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Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Ringarde

BY Angela

Published 10 months ago

Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - Ringarde

The sound of Gabriel and Camille making love downstairs wakes Emily up. She tells Mindy all about it over breakfast. Mindy records a really obnoxious audio message for her father and sends it to him. When Emily asks about it, Mindy explains that his father offers her a new house and a new BMW in exchange for returning to China. She tells her she does not plan to return since she does not wish to live the life that her parents planned for her. She also tells Emily she embarrassed herself, choking in front of billions of people on the stage of Chinese Popstar, the Chinese equivalent of American Idol, resulting in a meme. Emily assures her she should not be discouraged and she should keep singing.

At the office, Julien talks to Emily about Pierre Cadault, an elite designer they’re prospecting and meeting later that day. Sylvie tells Emily to try to be invisible while meeting Pierre because he doesn’t like social media. Emily blows their chance when they finally meet him; her bag charm turns off Pierre. Pierre calls Emily’ ringarde,’ meaning basic.

Later that night, Emily goes to a café and meets Thomas, a professor. They end up in bed after talking for hours. Thomas is still there when Emily wakes up the next morning, leafing through the books that came with the flat. They arrange to meet up again later that evening. Camille arrives just as Thomas kisses Emily goodbye and informs her she overheard them having fun in bed the night before.

When Emily arrives at the office, she is dismayed to see Sylvie had purposefully left her out of a meeting with Fourtier, a luxury watch company they represent. Following the Pierre Cadault incident, Emily learns she has been placed in a luxury brand quarantine. It turns out signing Pierre was Sylvie’s long-term ambition, and she failed her miserably.

While having lunch with Mindy at the park, Emily tells her about her night with Thomas. Mindy tells her she’s exhausted, unable to sleep last night, googling jazz clubs where she can give singing another shot. She seems to have decided not to go to any auditions, so Emily tries to bring her confidence back by pushing her to sing right then and there. Mindy attracts a lot of attention as she performs her “La Vie En Rose” version.

Thomas and Emily have a double date with Gabriel and Camille later that night. Gabriel sees right through Thomas and dislikes him right away. When they return to the flat, Thomas informs Emily he believes Gabriel dislikes him; his presence makes Gabriel envious.

The next morning, Emily tells Sylvie they should go to the ballet opening where Pierre is the costume designer to meet with him again. Sylvie scoffs at the plan, so Emily asks Thomas to accompany her to the ballet instead.

Gabriel finds Emily near the stairs on her way to the ballet and tells her he believes Thomas is a snob and she’s wasting her time on him.

When Emily meets Thomas at the ballet, he tells her Swan Lake is for tourists. When Emily tells him she’s taking the ballet as an opportunity to see Pierre, he is even more reluctant to watch and tells her she should go and he’ll just meet her afterward. Emily does not like this and gives him the middle finger.

Emily goes to Pierre’s private box and apologizes to him. Emily tells him her bag charm might be basic, but that’s only because she and her friends love “Gossip Girl,” and that’s the only thing from the show they can afford. She also says basic bitches like her are needed so that fashionable people can stand out.

The next day, Sylvie informs Emily that Pierre wants to meet, and he insists that “Gossip Girl” be there.

Our Thoughts

Whew! What Emily said to Pierre absolutely takes the cake, and we absolutely love the reference to “Gossip Girl!” We got hurt a bit when Emily was branded as ringarde because we all know she’s anything but basic. Or maybe, if she is indeed ringarde, we think it’s not bad to be one if Emily is one. Also, it is the first time we hear Mindy sing, and she’s excellent! We absolutely want to hear her sing more. We are disappointed things did not go well with Thomas and Emily, but that means there is bound to be another man to sweep Emily off her feet in the future — and that’s something we look forward to.

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