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Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 13 Recap – Masked Warrior

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 13 Recap - Masked Warrior


After the success of obtaining sulfuric acid, their roadmap toward creating the cure-all feels closer. Senku starts the cooking process using the many glass tools made by Kaseki.

Using various chemical processes, Senku refines and distills various salts and acids and collects them into glass jars. Kohaku wonders if all the deadly poisons will be fed to Ruri, but Senku assures her that all of them are base ingredients. When they urinate into a glass jar to collect ammonia, Kohaku gets even more suspicious.

Their next step is to look for alcohol, but brewing it themselves will take a lot of time.

Kaseki tells them that wine is part of the Grand Bout Tournament’s prize. As long as Kinro and Ginro win the tournament, they’ll have what they need.

The village chief and his workers are busy preparing for the next day’s tournament. Kohaku is still allowed to join due to the rules, but Jasper reveals to the chief that another candidate has stepped forth.

Ginro signed Senku up for the tournament; none of the rules prevent him from doing so. Kohaku worries about his fighting skills, but Senku only wants to scout their opponents and strategize.


Senku wants to rig the tournament with their team. Kinro thinks it’s cheating, but Kohaku doesn’t care as long as they save Ruri.

The tournament day comes. Senku finally gets to enter the village. When Ruri hears his name, she finds it familiar, stating that she’s known him for a long time.

Ruri approaches Senku and asks him for his surname, despite them not needing those in their culture. Before she can finish her question, she trips and falls from her illness, so the officers take her back to the hut.

Senku and his team plan for their best chances at beating Magma, but after drawing lots, Magma will still fight Kinro in the first round — the worst possible outcome. Senku mixes a performance-enhancing drug using a mix of caffeine and herbs to help them win.

When Ginro uses up all the ingredients, Suika volunteers to get some more. Meanwhile, Magma’s minion, Mantle lurks in the bushes.

Before the tournament starts, Mantle reports that Suika is drowning in the river. She calls for Kohaku to help since she’s the fastest in the village. Even though they’re sure he’s lying, Kohaku tries to find her.

First Bout

Gone is their safety net in defeating Magma. Magma asks Kinro to surrender; in exchange, he’ll make him his right-hand man. Kinro does not give in despite never having won against Magma before.

The bout starts with Kinro telling him he’s there to defend his friends.

Suika wasn’t really drowning in the river because Mantle tied her to a tree. She manages to free herself by spinning around and rushes her way back to the village.

Kinro and Magma are on even footing, but Magma’s brute force gives him the edge. Suika arrives to watch the fight and notices Kinro squinting during the battle. She reports it to Senku.

Magma manages to throw Kinro to the ground with a flurry of moves, but Kinro picks himself up as he remembers who he’s fighting for. Magma is about to hit the final blow when Suika hurls her mask into the air. Kinro catches it and finally clears his vision with its glasses.

With his newfound sight, he manages to dodge all of Magma’s blows. He thanks Suika and Senku for the help of science and defeats Magma.

Our Thoughts

I love the dynamic of the whole Kingdom of Science so far. They’re all so wholesome, helpful, and refreshing. I rate this 3.8/5.

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