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Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 9 Recap – Let There Be The Light of Science

BY Harris

Published 11 months ago

Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 9 Recap - Let There Be The Light of Science

The Mentalist

The villagers line up to taste Senku’s fox millet ramen. Chrome offers a bowl to Kinro and Ginro who find it hard to refuse.

Kohaku feels relieved at their food’s strong reception. Senku shows his villainous side again as he craves to lure more workers to his cause.

Suddenly, another outsider appears, urging Kohaku and the guards to confront him. He denies dealings with a long-haired man and claims he’s been alone since he was de-petrified.

Senku recognizes the man as Gen Asagiri. He was once a magician who wrote the psychology books his classmates read. Gen calls himself a Mentalist and asks the others to put their weapons down.

Gen charms the guards in his favor, but Kohaku sees through his lies. Senku tells him the ramen isn’t free. They’ll have to work on the forge.

Senku brings his patrons to work on pumping air to the forge. He tries to pry for information from Gen who then confirms that he knows who Taiju is. After seeing the success of Senku’s ironwork, he admits to being sent by Tsukasa.

Gen reveals his task is to confirm if Senku is truly dead, but because he has made iron, he’s thinking about which side to choose.

Iron Age

Gen admits he doesn’t care which one of them wins as long as he emerges on top. He’s on the fence about whether he should join the Kingdom of Science or Tsukasa’s Empire. Senku has good food, but there’s a lot of labor involved, while Tsukasa has dull meals but lives a comfortable life with many cute girls.

Kohaku volunteers to punish Gen, but Senku knows it would only lure Tsukasa to their village. Senku proposes to make a power generator to impress him instead. Gen thinks it’s impossible, but Senku already has copper on hand.

Soon, a lightning storm hits the village. Senku wants to use this opportunity to create strong magnets. They rush to melt copper and mold it into a wire. Senku carefully wraps it in a coil-like fashion around the iron rod.

Meanwhile, the villagers suspect Senku of using sorcery. A man named Magma comes by to confront them. Gen offers to step in.

Gen tells Magma that he’s offering flowers to make the thunderstorm stop. He shows them a magic trick that spooks the villagers, causing them to back off.


Senku remembers a NASA experiment and tries to mimic it by bringing their iron rod to the top of the mountain. There, they can attract lightning better. The storm is closing in, but their rod isn’t ready yet. Kohaku then steals Kinro’s golden spear and plunges it into the ground. Lightning hits it, and the iron becomes magnetized.

Senku picks up the rod and thanks the God of Lightning for this new power. Gen can’t believe what he’s achieved in the primitive world. With the acquisition of strong magnets, they are done with their first step to making electricity.

They make a copper plate and assemble the parts to make a dual hand-crank power generator. They ask for the help of Kinro and Ginro to power the generator due to their natural synchronicity. Kinro refuses, but Gen charms them with the possibility of fancier weapons.

They crank the wheels while Senku installs a bamboo lightbulb on top of Chrome’s hut. Senku tells Chrome about Edison’s invention that brightened the night sky during his time. He connects the copper wire to a filament and makes it glow for everyone to see.

Our Thoughts

Very inspiring direction and music choices for this episode. I’m impressed at how Senku leaps at every turn and how many interesting characters the show is throwing at us. I rate this 4.2/5.

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