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Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 4 Recap – Full Assault

BY Harris

Published 2 weeks ago

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 4 Recap - Full Assault


Nikki scolds Gen and Senku for their attempt to imitate Lilian’s voice, stating that their efforts are only 55% of the real thing. She offers to train them to get better at it. Nikki then asks them if they have what it takes to go against Tsukasa, who has started surrounding himself with strong comrades. Not everyone agrees with him, but due to his status as the strongest, everyone follows his orders. On top of that, Tsukasa’s left- and right-hand men, Hyoga and Ukyo, are not to be underestimated.

Ukyo will hear if something is off with their recordings. He was a sonar operator on a submarine, which developed his impeccable hearing. Chrome and Magma are buying them time against Ukyo; their battle isn’t over yet.

Chrome gets pelted by Ukyo’s arrows, but none of them hit. Magma leaps for an attack, claiming to have learned Ukyo’s current location from his shots.

Magma’s attack whiffs, so he runs around to find the enemy. Chrome realizes Ukyo isn’t there to kill them, so he raises a white flag in surrender. Ukyo ties Chrome up and leads him back to the mountaintop, angering Magma.

Ukyo unties Chrome after making sure he’s not planning to escape. He praises Chrome’s decision to surrender. Chrome remains tight-lipped, not wanting to give the enemy any intel. Ukyo takes Chrome to Tsukasa’s cave, where he meets Tsukasa and his guards.


Chrome bravely introduces himself to Tsukasa, admitting he’s a scientist and friend of Senku. Magma runs back to the village to report what happened.

Kohaku rushes out to rescue him, but the villagers stop her. Senku calls the whole village for a full assault instead. It’s time for them to mobilize near Tsukasa’s empire now that they’ve captured Homura. They have to make the first move before the winter ends.

Still, they need many pieces of equipment to haul to survive. Senku laughs as he declares he’s building an automobile. He starts working on his blueprints to design a steam-engine-powered car.

They start by casting their components using molds and molten rocks. The villagers uninstall the fireplaces from the huts to use them as their engine’s boiler. They then rig its steam output into a revolving piston attached to a wheel, powering their car.

Through the construction process, they almost forget about Chrome. Senku doesn’t worry about him since Tsukasa’s empire won’t be bothered by a small and weak boy, but Kohaku reminds him that Chrome tends to run his mouth.

Steam Engine

The villagers realize it, so they speed up their work.

Tsukasa interrogates Chrome, but he only boasts he’s a scientist. Hyoga takes him to a waterfall, with Chrome dangling from his spear. They ask Chrome to reveal why he came. Tsukasa tells him he doesn’t reject the civilization of science; he merely rejects the harm it has caused in the old world. Senku is the threat to bringing it back.

Tsukasa offers him a place in their empire in exchange for Senku’s life. Chrome mocks them and calls for his death instead.

Hyoga lets him fall, but Ukyo’s arrow catches him and lets him dangle by a cliff. Tsukasa picks up a log and hurls it for Chrome to stand on.

When asked where he found Chrome, Ukyo says he found him by the cave of miracles. Chrome wonders why the Ukyo is lying.

Meanwhile, the Ishigami villagers assemble their automobile named Senku 1 — ready for its rescue mission.

Our Thoughts

I’m intrigued by Ukyo’s actions, so there’s no time to ponder. On to the next! 3.5/5.

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