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Erased Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

BY Kean

Published 2 months ago

Erased Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

They all arrive at the event’s location. Everyone is busy doing the task assigned to them. Mr. Yashiro takes Sachiko’s phone from her bag, takes a box with him, and walks away. Sachiko walks past him, but she’s unsure if it’s really him. After a while, Mr. Yashiro walks behind Kumi and puts a note inside her bag. While Sachiko seems lost in thoughts, Satoru asks her what’s the matter. “Mr. Yashiro was one of the volunteers,” Sachiko says. Then she takes it back and says she’s just joking.

While Kumi prepares for the stamp rally event, she sees the note in her bag. Meanwhile, Mr. Yashiro is busy preparing for his plans. After locking the windows, he puts two sleeping pills in a water bottle. Kumi and Satoru participate in the stamp rally event. Kumi wants to win, but because Satoru still uses crutches, it’s difficult for him to keep up. They don’t win the game, so they don’t get any prizes. Sachiko notices Kumi still looks happy even though they didn’t win the game, so Kumi shows Sachiko the note she thinks she received from Satoru: “Let’s watch the fireworks together with the musician past the swaying ground. It’ll be our little secret.”

While Satoru takes a break, he calls Kenya. “Okay, I’ll keep an eye on her from here,” Kenya says. “I don’t want Yashiro to know we’re onto him,” Satoru replies. Satoru’s memories have come back already; he remembers all of them. Satoru says the killer is their teacher, Mr. Yashiro. Kenya tells him Mr. Yashiro is now a councilman and goes by Manabu Nishizono. Kenya admits he already looked into things because he also suspected Mr. Yashiro. 

Satoru has Kumi’s phone. He has asked her earlier to switch phones with him. He quickly checks the new message that‘s seemingly from Sachiko. It says: “Let’s go pick Satoru up. Come to bungalow F at 4:30.” Instead of going, Satoru just sits and waits for Mr. Yashiro to make a mistake. When Mr. Yashiro realizes Kumi isn’t coming, he starts cleaning up his things and putting them again inside the box. “You did it again, Satoru,” he says, smiling. “He must have his memories back,” he tells himself. While he cleans up, Mr. Yashiro looks back on how Satoru looked at him the day he tried to kill him. Mr. Yashiro’s hands shake due to excitement. “This is it. This is the feeling. This is what it feels like to be alive. What a wonder this is, Satoru!” Mr. Yashiro tells himself.

Kenya calls Satoru and tells him he will check the bungalow for some evidence. Sachiko walks to Satoru and tells him she’s glad he’s recovering quickly. Satoru asks Sachiko if she’ll be able to watch the firework show later with him. Sachiko tells him about the note Kumi showed her. Even if it’s still difficult for him to walk, Satoru rushes to save Kumi. While he’s walking in the woods, he sees Kumi with Sawada. “It seems that I got to her a little sooner,” Sawada says. Kumi’s phone receives a new message again. This time it says: “I’ll be waiting for you at the swaying ground.” Satoru figures out Mr. Yashiro has realized he has Kumi’s phone. He knows the new message is meant for him. “All that’s left is to make Yashiro admit to his crimes,” Satoru tells Sawada.

Our Thoughts

It’s a good thing Satoru’s memories came back. If they didn’t, Kumi might be dead already. It’s also a miracle Sawada found Kumi first. Mr. Yashiro used the same technique he used for Sachiko and Airi. So it‘s how he had always framed someone else for the murders he committed — by pretending he is someone the victim knows. It seems like Satoru has become an obsession for him. Instead of killing Satoru while he was in a coma, Mr. Yashiro tried to live a different life. And now that Satoru is awake, he wants to go and kill him again. Maybe what Mr. Yashiro really wants is the thrill of being chased by Satoru. He always managed to get away with his crimes, but Satoru stopped him before. Maybe that is why he liked Satoru a lot.

The only reason Satoru found out that Mr. Yashiro was the killer was that Mr. Yashiro tried to kill him. And he could only do something about it because he survived. We hope Satoru doesn’t think of meeting with Mr. Yashiro alone. He‘s not yet in his best condition, so we don’t know how he will handle Mr. Yashiro if something happens. He should at least let Kenya know what he’s up to.

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