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Feel Good Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – Episode 2

BY Angela

Published 3 weeks ago

Feel Good Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - Episode 2

While George is enjoying a bubble bath, Mae sits beside the tub and caresses George’s arm. She notices a scar and asks her where she got it. She says she got it back when she won second place in Oxford’s Under-14 Badminton Tournament. George notices a tattoo on Mae’s wrist and asks where she got it. Mae tells her she got it in jail. George asks her if she still feels like an addict, and she says no. George asks her to get in the tub and does that very second, without removing her clothes.

While in the mall, George tells Mae that her cousin Dina has only known his groom for three months, and they are already getting married. Mae is upset she’s going, so George tells her to relax because she’ll just be gone for 36 hours. Mae begs her to bring her as her plus-one, but George tells her that it’s a tiny wedding and no one is allowed a plus-one. Mae asks her what she’ll do if she cries during the wedding and nobody hugs her, but George tells her that she does not cry at weddings because she thinks that weddings are archaic and she despises the rings. Mae disagrees with her and thinks that weddings transcend the experience of putting someone else’s needs above your own. To silence Mae, George asks her to finger her in the changing room.

On the wedding day, as George prepares her things, Mae asks her who will be at the wedding. George tells her they’re just some random people she doesn’t have to meet because they’re shit people. Mae tells her that she loves shit people, but George tells her that she hasn’t even had the chance to tell them that she’s seeing someone.

As George arrives at the venue, Mae calls her and asks her what she’s wearing underneath her clothes because she is wanking off. However, before George could answer, Binky came running to her. She hugs her and asks if she’s talking to her boyfriend. Mae also asks her to tell them she said hi. Instead, George pretends she’s talking to insurance people and tells Mae she doesn’t like PPI Insurance before hanging up.

Mae texts George multiple times, asking for an explanation about why she pretended to be talking to PPI.

Hugh joins Binky and George. Binky looks for Jonathan Crenshaw, but George tells her he’s working. Binky tries to ask for more information about him, but George veers the conversation to another topic and talks about Lisa from school, who has just arrived. Binky sees George’s mom near the door and waves to her. George tells Binky and Hugh to distract her if she mentions the divorce.

George hugs and kisses her mom. She asks her if George has heard from her father, and he tells her she has not. George’s phone beeps several times and rings, so she excuses herself from her mother to get the call. It is Mae ranting about why George told Binky that she was from PPI. George tells her that it’s not healthy to send 28 texts. George tells her not to text her until she gets back, saying that she only has to wait for 30 hours. Mae panics and asks what she’s supposed to do when there is an emergency; George tells her to take it maturely – go to her sponsor or attend a meeting.

Mae wraps her phone several times before finally placing it in a piece of luggage and wraps the luggage with plastic wrap. She grabs her bag and leaves.

Mae and Maggie are in Maggie’s car outside the community center. Maggie tells Mae how ridiculous it is for George to tell her that she should not text her. David begs them to go inside and attend the meeting, but both of them don’t go. Maggie tells Mae that she is a strong person and beats drugs to handle a day without George. Maggie tells her she will drop her home because she has an exhibition to go to, but Mae tells her she needs sponsoring. They get coffee and grapes before going to the exhibition.

They park outside a building and don’t go in until Maggie sees a woman enter the building. They go right in after the woman. They drink, and when the woman walks nearby, Maggie hides behind one of the pieces. Mae asks her what’s happening, but she does not seriously answer. Mae asks if she can borrow Maggie’s phone so she can text George, but Maggie tells her that she shouldn’t text her because George will never respect her if she does.

At the wedding, the photographer snaps a photo of George. She tells George that maybe she’ll find someone. George tells her she has a girlfriend but is not there because she doesn’t have to share anything with her girlfriend. She says that she thinks that love should sit beside your life, like a lamp.

While Mae wanders in the exhibition, the woman whom Maggie was watching before they came in approaches her and tells her that she called the police. “I don’t know who you are, but I’ve called the police, and they’re going to remove you and my mum.”, she announces. Mae gets confused by this and tells her that she is with her friend Maggie, who doesn’t have any kids. The woman tells Mae that Maggie always does that – she tells people she has no kids. The woman tells Mae that she has told Maggie that she does not want to see her and that she had to change her number to avoid her, but then she shows up at her work again with a new charity case in tow.

Mae tells her that Maggie is her sponsor and that she didn’t even know that she existed. She says sorry if she was stalking her and calls herself an accidental stalker. The woman tells her that she’s funny, so Mae tells her that she is a comedian when she’s not busy being an addict. She tells the woman that she’s going to go. She walks away but stops to tell her that she doesn’t know how Maggie was before, but that she is already good. The woman tells her that she’s not.

