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Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 21 Recap – Spartan Crafts Club

BY Harris

Published 2 weeks ago

Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 21 Recap - Spartan Crafts Club

Craft Club

Senku credits Chrome and Kaseki for speeding up the creation of their hydroelectric generator. He looks for a way to store the excess energy in batteries. Senku declares the start of the Spartan Craft Club.

Senku has the craft club make batteries using lead plates and bottles and connect them to their water wheel. Ginro celebrates as he and his brother won’t need to spin the wheels daily anymore, so they are free to focus on training with Kohaku.

For the Spartan Club, there is no such rest. As soon as they see Senku’s new blueprints, even though Chrome and Kaseki are both exhausted, they spring into action and start working immediately. They rig the water wheel into their iron-making forge. The freed villagers can now make food stores for winter.

The next step is making light bulbs — a huge challenge even for Kaseki. The old man praises Senku for inviting innovations and excitement into their lives, and he thinks the other villagers also feel the same way.

They work together to create wine and rebuild the burned buildings to prepare themselves for winter.


Before winter comes, they finally create their first working light bulb. They’ve done it once before but only by having Senku connect a wire manually into a filament. Now they’ve created a vacuum inside a glass bulb to protect it from overheating, regardless of the environment’s temperature.

Senku gathers the villagers into a nearby tree as the first snow falls. He flips on the switch, and the treetop glows with multiple light bulbs hanging around it. It took them two months to finish their work, just in time for Christmas. Senku says it’s a coincidence, but Gen knows he’s lying.

Chrome can venture deep into caves to gather rare metals and materials because of the light bulbs. He boasts he has better experience than Senku in such expeditions and wants to be the leader. Senku tells him they don’t have any more lacking materials for their mobile phone except they’ll need a lot more copper.

Meanwhile, Kaseki’s new project is to make vacuum tubes — the building blocks of computer technology.

The manufacturing process seems more complicated than the light bulbs, so they work through it repeatedly via trial and error. Chrome returns after his week-long expedition to bring them copper and get closer to their goal. Still, their vacuum tubes aren’t working well enough due to the weak bamboo filaments.

Magic Ore

Chrome wants to search for a stronger material, but Senku fears it doesn’t exist yet. Senku’s frustration builds as it is the first time he’s truly been stuck.

The villagers browse through Chrome’s stones. Suika sees their trouble and finds a way to help them by using her own knowledge of rocks.

Gen wakes Senku in the middle of the night for New Year’s celebration. He tells him it’s his job to help others gain a new perspective. The villagers gather around and head to the snowy mountaintop to watch the sunrise. Suddenly, to everyone’s amazement, the rock that Suika holds shines a bright blue hue.

Senku recognizes it as scheelite — a scarce ore of tungsten used to make filaments. Their small chunk won’t be enough, so they prepare an expedition team to head inside the caves. Senku recruits Magma to go with him and Chrome.

Our Thoughts

Along with the improvements, we see a glimpse of Senku’s sentimental side — a wonderfully crafted character. 4/5.

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