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Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – Hot Line

BY Harris

Published 3 weeks ago

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 2 Recap - Hot Line


Taiju and Yuzuriha remember Senku’s parting words from a year ago. The Stone Wars start with Senku’s village executing the first step. They create explosions on one side to distract Homura while their cell phone unit moves in toward Tsukasa’s Empire.

Back in the observatory, Suika tracks down Homura’s movements. Kohaku then moves in to intercept and catch her.

Homura arrives at the scene of the explosions to find nothing. Kohaku strikes at her, but Homura simply moves around the tree line using her gymnastic skills. A chase ensues, leading Homura to the village where she could be trapped.

Senku tosses a flashbang device from the ground and blinds her. She falls, so Senku subdues her. She then remembers that Senku isn’t strong, so she easily wiggles out and frees herself.

Even though the villagers surround her, Homura evades and escapes by jumping and twirling around them. She faces them from high up the trees and names them one by one, proving that she’s been spying on them for a long time.

Homura notes that Chrome, Magma, and Gen are nowhere to be found. She figures that the three are carrying something toward Tsukasa’s Empire, so she hurries back to find them.


Senku and the villagers must find a way to stop Homura from intercepting their phone unit as that would end their plan. Senku pulls out another bulb that illuminates Homura’s tracks, making it possible for them to follow her movement.

Kohaku worries that Homura might be a grave threat to them. She asks Senku for permission to kill Homura if the opportunity comes. Senku assures her they have the necessary tools to avoid it from happening.

Meanwhile, after assembling their cell phone, Gen’s unit hears a single ring from it telling them that Homura has seen through their ruse and is now pursuing them. Senku doesn’t want to make a direct call so that Homura won’t figure out what equipment they have.

That morning during sunrise, Homura notices the glowing powder that tracks her. She shakes it off, so Senku and his team lose her trail.

Gen then sends a Morse code to Kinro’s phone unit, telling them their exact location. Senku sends his message back.

Knowing Homura is tailing them, Gen makes it look like they’ve constructed a signal tower above a tree. Homura immediately panics after seeing this and rushes back to inspect the tower, only to find out that it’s a fake one made of branches and twigs.

First Call

Magma and Kinro cut the tree below her, so she falls to the ground. Fearing her death, he apologizes to Hyoga, but Kohaku catches her fall. Chrome celebrates their win by sending Gen’s team off and tying up Homura to go with them.

Gen and his team finally arrive at the base of Tsukasa’s empire. They are met by a wall of petrified statues with numbers on their heads signifying the order of their revival. The lowest number is 33, so they’ve revived 32 people so far. Magma suggests they destroy the statues or, at the very least, break their limbs.

Just before Magma does it, Gen gets a change of heart. They must not fight the same way as Tsukasa does. Their main task is to install their cell phone.

Gen and his team arrive at a giant cross that marks Senku’s grave — the perfect place to install their mobile phone underground. Sometime later, Taiju makes the first call and cries after hearing his friend’s voice.

Our Thoughts

The first step of the Stone Wars has finally kicked off, and it’s been a thrilling ride so far. 3.5/5.

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