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Erased Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

BY Kean

Published 2 months ago

Erased Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Satoru wakes up early and eats the breakfast Sachiko made for him. Sachiko asks him who he is meeting with so early in the morning. Satoru tells his mother it’s a secret. She‘s fine with it as long as Satoru is not doing anything bad. Before Satoru leaves, she hands him a lunch box. Satoru goes straight to Kayo. “I’m sure you’ll only need to hold out for another day or two,” Satoru says. Kayo wants to tell Satoru about what happened the night before, but Satoru immediately leaves after handing the lunch to Kayo. When Kayo opens the wrapping, she sees a note saying: “Hope you don’t mind. I just included everything my son likes – Sachiko Fujinuma.” Because Kayo has been absent for days, Mr. Yashiro contacts Child Services. Later that night, Mr. Yashiro visits Kayo’s house with the authorities. The lights are on, but no one answers, so they enter the house through the back door. Because Kayo’s mother is not there, they just decide to come back the next day.

Satoru shares the news with Kayo and his friends. “They’re going to take you away from your mother,” Satoru says. “That would make me really happy,” Kayo replies. It’s a bit late, but Kayo gives Satoru a pair of gloves as a birthday gift. Satoru remembers seeing them in the garbage before in one of his revivals. He cries and tells Kayo he will cherish them. Kayo tells them about the man who got on the bus. She says he just came to stash some things away but was so angry. When the boys check what the man left inside the bus, Satoru sees a spray bottle. “Wasn’t Kayo taken to an industrial freezer where she was sprayed down to freeze her quickly?” he asks himself. They find all sorts of things inside the bag: a rope, a pair of rubber boots, packaging tape, a flashlight, and a spray bottle. They decide to leave the bus immediately. Before they leave, Satoru sees a coal box but doesn’t know what it’s for.

Satoru brings Kayo to his house as a backup plan. Sachiko tells him he did a good job and to leave the rest to her. Sachiko calls Mr. Yashiro to tell him that Kayo and Satoru have already come home. While they eat the dinner Sachiko made for them, Kayo remembers eating cup noodles while her mother watched television. She hands the lunch box back to Sachiko and thanks her. “Next time, let’s make it together,” Sachiko says. Kayo remembers her mother pushing her head to the sink filled with water. “You gotta ice it down! I’m the one who’ll get criticized if you go to school bruised up,” her mother said. Kayo starts crying, so Sachiko hugs her tight.

Kayo’s mother is watching television when someone rings the doorbell. She plans to hide, but she hears Kayo’s voice calling her. She gets angry and quickly opens the door. “Where the hell have you been?!” she screams at her. She’s about to hit Kayo, but Sachiko puts herself in between. Sachiko criticizes Kayo’s mother. “You’re only worried about yourself,” Sachiko says. Kayo’s mother grabs the snow shovel nearby. Kayo hugs her mother tight to stop her from hitting Sachiko, but she still manages to swing it and hit Sachiko’s face. While they argue, Mr. Yashiro arrives accompanied by people from Child Services. Kayo gets in the car with the authorities. Mr. Yashiro tells Satoru how brave he is for facing the problem and being courageous. “Kayo’s okay now,” Mr. Yashiro says. Satoru thinks that’s what fatherly advice sounds like; he doesn’t have any memory of his father, so it’s the first thing that crosses his mind. Satoru wears the gloves Kayo gave him and watched as the car takes Kayo away.

Even after saving Kayo, Satoru hasn’t experienced another revival to take him back to 2006. He thinks he needs to stop the crimes before they happen and catch the real killer. Mr. Yashiro asks Satoru for help handing out some papers because everyone has already gone home. They get into Mr. Yashiro’s car to deliver the papers to the students’ homes. Satoru thanks his teacher for his kind words before: “We couldn’t let your courageous actions end in tragedy.” “They made me very happy,” Satoru says.

Kenya talks to Satoru and analyzes his actions. Satoru thinks that at 11 years old, Kenya is smarter than the 29-year-old him. Kenya tells him he wants to be a lawyer. His father is also a lawyer defending a murder case that happened in the next town. His father says those cases are common, so Kenya wants to change them. The case is about a 10-year-old girl locked inside the bath. She was killed by carbon monoxide poisoning from a coal stove. When Satoru hears this, he remembers the coal he found inside the bus.

Our Thoughts

Finally, Kayo is safe. How long did she have to suffer before they helped her? We understand why Kayo cried when Sachiko was talking to her — she didn’t experience that motherly love from her own mother. It’s a good thing they didn’t let Kayo go back home alone. If they did, she might have gotten hurt again. Child Services also arrived just in time. The only reason Kayo’s mother opened the door was that she heard Kayo’s voice calling her. If it were Child Services or Mr. Yashiro, Kayo’s mother would just hide again.

Who is Satoru’s father, by the way? He was never mentioned, except when Satoru was talking to Mr. Yashiro, and he thinks it‘s the type of conversation with a father. Did he die? Sachiko also never talked about him. When will Satoru go back to 2006? Won’t it be better to have another shot in life? Like, he can just continue to live the life he’s living. It doesn’t matter if he’s in 5th grade again. There are many things he can do now that he’s young. And besides, he gets to be with his mother again.

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