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Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 12 Recap – BFF, Part 1

BY Arabelle

Published 2 months ago

Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 12 Recap – BFF, Part 1

The episode started with some high school students having fun while singing with guitars. Others were bidding farewell to their classmates. Everyone felt sad since graduation was the topic. One section started to put important things inside a big vault and buried them at the schoolyard. When they meet up again in the future, there will be something to reminisce about.

The scene shifted to Grade 12-1 Saknusorn 114th alumni having a reunion party. Thap and Fong arrived, and Thap greeted his two friends.

Meng noticed that Thap and Fong were still not wearing their reunion shirt, so he volunteered to get them. However, he stopped them and told them that he would be the one who would get the shirts. Two girls approached Fong, and they happily hugged each other. Nanno went to Thap and Meng to offer them some drinks. Meng got one while Thap didn’t. He looked at Nanno because she looked familiar. Nanno just smiled at her. Meng noticed that Thap was looking at Nanno. Thap told him that Nanno seemed familiar.

Everyone drank and cheered as some flashback photos of Thap and Fong were shown on the big screen. They were talking about the long-term relationship between those two.

Nanno was roaming around the event party, and she was asking them for drinks. Thap and Fong were hanging out with their long-time friends Proud, Bell, Wit, Meng, Chai, Kai, and Shorty. Shorty told everyone that he was arguing with Wit earlier about the number of students in their section before. Wit remembered that they were only 30, but Shorty was confident they were 31. Nanno bumped into Shorty. He asked for her name, but Nanno told him to think about it.

Fong looked at them and then at Nanno. They were watching some clips on the projector screen. They dug up the vault they buried years ago to look inside. Shorty showed them the key to the vault, and he opened it. Wit was the first to get the object inside, and everyone followed him. He saw a love letter inside and told everyone that he didn’t know the letter’s owner. It was Thap and Fong’s love letter for each other.

Everyone urged them to read the letter. Nanno entered the picture and gave them some drinks. Thap started to read his letter to Fong.

The scene shifted, showing Thap and Fong inside the car on the way to the party. They were arguing. Thap was asking Fong what was wrong with her. They weren’t on good terms for quite a while now and were just pretending in front of their friends.

Fong found her medicine in her bag and drank it. Thap gave her some water. Wit asked Fong to read her letter for Thap. Fong opened the letter but let Thap read it to everyone.

After that, Wit pulled out another object from the vault and an old cellphone. He asked everyone who owned the phone, but no one answered him. They tried to remember the name of the 31st person in their class. Chai remembered the name Nan. Everyone became quiet after that. Fong told everyone that it was Nanno, the psycho.

A flashback of their high school life started. Nanno entered the classroom, and everyone was looking at her. She had just transferred to the school, and Nanno introduced herself. Fong began to tell everyone the story that Nanno was a transferee and didn’t have any friends. She was always on the phone talking with her boyfriend. They were curious about his boyfriend, so they tried to find out who it was. Fong invited her to eat some ice cream.

Nanno refused and told them she already had an appointment with her boyfriend, Tan. The day of Valentine’s came, and they were receiving hearts and flowers from everyone. Fong got a bunch of flowers from Thap. Nanno told Thap that he was biased because he only has flowers for his girlfriend. A delivery boy came and gave Nanno a bouquet of roses. It was from her boyfriend. The letter told her that they would see each other. Everyone was giggling, and they wanted to see Tan. Fong also told Nanno that she wanted to see Thap. Nanno’s flowers were so beautiful, and Fong praised them. Nanno gave the bouquet to Fong. Fong didn’t accept it, so Nanno threw away the flowers. Proud told them that Nanno promised them that they would meet Tan.

Still, it never happened until Fong discovered that Nanno had just imagined her boyfriend. Nanno told them that she would go to the bathroom. Everyone found it suspicious that Nanno never showed Tan to them. Fong saw that Nanno had left her phone, and she took a peek. Fong saw nothing. No received calls nor outgoing calls. Nanno returned from the bathroom and invited everyone to eat some ice cream.

Everyone refused and told her that they had something to do. Fong told them that Nanno was always on her phone because no one wanted to talk to her. One time, Nanno had gotten mad at her phone and threw it on the ground. She also screamed and saw Fong, Bell, and Proud watching her. In the class, some of her classmates were throwing papers at her. She got one of those papers thrown at her and ate it. Everyone looked at her creepily. Nanno continued to talk to her phone. There was also a time when her classmates wrote something on her table. Nanno went to school with blood on her face because someone had hit her. Fong told everyone that Nanno had disappeared after that day. Fong opened the phone, and it was still working.

Everyone received a mysterious call after that. And then a video of Nanno comes out on the big projector screen. She asked everyone if they still remember her. She keeps telling them her name in case they forget who she is. Nanno gets everyone’s attention while cleaning the broken glass on the floor. Thap went near her. Nanno told them that she is glad Thap still remembers her, and they sarcastically miss everyone. Wit asked her again to make sure if she was Nanno. Nanno went in front of everyone and told everyone they were still the same. Nanno started her purpose. She told everyone about Meng being a star aside from being a photographer. She played a video on the screen.

Everyone looked at Meng. She told everyone that she had prepared a surprise for everyone. She flashed a photo on the projector screen. Nanno is exposing everyone’s secrets at the party. Bell told them to get Nanno’s cellphone because she is just a psycho person trying to ruin them. They started to attack Nanno, and Shorty brought the phone to her and threw it to the ground. Nanno got back her phone and flashed a video on the screen. Nanno sat down on the stage and continued to expose everyone’s secret. Everyone kept on asking Nanno, and she stopped them. She said it was weird because when she was still in their school, no one wanted to talk to her, but everyone was asking her questions at that moment. Fong started to say some words to Nanno.

Nanno told everyone that Fong has depression and asked her if she took her medicines. Bell looks at Fong’s hands, and it is full of slits. Thap protected Fong, and Nanno clapped her hand and called him Tan. Everyone was shocked because of that. Thap was Tan, and he was Nanno’s boyfriend. A flashback of everything that happened before played on the screen, and Thap looked at Nanno on the day of Valentine’s when she received the flowers. The episode ended with Thap staring at Nanno while Nanno was looking back at him, smiling sweetly. 

Our Thoughts

A person can carry a grudge for a long time even if others have forgotten about it. Still, a person who was hurt can never and will never be easy to forget. It was Nanno’s history. She was a transferee, and she started to talk on her phone. Everyone thinks that she is crazy. But actually, Nanno’s business is not anyone’s business. If she wants to talk to her, even if she doesn’t have anyone to talk to, it shouldn’t be anyone’s business anymore.

They should have just focused on themself. A school reunion was supposed to be happy and full of throwback memories. Still, in Nanno’s case, she doesn’t remember anything happy and special about her high school days. She even still remembers that no one wants to talk to her. What happened back then maybe why Nanno wanders around different schools. A person’s history can be the reason for their present self. We should always try to understand a person. I know it is hard, but kindness costs nothing.

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