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Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 20 Recap – The Age of Energy

BY Harris

Published 3 weeks ago

Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 20 Recap - The Age of Energy

Communications Project

Senku plans their roadmap for creating a mobile phone in the Stone World. He asks Gen to figure out the possible moments Tsukasa might attack.

Hyoga warns Tsukasa that the Ishigami Village will be hard to invade because its location is surrounded by water. For Taiju and Yuzuriha, Tsukasa wants them to be hostages who will share equal treatment. They should not pose a threat as long as they cannot communicate — Senku has more reasons to build their communication device. He aims for its completion by next spring.

Senku is chief, so he can mobilize the village to build the components for their mobile phone. Chrome and Kaseki are especially excited to start. Senku explains they’ll have to capture sound information over vacuum tubes and send them through radio waves. As usual, the villagers can’t grasp the science behind it, so Senku proposes to make a cotton candy machine as their first step.

Meanwhile, Homura keeps watch of the Ishigami Village from a high vantage point.

Senku makes Kaseki forge a cotton candy machine to create gold threads and turn them into wire. For their first test, they try it with sugar instead of gold. Senku takes the sugar crystals trapped inside the mirin jars to make their first batch of cotton candy.

Cotton Candy

The villagers can’t get enough of its unique flavor and texture. Gen wants to thank Homura for pushing these events into motion, so Senku asks him what type of person she is. Senku has already noticed she’s spying on them.

Homura is a staunch loyalist of Hyoga, so having her betray him would be out of the question. Still, Senku tries to lure her in by sending her some cotton candy with a note assuring her it’s not poison.

Senku thinks he might lure Tsukasa’s villagers if they learn about his candy. Gen and Kohaku talk about how he’s so manipulative, but Ruri thinks Senku really has an altruistic side to him.

Homura takes a bite of the cotton candy and experiences its sweetness.

Senku and Gen scrutinize their cotton candy production, ensuring their threads don’t turn into clumps and tangles so they don’t waste any gold in the process. They figured their manually operated machine caused clumps during the faulty winding process.

They’ll have to look for creative solutions since they can’t just revive members into their workforce. Senku instructs Kaseki to make gears, turning Kohaku’s precious shield into a more efficient machine to wind the threads.

New Energy

After seeing it, Chrome gets a spark of inspiration and invites Kaseki to work on another project. They work day and night on their idea separately.

The villagers help pool their gold threads, seeing as they’ll need a thread long enough to reach the mountaintop.

One morning, Chrome finally arrives at the village after working nonstop for three days. Chrome and Kaseki just finished constructing a water wheel running on the river’s energy. On top of it, Chrome made a saw to hasten Kaseki’s work.

Chrome boasts about his original inventions, surprising Senku yet again with how he can develop them on his own. They install their cotton candy machine to the water wheel and rig it with their generator. Senku’s civilization improves yet again with the newly constructed hydroelectric generator.

Our Thoughts

Senku’s improvement has accelerated tenfold yet again. Seeing what a bright mind and anime logic can achieve is amazing. 3.5/5.

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