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Feel Good Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Episode 3

BY Angela

Published 3 weeks ago

Feel Good Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - Episode 3

Brenda shares that she has nine boyfriends, not even counting her husband. David tells Brenda that what she’s exhibiting is a textbook expression of an addictive personality. Maggie asks him to explain further, and David tells her that people with addictive personalities are impulsive. To make an example out of Mae, she asks Mae about her recent experience with George. Mae tells him that it was stressful, but they’re already cool, and it is currently very good. Maggie tells her it’s wonderful and asks Mae if George has introduced her to her friends. Mae wasn’t able to answer. David butts in and says they can transform a toxic relationship into a healthy one. David starts to share his love story, but before Mae can hear the rest of it, she receives a text from George asking her to come to her work and do her in the cupboard. George is a teacher.

Mae runs to their house, then to the school, and straight into George’s classroom. George was surprised to see her there. She told her that she didn’t think Mae would come. They kiss and George asks her why she went home first. Mae explains that she got the strap-on. George tells her to put it on, but Mae suggests that George puts it on this time. George tells her that it doesn’t suit her, so what she does is just hold it in her hand like a weapon.

Before they can talk more bout who should put the strap-on, Joyce, George’s co-worker, comes, so Mae immediately shoves George into the cupboard while she talks to Joyce. Joyce tells George that the new guy, the PE teacher they’re fancying, is actually single, and so the competition is on. Mae hears this from the cupboard. After Joyce leaves, George opens the cupboard and sees a disappointed Mae. George defends herself, saying that she doesn’t talk about her personal life to Joyce. She suggests that they should not make a big deal of it and tells Mae that she should just let her come. Mae tells her that she can’t come because she is not exactly turned on by being in a closet. The bell rings, and they realize what Mae is about to suffer from – a whole period’s worth of time stuck in the cupboard alone. George tells her sorry and says she’ll make it up to her before closing the cupboard door shut.

George carries on with her class, and Mae does all sorts of things to keep herself from becoming bored. When the period ends, George opens the door and sees Mae holding a bird origami, just one of the many birds she has already created. She looks visibly disappointed, so she starts walking away. George stops her, only to tell her that she shouldn’t go through the door but through the window instead. Mae jumps out.

At the bar, Nick tells Mae and Kevin that the show they just had was the worst show he ever hosted. Mae tells him that she just wasn’t feeling it, but Nick tells him there is only one reason why she bombs her acts – trouble with George. George comes in, and Nick suddenly stops talking and takes Kevin out so that Mae and George are left alone. Mae tells George that her act didn’t go well because she was insecure the whole time. George tells her she’ll make it up to her.

In their bed, George does the work to make Mae come but fails, so she asks Mae what would make her happy. Mae tells her that she wants to introduce her to her parents or even one of her friends. George avoids the conversation again and tells Mae that she’s tired and that they should just go to sleep.

The next day, George walks with Binky, passing by a love boutique. They get invited in, but they say no. Instead, Binky asks George what she’s wearing to Hugh’s birthday that night, but George tells her that she’s not coming because she’s busy. Binky guesses that she’ll just hang out with Jonathan Crenshaw and tells her just to bring him over because it is so weird that they have not met him yet. Binky asks her how everything is going, and George tells her that she cannot make him come. Binky says they should ask Chella Goble, the saleslady from the love boutique. She tells George that they can try strap-ons or costumes for role play. Binky says she’ll go, and George comes into the store.

Mae hangs out by the bar after her set. Lava comes and tells Mae that she was good after another man says the same thing. Mae thanks her and instantly recognizes that he is Maggie’s daughter. Mae asks her what brought her there, and Lava tells her that she looked her up after saying she was a comedian. Lava asks if she meant what she said when she said that Maggie is good. Mae tells her yes, and that Maggie helps her stay clean. Lava says that Maggie wants to meet, so Mae tells her she should meet with her. Lava says she will and asks Mae if what she said on stage was true, that she can’t come. Mae tells her it’s true, and she thinks that she has a problem. Lava tells her that she might not be the problem because if she was her girlfriend, she would make her come in under a minute.

Mae arrives home and gets shocked when she sees that George is in a police costume. She puts Mae in handcuffs and says she’s under arrest while pushing her to the couch. Mae tells her that she doesn’t think the costume will do it. She says she wants to meet her friends because that’s why she can’t come. George tells her that Binky’s having a party that night and that she wasn’t going to come, but then she thinks they should just go.

