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Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – Secret Mission

BY Harris

Published 2 months ago

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 7 Recap - Secret Mission

Cave of Miracles

Chrome credits Taiju for giving him the battery that led to his freedom, but Senku refutes it since Taiju isn’t known to be that smart. Yuzuriha is also busy on her secret mission. Chrome doesn’t think much of it as long as he’s free. Suddenly, the Steam Gorilla appears and surprises him. Kaseki is relieved that his creation won’t be sacrificed anymore.

Senku then diverts their plans to use the gorilla to secure the Cave of Miracles. With the nitric acid inside, they can revive other statues and create bombs. Controlling the cave will dictate the outcome of the battle.

Taiju and Nikki work hard to persuade other members of Tsukasa’s empire to join them. Nikki has been working with Gen so that their impersonation of Lilian would go unnoticed by Ukyo’s hearing. Chrome remembers how kind Ukyo was to him.

Nikki and Taiju bring a small group to hear Lilian’s speech. They successfully recruit and convince them to stop Tsukasa from destroying any more statues. Taiju celebrates their success, but Nikki tells him to be wary.

As if on cue, Ukyo arrives and asks if he can listen in to the call. Nikki fears the worst. Senku and Gen think it’s now or never — a battle between Gen’s impression and Ukyo’s hearing.


Lilian introduces herself in English. Surprisingly, Ukyo responds in English and tells them he sees through their ruse. Gen thinks he’s acting unusually.

Senku takes the microphone and asks Ukyo if he helped Chrome. Ukyo admits it, saying they would have lost if they had gone for Chrome Chrome. Ukyo tells him he’s not his friend; he’s just intrigued by Yuzuriha’s secret mission.

Ukyo saw Yuzuriha take broken stone chips to a hidden cave to bring them back together. He can’t believe that such a painstaking process could be possible and that someone would be willing to do it. The lengths they’d go through to save humanity are crazy.

Meanwhile, Tsukasa learns about Chrome’s escape and Yo’s supposed death from one of the underlings.

Senku tells Ukyo that gluing the stones together could revive a statue. Ukyo offers to join their side in his conditions. Gen wants to negotiate, but Senku denies him. Ukyo wants no one else to die.

Senku asks if Ukyo is an idealist; he denies. Tsukasa revived him for his impeccable hearing, but the man’s destruction of statues unnerved him. Ukyo served as a mediator to stop Tsukasa’s people from killing each other while his leader destroyed statues. Ukyo doesn’t want anyone to die in front of him. Senku agrees outright, telling him his ideal could become a reality.


Ukyo warns them that Hyoga and Tsukasa are ruthless, so they should not dally further.

Days later, Hyoga checks the grave and suspects people have been meeting there. Tsukasa arrives after him, claiming to mourn the lives of Yo and those who died in the sulfur falls.

Meanwhile, Senku finishes building his tank with a single-fire cannon on top. They plan to do their full assault just after the cannon’s firing, which will disperse the opposing troops. Senku introduces a crucial figure in their fight: Taiju and Yuzuriha. The villagers finally meet them. The final battle is about to begin. They hide in the bushes for a surprise attack at the cave.

Tsukasa digs a grave for Yo’s memory, but in the process, he uncovers Senku’s mobile phone.

Our Thoughts

Glad to see that even in Tsukasa’s empire, there are many reasonable people. 3.5/5.

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