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Emily in Paris Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – An Englishman in Paris

BY Angela

Published 8 months ago

Emily in Paris Season 2 Episode 5 Recap - An Englishman in Paris

Emily walks by Chez Lavaux. Gabriel enthusiastically shows her his very first menu. Emily takes a picture of him beside the menu so she can post it on social. Antoine comes out of the restaurant, informing Emily he just got off the phone with Sylvie, who agreed Savoir will do the press for their opening night. He also tells her Sylvie has assigned her to their account, and they will be having a meeting at Savoir the next day to talk about it.

Emily walks into Sylvie’s office and expresses her surprise she was the last to know about Chez Lavaux when she is the account manager. Sylvie tells her she might not be the best person for the job, given her history with Gabriel. Emily tells her what happened to them is already history. Before they can discuss further, Julien walks in to tell Sylvie the people of Chopard, a luxury jewelry brand, have arrived.

Luc does the presentation on Chopard where he proposed a party in a bateau mouche where the guests can try on jewelry while having dinner and dancing on the Seine. The client likes it and asks about the music for the event. Luc tells her Julien is in charge. Julien seems to be unaware of this, but he lies and tells her it’s under control.

After the meeting, Julien tells Luc it was his responsibility to book the DJ for the event, but Luc tells him it’s not. Emily tells them to relax and to just create a playlist. Luc tells her the music is now her responsibility. Emily suggests live music, but Julien tells her they don’t have the budget. She tells him the budget might not be a problem with what she had in mind and asks Julien if he’s free for lunch.

She then brings Julien to a spot where Mindy and her band are playing. He agrees when Emily tells him they are good, but he tells her he is distracted because Benoît is so good-looking. Emily introduces Mindy to Julien and tells him they will be perfect for the Chopard event. Mindy tells Julien she thinks Benoît is single like Étienne is. Emily tells Mindy about the proposal to sing at their event. Mindy gets thrilled.

In French class, the teacher tells them everyone should write a profile of their partner; it will be a good exercise for their vocabulary. Emily interviews Alfie. He tells her he’s a banker born and raised in London. He also tells her he likes football. He tries to leave, but Emily tells him she is not yet done, and he has not even interviewed her. Pissed off that Alfie is not taking their homework seriously, Emily asks him why he even enrolled in the class if he does not like to learn. He tells her it’s a requirement in his company. Emily invites him to go with her to the nearby cafe to continue their interview, but Alfie tells her he cannot make it.

Emily posts the picture she took of Gabriel at the office that day. As she posts it, she receives a message from Gabriel, standing nearby, waiting for their meeting. Emily tells him he’s early. He tells her he’s nervous he will be late and the meeting is a big deal for him.

Emily presents her ideas for Chez Lavaux’s opening. Gabriel can’t help but smile while admiring Emily doing her work. After the team agrees they are doing a grand opening, Emily tells Gabriel she needs to come by the restaurant to get some content on social. Gabriel tells her she’s welcome anytime, and the meeting ends.

Julien tells Emily she might want to lead Gabriel and Antoine to the back staircase. When Emily asks him why, he doesn’t have the time to answer because Emily sees the Champère people already there. Gérard, Camille’s father, hugs Gabriel and asks him why he’s there and if he’s visiting from Normandy. Gabriel tells him he never went to Normandy because Antoine backed him up at the restaurant.

Emily tells them they represent Gabriel’s restaurant. Gabriel tells them it was good to see them and leaves.

While walking to the meeting room, Gérard asks Camille why she didn’t tell them about Gabriel’s restaurant. Camille tells them they broke up. She didn’t tell them because she didn’t want to hear them say, “I told you so.”

Luc starts the meeting but Louise, Camille’s mother, interjects to ask him why Emily is not there. Camille tells them she’s not on the account anymore — there is something else she did not tell them.