Mae finds Maggie outside, hiding beside a car. She confronts her for telling her that she has no kids when she has a daughter. Maggie tells her that she has not changed. Mae scoffs and tells her that she is supposed to be her life raft, and then she finds out that her life raft is full of holes. She walks out on Maggie.

At the wedding, Hugh tells everyone to keep quiet and then proposes to Binky. George’s mother tells Binky there’s still time to say no, but George tells her to stop because Binky getting engaged is good news.

Mae arrives at their house and realizes she’s locked out because she left her keys inside. She calls for Phil but does not get a response, so she removes one of her shoes and aims for Phil’s window. She fails because the shoe gets stuck on the roof. She hears her phone ringing and instantly thinks it’s George, so she runs to the bar with only one shoe.

George calls Phil instead when Mae does not answer. Phil answers, and George asks him to check on Mae at the bar to see if she’s okay. Phil tells her he’ll go.

At the bar, Mae rants to Nick about George’s request about not texting. She says she feels so concerned that George might be in a crisis while her phone and wallet are locked in their house. She asks Nick for ten pounds so she can buy materials to pick the lock. Nick tells her that she can stay at his house, like before. Nick tells her he’s not supporting her idea, so he will not give her the money. Mae sees the cashbox on the table and grabs it, but Nick holds it against the table before she can get it. They struggle just as Phil comes. He pulls Mae away from Nick, causing Nick to let go of the cash box. Mae introduces Phil and Nick to each other while holding on to the cash box. Mae asks Phil if he has his keys, and when Nick says yes, she calms down and walks away from the bar.

Nick snorts some coke and tells Phil that Mae was never like that when she lived on his couch. Phil tells Nick that Mae used to have a coke problem, taking Nick by surprise. He says he didn’t know about it because Mae never said a thing. Mae comes back in and asks Phil if they can go home. Phil silently tells Nick that he’s watching him.

Back at their house, Mae tells Phil that she’s not allowed at the wedding because George is not allowed a plus-one and that she’s not allowed to text her. Mae unwraps her phone while Phil browses through some documents. He chances upon the wedding invitation and sees that it is addressed to George and her plus-one. Mae’s phone rings. George’s name appears on the screen, and Mae declines it.

Mae calls her mother and tries to find some comforting words, but all she gets is confirmation that she’s needy and the knowledge that the healthy space she and George are taking does not exist. She tells her mother that she cannot remember what she was thinking of before George, so her mother reminds her that before George, she was thinking of Nicole, Caroline, and drugs.

In yet another meeting, Kevin, a member of their group, shares how he woke up in China and earns 200K a year. Mae listens, but after a while, she audibly scoffs. David, their moderator, asks Mae if she has something to share. Mae says sorry, but she asks Kevin how much sex he is having and Karen how much she compulsively lies. Mae explains that their habits are addicting as well, like cigarettes and phones, so they cannot truly say that they are not addicted.

Mae shares that her girlfriend went away for one night, and she lost her mind. She says she experienced the same feelings: craving, withdrawal, relief, and obsession. She says that they are just swapping one addiction for another and calls out David for being addicted to making eggs that nobody likes. Kevin then calls Mae out for talking baloney, and the whole group agrees with him and protests, saying they came to the meeting expecting to be in a safe space. Maggie cuts through the noise and tells everyone that she has a daughter named Lava who hates her. She says Lava moved out when she was 16 years old and that every day, she gets into her car and follows her in every function, every gala, and every event that she works in because she works in catering. She says her daughter has hated her more for it, but she does it anyway because she cannot help it. After all, she is an addict.

George says goodbye to her mother after having a conversation about happiness. George asks her mother if she and her dad were ever happy, and her mother refuses to answer. Instead, she returns the question to George. George tells her that until recently, she didn’t think she was happy, but she thinks that she is.

Upon arriving home, George imagines herself hugging Mae and telling her how much she missed her and how she wants to get married to her. However, in reality, she just asks Mae how she has been. Phil comes and asks them to watch nature with him. They sit on the couch with Phil in between them. Phil leans forward so that George is able to reach for Mae’s neck and caress her.

Our Thoughts

Ouch. George lying about not being allowed a plus-one when she is allowed to bring one is out of line. It is good that Mae didn’t find out about it, or she would have been crushed. What Mae said in the meeting made sense – they are getting out of their alcohol addiction, but they are just swapping one addiction for another.

Finding out about Lava is a big surprise, but then again, with the kind of relationship Maggie has with her, it might be too painful for her to admit she has a kid when that kid hates her.

In this episode, we also find out that George’s parents were never happy so we get a glimpse of what kind of relationship George witnessed growing up, which might explain why she has a different approach when it comes to her relationship with Mae. We hope they can survive, even when neither of them seems to be good at being honest.


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