesn’t want to admit it.


Senku snickers while imagining the many labor workers he’d recruit if he could give them better eyesight. Chrome calls him out for sounding evil, especially after helping Suika.

They improve their production process by collecting and burning obsidian. They construct a kiln for their glassblowing workshop. Of course, their first attempts yielded unusable results, so it might take months to master the making of glassware since none of them are artisans.

Chrome and Kohaku don’t have the luxury of time, so Chrome ties up an old man from the village called Mr. Kaseki and asks him to do it. The old man refuses. Senku compliments his construction of the villager’s shields and the sturdy bridge. Kaseki has been working as a craftsman for 50 years.

He still refuses, but when Senku shows him their glasswork, Kaseki shows some interest. He sees how heat can make the glass pliable and moldable into different shapes. Chrome and Senku show him how they work.

Seeing their sloppy work, Kaseki escapes his bonds and takes the glassblowing apparatus for himself. With just a few tries, the man makes a working flask.


Sometime later, they make a research laboratory full of glassware and lacquer pots. Senki feels excited about the new lab, which can start their chemical inventions.

The Kingdom of Science has a chemical lab, a ramen stall, a forge, a training area, a man-powered generator, and a glassblowing station. They are now steps closer to making the cure-all drug. Senku is determined to take back what was lost from the previous human civilization.

Kinro and Ginro approach Senku to request for gold and silver spears, saying it will help them defeat Magma. To their surprise, Senku approves of making a silver spear, but he adds that Ginro will have to face a dangerous mission.

Our Thoughts

Senku skirts the line between altruistic and evil. One moment he’s kind, the next moment, he’s a scheming bastard — I like him. 3.8/5.

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