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Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – Prison Break

BY Harris

Published 6 months ago

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 6 Recap - Prison Break


Senku explains their plan to batter Chrome’s cell and run away after saving him. The villagers worry that it’s too simple, but the version of the Steam Gorilla was intended for an ambush attack. Kaseki cries at the fate of his beloved machine. The villagers prepare to mobilize.

On the other side, Tsukasa predicts what they plan to do and picks a team to stop them. He lets Yo–a policeman and expert baton fighter lead the defense.

Surrounded by traps, Chrome realizes he’ll have to escape the prison by himself using his wits. His only problem: his equipment was taken during his capture. Cutting rocks with bamboo would also be too noisy.

He hears Yo scolding a guard outside for ruining one of his traps. Yo enjoys his new life — a stark contrast to his old one as a policeman who catches corrupt politicians. Yo used force and violence in his work, which expelled him from duty. Now he can enforce his will as much as he wants. He fancies himself as part of Tsukasa’s top four.

Yo explains their plan of baiting Senku’s ambush. One of the guards worries about Chrome hearing their plans, but Yo tells him he’s just a helpless ape. It pushes Chrome to start his prison break. Chrome starts by exploring the area during bathroom breaks, collecting leaves and branches into his trousers. He tries to make fire, but the branches aren’t enough — if only he had his spare battery.


That night, someone slips a spare battery into Chrome’s cell. He thinks Taiju must have sent it. Chrome overloads the battery and makes a fire, but Yo arrives immediately to stop him. The policeman laughs at Chrome and his claims of being a scientist, saying his stick-rubbing method is primitive.

Chrome answers back that he knows how to make salt with seawater. Yo laughs and dismisses him.

Chrome then remembers he can use seawater and the batteries to make an acid that can melt the cell’s ropes. He collects his sweat by exercising all night and connects it to the batteries‘ terminal. Using the fluid, he breaks through the walls and subdues the interior guards.

Chrome runs toward the exit, using a bamboo pole to vault over Yo’s pit traps. With his memory of the traps being built, Chrome moves through the field to escape and uses the enemy’s weapons in his favor.


Yo discovers his escape and chases after him. Chrome reaches a dead end and is overpowered by Yo’s training. Yo asks him to return peacefully or suffer a beating. Chrome tells him it doesn’t matter. He only has a few days to live because of an infection he suffered in the village. He tells Yo he has pneumonia before expelling a huge amount of blood from his mouth.

Chrome then warns Yo that it‘s contagious; he spews blood into the policeman’s face. Yo recoils, which allows Chrome to thrust the bamboo into Yo’s balls. Chrome dashes for a quick escape.

Kohaku finds Chrome walking back to the village. Chrome found the path using Suika’s movements and deducing the area seen through a telescope. Chrome proudly explains to them how he escaped the prison.

The blood he used actually came from chewed up wood sorrel plants. Senku and the villagers praise him for his ingenuity.

Our Thoughts

I really wanted the gorilla to get some action in this episode, but I guess Chrome getting the spotlight isn’t that far off in awesomeness. I rate this 4/5.

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