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Erased Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

BY Kean

Published 12 months ago

Erased Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

August 7th, 2003 — Sachiko goes inside the room to fix the record. When she turns around, she sees Satoru has finally opened his eyes. “Good morning, Satoru,” Sachiko says while crying. Kenya receives the news that Satoru is finally awake. He tells Sawada that the reward for his hard work is coming soon. After two weeks, Satoru is back at the hospital for a checkup. The doctor is impressed that Satoru moves well even after a long sleep. He adds that Satoru’s muscles haven’t atrophied to hopeless levels because of Sachiko. Satoru just stares at the ceiling when he hears the doctor say he’s been asleep for 15 years. The doctor asks him what’s the last thing he remembers. Satoru turns his head and asks his mother for his flute. Sachiko covers her face. That’s when Satoru realizes there are many things he doesn’t remember. The doctor asks Hiromi and Kenya to come in. Before Kenya can ask him anything more, Sachiko offers to buy drinks. Kenya gets the signal immediately, so he and Hiromi say goodbye to Satoru.

Outside the room, Kenya hands Sachiko a book. “I’ve compiled everything that has happened to Satoru. If someday Satoru wants to know, I thought it could be useful,” Kenya says. While Satoru walks outside the hospital building, a woman calls him. “Kayo,” he whispers. Tears just start falling down his cheeks as he looks at the baby Kayo is holding. He finds out that Kayo married Hiromi. Kayo admits they wondered if it’s fair for them to go on and be happy after what happened to Satoru. “My fate is my own. There’s no reason for you to feel responsible. The reason I’m like this now must be the result of something I wanted,” Satoru says.

After that, Satoru asks the nurse for a pen and paper. He starts sketching Kayo while he sits on the hospital bed. When he’s done, he takes a good look at the drawing. “How am I able to draw a picture like this?” he asks himself. While they are talking, Sachiko hands Satoru the book Kenya gave. “I think it will tell you what you want to know,” Sachiko says. The book has photos inside. Kenya wrote that Satoru was discovered in a lake near the city. He was saved by a veterinarian passing the area. Satoru was in cardiac arrest, and his body temperature was under 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The hospital’s doctor hypothesized the low water temperature allowed the brain to enter a state of suspended animation, avoiding brain death. Still, they were not able to find any leads on a suspect.

While Satoru gets physical therapy, he sees a little girl watching him. He finishes until the end to avoid losing face. When he finishes, the girl stands up and claps her hands. Later, Satoru learns that the girl’s name is Kumi. While they talk outside the hospital, a man takes photos of him and Kumi from behind the bushes. Airi takes the man’s camera and punches him. Satoru thinks he has seen her somewhere before, but he is unsure, so he tries to talk to her. While he’s talking to Airi, he looks up at the sky. He remembers the same scenario when they were together. “Airi,” he whispers. Then Satoru loses consciousness.

Our Thoughts

All of Satoru’s hard work is locked inside his memories. If he can’t remember anything, there is no way he could help Kenya find the real killer. Even if he knew it was Mr. Yashiro, he couldn’t remember it was him. But the book helped in letting him know what happened after the incident. We wonder if Satoru liked Kayo before. Or did he just help her? We want to know how he felt seeing Kayo holding her baby and then finding out she’s already married.

Also, we were surprised to see Airi. Back in the first timeline, it was 2006 when we first saw her. But in this current timeline, Satoru doesn’t remember her, and Airi doesn’t even know Satoru. Technically, in this timeline, this is the first time Airi met Satoru. Maybe when Satoru wakes up again, he will finally remember more about what happened. But what matters most is for him to remember that Mr. Yashiro tried to kill him.

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