George drinks lots of alcohol during the walk to Binky’s because she is so nervous. Mae tells her not to worry because her friends will be so happy for her when they see her in love. George tells her that her friends think feelings are disgusting and that all they want to do is have fun and make jokes. Mae asks her why she bothers with them if they’re not good people, but George tells her they’re her oldest friends and Binky is family. Before they enter, George asks Mae not to be mad at her as she reveals that her friends think she has a boyfriend named Jonathan Crenshaw. Mae cannot believe her. George even lies and tells her that she told her friends she was dating someone and that they just assumed his name was Jonathan Crenshaw.

The door opens, and some people greet George. Binky comes running and hugs George. She asks where Jonathan is, and tells her that he got stung by ants. She introduces Mae as her friend. Binky tells her that her lesbian cousin, Cynthia, is there, and she thinks they will like each other. She asks if Mae is seeing someone, and Mae tells her that she is indeed seeing someone, but she’s an asshole, so she doesn’t think it will last. George tells Binky that Mae’s girlfriend is Hoggy Dunlop and that she is Jonathan Crenshaw’s mother. Cynthia comes, and Binky introduces her to Mae as she takes George away.

Mae tries to make friends with other people at the party, but she fails. She grabs a beer and opens the bathroom door. She sees two women doing coke, stares at them for a while, and then closes the door.

George receives texts from Mae asking why she’s blanking her and if they can already go because everything sucks. George tells Binky that she’s going to end things with Jonathan and that there is something she wants to tell her. Hugh distracts Binky, so George is not able to continue talking to her. Mae asks George if she has told Binky yet, and George tells her that she’s doing it her way. She says Mae needs to take some pressure off her and suggests that Mae be confident. She asks her to dance so she can enjoy herself. Mae tells her that she doesn’t want to dance in front of people who would have bullied her in high school because she’s not rich, hot, and straight, unlike George. “If you want me to feel confident, then hold my hand,” Mae says as she tries to hold back tears.

Binky butts in and tells Mae and George that they seem always to have intense whisper conversations. Hugh asks if they are a thing, and Binky also asks if something is going on between them. George profusely refuses to admit anything and says, “No, obviously not.” Mae looks like she’s going to cry and tells George she’s going to go. George tells her to go if she wants. Mae goes.

Mae walks her way to Maggie’s house. Before she has the chance to explain why she is there, Maggie thanks her and hugs her. Mae gets confused, but she goes right in. Inside, she finds Lava. This brings Maggie to tears, seeing Mae and Lava both in her house. Mae asks if she can stay the night. Maggie agrees.

George gets herself drunk at the party. She asks the guys to lift her, so they do. However, after a few lifts, they drop her on the glass table and she goes right through it. She screams when she sees blood all over her hands. Everyone else screams, and Hugh throws up. Binky, Hugh, and Jared bring George to the hospital. While they were wheeling her in, she asked Binky to call Mae. She tells them that Mae is the girl who looks like corn, and she’s on her phone under the name Corn.

At Maggie’s house, Mae, Lava, and Maggie browse through baby photos of Lava. Maggie excuses herself to make some tea. When Mae and Lava are alone, Lava asks Mae how George is and if she has come already. Mae tells her that coming isn’t their issue. Lava tells Mae that she has dated many girls like George and she says that she is wasting Mae’s time because she is straight. Lava tells her she should be with someone who knows what she’s doing. Mae tells her that she does not want to go home. Lava leans in, touches Mae’s thighs, and tells her that she doesn’t have to go if she does not want to.

Mae’s phone rings. It’s Binky who tells her that she needs to go to the hospital. Mae runs to the hospital. High on morphine, she calls Mae ‘Baby’ in front of her friends and asks her for a hug while telling her that she loves her. She says sorry for being an idiot and tells her she loves her before saying she wants her to come. Her friends get grossed out. George asks Mae to open her bag, but when Mae does not move, George asks the doctor to hand it to her. She then opens her bag and brings out a strap-on. She tells the doctor that she will do her girlfriend with a strap-on. Embarrassed, the doctor goes out of the room.

George tells Mae that she is so beautiful and kisses her. Binky silently pushes Hugh and Jarred outside the room so they can stop feasting at the view.

That night, Mae lies beside a sleeping George in the hospital bed. She sees a box of Oxy at the table. She takes one blister pack and keeps it in her pocket before returning the box to the table.

Our Thoughts

Uh-oh. That lister of oxy doesn’t sound like good news. On the other hand, George accidentally coming out to her friends might be the best thing in this episode, despite her being high on morphine when that happened. If not for the accident, she might still be in the closet. So at least that’s not a problem anymore.

Lava seems to fancy Mae, and honestly, with what’s happening between Mae and George, there is a remote possibility that Mae will be better off with Lava because she’s right – Mae deserves to be with someone who knows what she’s doing, someone who is going to introduce her to her friends and family proudly. I still appreciate George for making an effort at the love boutique so that Mae will be satisfied, but she missed the point.

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