After the meeting, Louise tells Camille she’s not surprised about Emily because Emily slept with Timothèe. Gérard comforts her by saying shit happens in long-term relationships and what happened to Gabriel, and it is just a test meant to make them stronger.

Louise asks Camille if she still loves Gabriel. When she tells her she still does, Louise tells her she will help her get him back, but she has to do exactly as she says.

Emily meets Alfie at an American restaurant. Emily asks him why he’s in Paris if he hates it so much. He tells her he doesn’t hate it; he just doesn’t buy into the hype. Emily insists they take their coffees to-go so she can show Alfie how pretty Paris really is. Alfie tells her the way people see Paris is probably created by an American marketing executive. Emily tells him she is one, and he seems surprised because she thought Emily was there for a fantasy gap year and not for work. Before they can talk further, Alfie gets called to the office. Emily invites him to come to the Chopard event.

Emily comes to Chez Lavaux to get some behind-the-scene photos of Gabriel for their campaign. Emily tells him he should loosen up a bit and urges him to drink wine while cooking to look more carefree. After lots of drinks and pictures, they make out in the kitchen. They get interrupted by a woman who was there for the bartender interview. Emily leaves.

The next morning, Sylvie commends Emily for the high engagement in the Chez Lavaux account. She tells Emily she can tell by the pictures she’s in love with her subject; she used to be a photographer herself. Emily tells her she and Gabriel are just friends, and besides, she’s only in Paris for a year. Sylvie tells her she has the rest of her life to be as dull as she wishes, but while she’s in Paris, she should fall in love, make mistakes and leave a disastrous trail in her wake.

Emily tells her Camille might not like her to do that. Sylvie tells her Camille might not be an issue anymore: her family wants her back on the Champère account. She receives a message from Gabriel, who says he cannot stop thinking about what happened between them the previous day. Camille also texts her, inviting her for lunch.

Camille arrives at the restaurant where Emily is already waiting. Emily is so nervous about their meeting that she knocks off a glass when she is about to kiss Camille. Camille tells her she thinks she knows what happened. Emily tells her she would never have done it if she knew they were still together. Camille tells her that her family is so happy to have her back in the account because she came up with the brilliant idea, and they wouldn’t want to do it without her.

They toast to new beginnings. Camille tells her they should make a pact that neither of them won’t be with Gabriel. Emily agrees.

Back in her apartment, Mindy makes fun of Emily and Camille’s pact because she says only countries at war make pacts. She also reminds Emily they have not discussed the payment for that night’s gig. Emily reminds her they have not discussed her rent as well, so Mindy tells her they should call it quits.

Mindy and her band perform a song at the bateau mouche while Julien continues to eye Benoît. After the song, Benoît tells Mindy she sounds incredible. Mindy introduces Benoît to Julien and tells him Julien thinks he’s totally hot. Julien gets shy, but Mindy tells him she wants to save time, so she cuts to the chase. Benoît tells them he thinks Mindy is hot — they find out he’s straight.

Emily admires the view while enjoying some alone time. Alfie tells Emily he can tell her all about him for the next two hours. Emily tells him his anti-French thing is getting old. Alfie tells him he is only there for a year, so he won’t bother committing to something that won’t last.

Emily and Mindy walk home and see Gabriel by the restaurant. Emily approaches him and tells him she doesn’t want to have a relationship with him because she’s only in Paris for a year. She doesn’t want to start something they cannot continue. She says she will not fall in love with him when they have an expiration date, saddening Gabriel, who tells Emily he needs to go.

Our Thoughts

Whew, finally, Emily and Camille are on good terms again. But Emily ending things with Gabriel formally is something we were not prepared for. Emily and Alfie seem to be getting along, so maybe they can be an item since they are both in Paris for just a year. We are also delighted that Sylvie seemed to be truly concerned about Emily when she gave her advice about making the best of her time in Paris. It is a bit refreshing: Sylvie doesn‘t insult Emily and her ways. Lastly, we’re grateful Mindy might be falling in love soon! Such an exciting time.

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