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Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Hi-So

BY Arabelle

Published 1 week ago

Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Hi-So

Nanno starts the episode by showing us the dollar that she is burning. They began with a question, “What can money buy?” The teacher is touring Nanno around their school. Nanno stops and looks at the stimulation room. They continued their school tour. Nanno entered a room and told the teacher she wanted to buy that room. She made it to her office.

Dino entered their classroom with shopping bags in both of his hands. He put them on his table and told his friends that they are souvenirs for them from England. Nanno finds some information about Dino. One by one, she asked Dino’s friends their perspectives about Dino. After that, Dino told his friends that he saw Nanno’s room on the way to their classroom and asked them if they know something about that.

When he told him that Nanno was their new transferee student, she bought one of their classrooms on her first day of school. She also said to him that Nanno is very rich. Dino asked why did Nanno buy the room, and Nanno answered his question. She told him that she wants to open a company and introduced herself to everyone. She even gave them her business card just in case they want to try her business. Tor asked her what her company offers, but their teacher suddenly entered their classroom. She distributed their class cards containing their grades last semester. Everyone among Dino’s friends got low grades.

One of Dino’s friends complained about his grades, and the motorcycle he wants might not be happening anymore because of his grades. Nanno told him she can help him get the motorcycle he wants. He needs to see her in her office after the class. Dino and his friends went to Nanno’s company. She showed them the fee he must pay to get the motorcycle he wants. They urge him to try it since the fee is not that expensive. After paying, Nanno asked for his report card, which she will process immediately.

Nanno shred the report card into pieces and started to make another one with different grades for him. She printed it and signed the report card. They checked it, and it is the same as the original one. They also asked Nanno what can else she do? She told them that she can do everything. The following day, a bunch of students is lining up outside Nanno’s room, and they see Dino’s friend driving his new motorcycle.

After that, many students pay Nanno to do everything they want. Once after their class, Nanno asks Dino if he doesn’t have anything she wants her to do for him. Dino shakes his head told her that he has nothing he wants Nanno to help him. Whan wanted to go camping but needs Nanno’s help to get her parent’s permission. They are talking about the trip and the places they want to go when they ask where Dino intends. Dino told them that he is bored of going abroad.

Nanno interrupted everyone and told them if she can suggest a place. She wants to go to Dino’s house. Dino smiled at him. Dino tries to stop them, but everyone wants to go to his house. He uses every excuse he can, but they all decide to go to Dino’s house until he has no choice but to agree. After class, Dino rode the car that will bring him to his house.

He instructed the driver about the address of his house. He paid for the car he rented when they arrived at the area of his home. He went inside not so small and not so big house, a very different house to the one his friends is defining back then. He greeted his parents not the same as he told his friends that his parents are working abroad. He tried to help his parents pack the goods for their business, but her mother stopped him and told him to change his clothes and do his homework.

Everything that Dino told his friends is all lies. Nanno texted him to ask her when his house will be available so she can write it on the Dharma Camp recommendation letter she is doing for everyone. Dino wanted to tell her they couldn’t come to his house or go elsewhere. Still, Whan chatted to their group chat, saying she already found a dress that she will use for the party at Dino’s house. Everyone also chatted on the group chat.

After reading the messages, Dino called Nanno. He asked for Nanno’s help and told her to keep it a secret. Dino told her to help her change their mind but also to help him find another place, just like he described to his friends. Nanno said to her that it will cost 200,000 baht, and he needs to pay her in cash tomorrow morning. Dino hesitate but still agreed. His parents are both busy down there. He asked for fruits, but she gets something from his parent’s bag.

Dino heard his parents’ conversation. A part of Dino’s mind imagines what his friends will tell him once they know that he lied to them and that he is not a wealthy person like them. Later that night, Dino gets out to withdraw the money that his parents are talking about. The following day, Dino is getting ready to go to his school when he hears his father talking to someone on the phone, arguing with that person. Dino stops because of what she heard. They are having a problem because they can’t find the money.

Dino and Nanno are both in front of the house they will use to spend time with their friends. Nanno asked him if he likes the house. Dino told her that it was a bit small, but he is already okay. She asked Nanno to tour him around the house.


The day of their hang-out arrived, and Dino and his friends with Nanno are entering the house Dino rented. All of his friends are amazed at his home. Dino asked them what are they all excited about as if they didn’t have the same thing in their house? When told that all of the things they are seeing at that time are inside their father’s room, they are not allowed to touch them. Pop lit his lighter, but Nanno stopped him and told him it would be a good idea to drink whiskey while smoking.

Dino told them he would get the whiskey for them, but Nanno stopped him and showed him a bell. She told him that he needs to ring the bell, and their servants will come. Dino is surprised to see his parents being a servant in that house. Dino’s friends asked for a whiskey. Dino becomes quiet. His friends told him that they want to see his parent’s photos, and Dino said to them that he will go and get it. Pop stops him and tells the servants to get the photos of Dino’s parents. The showed everyone the photos of Dino’s parents, and they told him Dino doesn’t look like his parents.

The girl servant told them that Dino looks like his grandfather. Dino invited everyone to eat at their dining table. The cheers and Tap complained that the one he drank is not whiskey. The boy servant told them that they are still young to drink some alcohol. Everyone laughed at him. They mock the servants and ask for the real whiskey. Nanno suggested to tries some weeds. Dino stops them, but everyone complains.

Everyone wants to drink some red wine. The girl servant drops the wine on Whan, and everyone walks out of the dining room. Dino followed them. They went inside another room. Whan complains about her dress, and Dino tells her that he will buy her another dress. They are talking about what they will do next when Nanno shows them the gun she found in the cabinet and the bullet. She puts it on the table. Pop told them to play bet. They will try and hit themselves, and the one who will get hit by the bullet will win the bet and the prize of 1,200,000 million baht.

Pop tried it first. Ta is next. Tor followed him. Whan tries it. It is Nanno’s turn. She pointed it in her head, but it still didn’t hit anyone. It is now Dino’s turn. The boy servant stops them. He keeps on lecturing them when Pop hits him with the golf. He also hits the girl servant. They are both unconscious. Nanno laughed at everyone. Dino went home that day and saw his parents having a bandage on their heads. His father asked him about the Dharma Camp. The episode ended with Dino eating with his parents, and they accept the money that Dino’s friends gave them so that they will not complain about what they did to them.

Our Thoughts

Money can do everything in this world. It is a powerful thing that can do even the ugliest thing in this world. No secret can be hidden forever. It would help if you were honest with everyone around you. A real friend can accept you and your status in life no matter what. You don’t have to hide a secret or lie to them about your life because if they consider you their friend, it doesn’t matter if you’re poor or rich. Lying is bad, but lying after lying can lead you to a dead end. Dino’s problem is that he can’t accept the truth and lies to his friends. He was pressured because all of his friends are wealthy that’s why he needed to lie and disguise himself as someone rich as well. Money can make you do everything.


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