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Erased Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

BY Kean

Published 1 year ago

Erased Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Memories play in Satoru’s mind. They are memories from different timelines, both the good and the bad. He reaches out his hands and touches the origami cranes hanging from the ceiling. Sachiko wakes up and helps Satoru feel the origami cranes. “Kumi made this for you,” she says. Satoru asks his mother how long he’s been asleep this time. “One year and two months,” Sachiko replies. Sachiko cries as she holds her son’s hand. “Good morning, Satoru. Stop making me repeat myself, you dummy,” she adds.

While Satoru is walking outside, Kumi calls out to him. Satoru mentions the keychain dangling on Kumi’s backup. Kumi says it’s a gift from the girl who punched the camera guy. “Her name is Airi,” she says. Satoru doesn’t know Mr. Yashiro is watching them not far from where they are. Mr. Yashiro comes out from behind the bushes, wearing a fake beard and hat. “The moment you awoke, so did the urge inside me,” he says smiling.

Satoru meets up with Kenya to tell him about his overlapping memories. He talks about a time when he didn’t go into a coma, and Hiromi, Kayo, and Aya were all murdered. Kenya asks him if he remembers who the real killer is. Satoru admits he doesn’t remember it yet. There is someone that Kenya suspects, but he decides not to tell Satoru who it is. “I don’t want to influence you and risk giving you a false memory,” Kenya says.

Mr. Yashiro now goes by a different name. One of his coworkers tells him to consider entering either a mayoral or congressional race. Mr. Yashiro says success for him is being involved on the ground level, near the everyday citizen. “My ambition lies somewhere else,” he says.

Satoru realizes meeting Airi has helped him recover some of his memories, so he wants to meet her again. He asks his doctor for permission. His doctor tells the story of a patient who recovered quickly and won a race. “There’s this troublesome thing out there that easily disregards all the hard work and analysis we do as doctors,” the doctor says. “Human will,” he adds. Then he tells Satoru he is permitting him.

Satoru doesn’t know where Airi lives or where to find her. But he believes his legs still remember where Airi is. He lets his feet take him to where he can find Airi. When he reaches the intersection, memories flash back to him. He remembers when he saved a kid, and Airi was with him in the hospital. “I remember you were someone important to me,” Satoru tells himself as he thinks of Airi. He sees Airi walking in his direction, but he suddenly remembers the time when Airi got into trouble for helping him before. So he doesn’t say anything to Airi as she walks past him.

Kumi revisits Satoru. She hands Sachiko a leaflet of an event, a mixer for the patients. “I think it’d be good for Satoru’s rehab,” Kumi says. Satoru tells Kumi he will go to the event with her. Kenya comes into the room and brings Satoru the book he asked for. The day of the event arrives, and Kumi sits beside Satoru on a bus. What they don’t know is Mr. Yashiro is following them. “Oh, how I’ve dreamed of this day. Show me, Satoru. Give me that thrill and exhilaration,” Mr. Yashiro tells himself.

Our Thoughts

Mr. Yashiro must be really smart. Not only did he get away from all the crimes he committed, he also framed other people for them. When we saw him watching Satoru from behind the bushes, we realized he was also the same person who stabbed Sachiko in the first timeline. He was the killer who pushed Airi and tried to frame Satoru for both crimes. But the thing here is, why was he trying to frame Satoru for both of the crimes? Satoru didn’t know he was the killer before, so what was his reason for framing Satoru, his student?

Satoru was in a coma for fifteen years. Then he woke up, then slept again for a year and two months. Meanwhile, Mr. Yashiro has lived as a different person and is now very successful. Is he planning to continue his crimes as long as he lives? Or will he finally stop when he finally kills Satoru?

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