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Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 14 Recap – Master of Flame

BY Harris

Published 4 weeks ago

Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 14 Recap - Master of Flame


Kinro knocks Magma down, but the man questions the fairness of using the mask. As soon as Kinro asks the judge, Magma comes in to hit him from behind. Jasper announces Magma as the victor.

Kohaku hasn’t returned yet, so they’re in deep trouble. Suika wants to find her, but she can’t due to her eyesight.

Chrome and Mantle fight in the second round. Magma isn’t concerned about him, but as soon as he finds Kohaku approaching the village, he immediately tells Mantle to surrender, resulting in a win for Chrome.

Jasper then moves on to the third round. Since Kohaku still hasn’t returned for his match against Senku, Senku is declared the winner by default. Suika apologizes to Kohaku, but Kohaku insists it isn’t her fault.

With Kohaku gone from the tournament, they now rely on Ginro to win it all. Ginro has been chewing on tea leaves the whole time, believing it will give him strength for the next fight. He gains a surge of excitement and aggression from the amount of caffeine he’s ingested. Ginro intimidates his foe, boasting about the power of science on his side. Even though his face is all beat up, he pushes his enemy out of the ring. Suddenly, his stomach rumbles from taking too many herbs that he’s practically unable to fight.

Chrome’s Fight

The next round is between Chrome and Magma. Chrome is determined to be the new village chief to save Ruri. Their only hope is that Kinro’s attacks did some damage to Magma.

The Kingdom of Science team prays for their fighter’s victory, but Magma overpowers Chrome from the start and continually beats him up. Knowing that Chrome won’t surrender for Ruri’s sake, Magma keeps beating him until he can never walk again.

Chrome finds an opportunity and throws sand at Magma’s eye. He then jumps toward Suika’s broken mask and attaches it to the end of his spear. The villagers and Magma are puzzled by his act, but then Senku figures out what he wants to do.

By dispersing the light from the sun, he angles the lens towards Magma’s clothes. Senku doesn’t think it will work because the lens is the wrong type, but Chrome already planned for it. By collecting his tears into the lens, he changes it into a convex lens to make it capable of making fire.

Combined Strength

Gen appears and eagerly watches their fight, wondering if their victory can lead him to enjoy his beloved cola again. Senku’s mind goes into overdrive; he calculates how many seconds it would take for the fire to form. He comes up with a one-minute timer.

After learning it, Gen distracts Magma, calling him out for attempting to murder him before. With a fake flourish of flowers, he tells Magma he has cast a spell on him that will make his heart explode if he moves.

Senku tells him it’s only a bluff; he tells Magma to move and see. Indecision strikes Magma, but Gen tells him his spell can only last for a minute. Magma believes him and intends to wait before the alleged sorcery is gone. Gen sees through Magma’s lie, knowing that deep inside, Magma only wants to rest. He manipulates Magma into doing exactly what he wants.

Chrome calms himself down and thinks of Ruri. Suddenly Magma’s shirt burns into flames, so Chrome knocks him out. Jasper declares Chrome as the winner. The Kingdom of Science wins.

Our Thoughts

Two devious and manipulative characters: Senku and Gen team up against bad guys. What a great subversion of what a main character can and should be. I rate this 4/5.

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