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Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 15 Recap – The Culmination of Two Million Years

BY Harris

Published 4 weeks ago

Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 15 Recap - The Culmination of Two Million Years

Final Battle

Ginro assures Ruri they’ll let Chrome win for the finals, assuming it’s the outcome Ruri wants. Ruri refuses, saying she’s a servant of God and will marry the rightful winner of the tournament. With this, Ginro gets the idea that he could be the winner instead, not noticing that Ruri is only being polite due to her station.

Jasper announces the fight between Senku and Ginro. To the surprise of everyone, Ginro attacks Senku for the dream of unlimited ramen and having his very own harem. The villagers want him to lose.

Chrome throws the melon mask to Senku, telling him their weapon is science. Senku uses the mask as a lever and manages to hit Ginro in the groin. Ginro passes out, so Senku is declared the winner.

After Ginro’s despicable display, the villagers cheer for Senku’s win. He’ll be fighting Chrome in the finals. Senku plans to surrender to him, but Chrome passes out. Senku is declared the winner by default and becomes the village chief with the right to marry the priestess.

Former Chief Kokuyo disapproves of him due to his outsider status, but Senku ignores him and asks for the wine. Ruri starts coughing blood, so Senku wants to start working immediately.

The villagers offer him a drink to celebrate. Senku refuses and divorces Ruri before returning to his kingdom with the wine. Chief Kokuyo calls for Senku’s arrest, but Kinro explains what they’ve been working on for the past few months.

Manufacturing Sulfa

They take the unconscious Chrome and wake him to start working on their sulfa drug. Senku plans to finish production the very next day.

Senku starts mixing their ingredients while the others collect materials. Each member of the current Kingdom of Science helps out.

Gen gets assigned to watch over another one of Senku’s inventions by the waterfall, only to find that the machine is making carbonated water. He arrives at the laboratory seeing everyone tired and beaten up. Gen masks his disappointment as Senku uses his carbonated water to make sodium bicarbonate.

Finally, they reach the final step in creating the sulfa drug called sulfonamide — a synthetic type of antibiotic. Since Gen can’t enter the village yet, Senku tells him to wait by the laboratory. When Gen gets there, he finds a bottle of cola waiting for him. He sloppily takes the drink and celebrates.

Senku arrives at the village to offer the sulfa drug to Ruri in powder form. Chrome tells her that the drug can heal her illness, so she takes it all in.

Senku sits behind her and tries to listen to her lungs using a beaker. He suspects there’s fluid in her lungs. Senku finds a dead rat by the hut and takes it to his lab for dissection — he notices inflammation in its lungs.

New Beginning

He thinks that if Ruri has tuberculosis, there‘s nothing they can do — the cure-all drug still has its limitations.

The villagers panic as Ruri’s cough worsens. Senku fears the worst has happened. Kokuyo confronts him for it, but Senku smiles recognizing the characteristics of pneumonia. He explains it has killed millions before, but their sulfa drug can definitely kill it.

Senku tells them she’ll need to inject more doses. Kokuyo attacks Senku, but Kohaku defends him and explains to the chief what science can do. The others back him up.

After days of medication, Ruri’s illness finally disappears. The villagers cry as she can go outside.

Kokuyo then announces Senku as the chief of the Ishigami Village. Ruri reveals to him that she knew it‘s his surname all along.

Our Thoughts

I just want to say I love this arc, although I miss Taiju and Yuzuriha. I wonder what surname has to do with the village and what Ruri knows about it. I rate this 3.8/5.

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