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Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 18 Recap – Stone Wars

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 18 Recap - Stone Wars


Tsukasa tells Gen that he’ll attack Ishigami Village soon, regardless if Senku is really there. Senku doesn’t plan to back down.

Kinro and Ginro return to guard the bridge. Not long after, Kinro sees the attackers and tells Ginro to call for help. He tells Ginro to cut the bridge if he doesn’t survive.

A group of Tsukasa’s men lurks by the bushes with their leader scouting from a tree. Kinro thwarts the first attacker, but their leader, Hyoga, steps in right after. He immediately notices that Kinro has bad eyesight.

Gen tells Senku that Tsukasa isn’t the only one they should fear. There’s another guy who’s just as troublesome named Hyoga. Ginro then arrives to report the incoming attack. They find Hyoga stabbing Kinro with his lightning-fast spear. Kinro falls and is left dangling on the bridge.

Kinro calls for them to cut the bridge. Ginro is about to do it, but he hesitates, not wanting to doom his brother.

Desperate, Senku takes an iron pipe from Kaseki and fills it with the last of his gunpowder. Gen goes to Magma and instructs him to throw a rock as hard as possible. Senku lights up his pipe as Magma hurls his rock. Gen performs an act and tells Hyoga’s men that the villagers have guns.


Senku admits to Hyoga that he’s still alive and they’ve already built guns. Seeing Senku’s smoking pipe, Hyoga retreats.

They save Kinro and throw antiseptics into his wounds. The following day, they start their preparations. Senku knows they’ll return on the next storm when guns aren’t effective.

Hyoga keeps composed and wants to retreat and change their strategy. His spear looks peculiar and seems to be the key to his insane speed. Meanwhile, his minions aren’t as patient, wanting to attack at the earliest opportunity. Regardless, Hyoga is willing to sacrifice them to learn about Senku’s capabilities.

Senku gives Kinro a pair of glasses to cure his eyesight. He then tells Kaseki about their next project making the old man flex his muscles in excitement. Senku calls the whole Ishigami Village to help with their preparations.

Three days later, Kohaku sees the storm coming. Their firearms are supposedly ineffective already, so Hyoga and his brutes meet Senku on the bridge.

Senku uses himself as bait to show his rifle is ineffective. As soon as Hyoga’s brutes rush in, the villagers of Ishigami come out from hiding with their newly forged katanas. They destroy their enemy’s primitive weapons with their superior steel.

New Steel

With Kohaku, Kinro, and Magma on their side, Hyoga’s troops are outmatched.

Senku sped up the crafting of their katanas with his expertise in science. By folding and hammering iron, Kaseki made one of the strongest blades in the world.

Hyoga’s troops lose their morale and back off. Unfazed, Hyoga steps in with his whirling spear and strikes at Magma. Magma is mesmerized by the spear’s circular movement and the red tassel on its tip.

Hyoga disarms Magma and strikes Kinro and Ginro — the strongest fighters of Ishigami. With him defeating the three, the warriors of Ishigami prove to be no match. Magma loses his temper and lashes out at Hyoga, while Kohaku and Kinro use this opportunity to assist.

Kohaku jumps, but Hyoga disorients her. Hyoga strikes at her, but his spearpoint suddenly falls off. He inspects it and notices the sabotage done by Gen. With their wits, they defeat Hyoga’s forces.

Our Thoughts

Against a ruthless opponent, Senku and Gen’s villainous actions are paying off dividends. Excited to see how this develops. 4/5.

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