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Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – Where Two Million Years Have Gone

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 7 Recap - Where Two Million Years Have Gone

New Kingdoms

Kohaku tells Senku that she admires him, which he thinks could be troublesome. She denies it as anything romantic and only means to help him.

That night he notices Kohaku sleeping with her knives beside her. She’s still afraid of Tsukasa’s danger and asks if Senku is out to fight him. Senku explains his plans to build a Kingdom of Science and his need for manpower. Kohaku offers to help him find allies.

They stop by a hot spring on their way to Kohaku’s village. She collects a huge jar’s worth to help her sickly sister daily. Senku offers to carry it. It’s too heavy for him, so he makes a bamboo cart to bring the water downhill.

The cart crashes near Kohaku’s village where around 40 people of varying ages live. Senku wonders where they may have come from. Are they part of the first generation to be revived or descendants of them? In any case, they still rely on primitive technology.

The guards attack Senku as he enters, but Kohaku stops them. Outsiders aren’t allowed to enter the village. Kohaku offers to fight them, but Senku distracts the guards by impressing them with soap bubbles. If they’re on such a level, it will be easy for Senku to get them on his side with science.

Another boy named Chrome appears, calling himself the genius sorcerer of the village. Unlike the others, Chrome is unafraid of Senku’s bubbles and knows how to make them. Chrome challenges Senku in a battle outside of the village.


Chrome changes the colors of a campfire into yellow, blue, and purple, calling it the Rainbow Bridge technique. Senku sees through the trick and laughs. Chrome panics as Senku explains the color-changing phenomenon in detail. The others become less impressed as a result. Chrome moves back into his hut and brings out a ball that creates static electricity.

Senku knows what it is and explains exactly how he made it. On top of that, Senku creates more power by rubbing his own flag into the ball. Even though all of it seems primitive to him, Senku is impressed at how Chrome figured it out on his own.

As a young boy, Chrome has been collecting things in his hut and experimenting with them. Senku smirks, realizing there’s always someone willing to experiment with science. Technological civilization is inevitable.

He tells Chrome that Tsukasa will eventually go after him, so he should work for his Kingdom of Science. Chrome challenges him to a math battle instead, wagering his hut if he loses.

Kohaku thinks he’ll definitely lose, and he does. Senku gains control of his hut and inspects his collection of materials. Chrome has stocks of shiny gems and rocks. Senku starts using and refining them immediately, while Kohaku returns after getting bored.

New Ally

Senku refines cinnabar rocks into mercury and adds some gold dust to it. He then takes one of the guards’ spears and turns it into gold. The guard Kinro still won’t let him in, but deep inside, he likes it.

Senku also sees Chrome’s collection of herbs, but he doesn’t know how to use them. Chromes’ motivation was initially to heal Kohaku’s sister Ruri.

Ruri senses something happened to Kohaku that night when she didn’t come home and confronts her about it.

Chrome asks Senku if there’s a way to save her, but before that, Senku tells Chrome what happened 3,700 years ago. Chrome cries in disbelief about the wiped-out civilization, but Senku tells him it’s still inside his brain. Chrome resolves to join Senku’s cause.

Our Thoughts

I love how the series does its own thing while following shounen anime tropes. It’s familiar and unique, and not many shows can achieve that. 4/5.

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