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Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 19 Recap – To Modernity

BY Harris

Published 3 weeks ago

Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 19 Recap - To Modernity


In a flashback, Tsukasa de-petrified Hyoga. The men murmured about him being one of the men Tsukasa specifically searched for. His slim stature got him ridiculed by the larger brutes from Tsukasa’s camp, but he could defeat ten of them single-handedly with a spear. Even then, Hyoga didn’t want to fight Tsukasa. Tsukasa welcomed him to the empire.

They took Hyoga to his empire where people lived a modest life of hunting and gathering. He explained that his new empire’s citizens would live free from the constraints of the old evil world. Gen noted that Tsukasa had all the traits of a strong charismatic leader. It would be tough to talk someone else into going against him.

Tsukasa explained his plan to de-petrify only those who share their vision. To create a world established by the youth without old people dictating their lives and what they could do. Hyoga shared his sentiment and agreed to follow.

He told him about killing Senku to stop the development of science, and he wasn’t afraid to stain his hands to get what he wanted.


In the present, Hyoga’s men run away as they find their leader’s spear broken. Hyoga praises Senku’s preparedness in facing him with katanas, but he tells them that the battle is a distraction. Senku looks back and sees his village is on fire.

A girl named Homura slips in from the sea and burns the village and the bridge that connects Ruri’s hut to the main island. With her acrobatic skills, Homura rejoins Hyoga, and they flee to the woods.

Senku and the village leaders call for an evacuation. They all head for Senku’s science lab. The citizens of Ishigami Village suddenly become more vulnerable to an attack without the island‘s protection.

After learning that the villagers would never give up anyone, Hyoga commands his troops to find hostages. Suika uses herself as bait and distracts Hyoga’s main force, leading them to the sulfur pools.

Ginro reports it to Senku who fears that the direction of the winds that day would make the area especially deadly.

Kohaku arrives in the nick of time to put a gas mask on Suika. Homura and Hyoga jump on a tree, but most of his troops are slow and heavy, only managing to climb its lower heights.

Science Weapons

Senku mocks them with his gas mask, calling their attack a foolish endeavor and bluffing that it’ll take ten billion years before the gas becomes safe to breathe. To determine if it’s safe to go down, Hyoga throws off troops who get killed. Seeing this, Hyoga concludes their gas masks work and is amazed at how much they’ve progressed in science.

Back in the village, Kokuyo declares their defense as a victory due to having no casualties aside from their houses which can be rebuilt. They also praise Suika’s efforts.

Hyoga plans to attack next time in full force while Senku ponders his next steps. Now that Tsukasa is sure to discover he’s alive, they have to plan their next strategy. Gunpowder is currently off the table since Tsukasa will know to guard the caves. Senku expects a massive invasion from Tsukasa, but he wants to turn it around and attack first with scientific weaponry.

Senku explains that communication is the greatest weapon of the modern human era and wants to make a mobile phone device. Gen thinks it’s ridiculous, while the villagers can’t even comprehend long-distance communications.

Our Thoughts

A new roadmap for Senku and a greater war is brewing. Here’s to a new arc: 3.4/5.

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