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Geoff Johns Confirms Beast Boy For Live-Action Titans TV Series

BY David Riley

Published 7 years ago

Geoff Johns Confirms Beast Boy For Live-Action Titans TV Series

DC Comics big boss and chief creative officer Geoff Johns has just announced that “Beast Boy” will be one of the characters featured in the upcoming live-action “Titans” TV Series. The show will be a part of DC’s new digital service platform, along with “Young Justice.” The platform is scheduled to launch next year. Both TV series are dubbed as the flagship programs to rake in viewers and fans of the rebooted “Young Justice” and “Teen Titans” series.

DC Big Fish Confirms Beast Boy Via Twitter

Earlier today, Johns posted a Twitter update confirming “Beast Boy’s” role in the upcoming series. Greg Berlanti (who also executive produced “The Flash,” “Supergirl,” “Arrow,” and “Legends of Tomorrow” for The CW) will serve as the executive producer of “Titans” along with Johns. The series has been greenlit a couple of years ago, with “Nightwing,” “Starfire,” “Conner Kent,” and “Beast Boy” set to appear. However, it failed to see the light of the small screen.┬áIt’s unknown if the original hero roster for “Titans” will be used in the new pitch (especially with the “Nightwing” film announced,) along with “Beast Boy’s” inclusion.

Beast Boy’s “Changing” Background

The character’s involvement in “Titans” is not a surprise to fans. Also known as Garfield Logan, “Beast Boy” has been in the past iterations of the “Teen Titans” since the early 80’s. He has been one of the mainstays of the “Titans” series ever since, even becoming a mentor for the new recruits.

Recently, “Beast Boy’s” popularity picked up when he was assigned as a recurring character for “Young Justice” season 2 (also expected to play a huge role in the third season.) He was also in the newest DC Animated Film, “The Judas Contract.”

Despite his fierce appearance, “Beast Boy” is more of a comedic character and also one of the most caring and rational characters on the “Teen Titans” squad. But despite his positive attitude, he comes from a dark background: his parents were members of the Doom Patrol and didn’t want him around, and his shape-shifting condition always isolated him from normal social circles. With the “Titans” TV show leaning towards a young audience, Logan’s story will most definitely make younger fans relate to him in a personal way.

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