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Girl From Nowhere Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – Pregnant

BY Arabelle

Published 1 month ago

Girl From Nowhere Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – Pregnant

A new season of a Girl from Nowhere and a new adventure for Nanno starts. The episode opens with an ultrasound of a baby. In this world, where everyone is asking for equality, the consequence of the deed that couples do together is often not equal.

A pregnant female student walked into the school, and everyone looked at her like they hadn’t seen a pregnant girl before. Nanno stood behind that girl.

Nanai and his friend saw Nanno, and they both looked at her. She caught their attention right away. Nanno introduced herself in front of her new classmates. The teacher looked for a vacant seat where Nanno could sit when Nanai kicked his friend and told her that the seat beside him was available. Everyone laughed in class because of that. Their teacher pointed another seat for Nanno. Nanai told his friend that Nanno laughed at him, which means he went the right way.

Lookmhee then introduced herself to Nanno. She saw Nanno looking at Nanai and told her that Nanai was in the running to become the next class president. She also warned Nanno not to fall in love with Nanai because he had already gotten many girls pregnant in their school. Nanno asked her if the school was okay with it. Lookmhee told her that Nanai was the school’s favorite, and the girls he had impregnated had gone through abortions because no one wanted to go to school pregnant.

After all, it isn’t very comfortable. Nanno told Lookmhee that if she didn’t get pregnant, then it would be okay. She then started to flirt with Nanai. Nanai’s friend sits with Pin and Lookmhee, and they begin to bet on how many days Nanno will be with Nanai because they all knew that Nanai was the kind of guy who could get bored quickly. Jheng bet 500 baht. The one who could gets the closest days would win. Pin joined Jheng, and they waited for Lookmhee to join them. Jheng also asked the whole school to join their bet, and everyone joined them.

On day 1, Nanai and Jheng trained for taekwondo. Everyone was screaming because of that, and Nanai went to Nanno after to drink some water. On day 2, Nanai had a photoshoot, and Nanno went to kiss him on the cheeks. On day 3, Jheng continues to ask everyone to join the bet. The pregnant student girl is in the cubicle and pukes something. When she got out of the cubicle, she saw Nanno outside. She talked to her and told her that everyone in the school was betting on her and Nanai. They are guessing how many days Nanno and Nanai will be together. Nanno asked the girl how many days it took until Nanai took a score on her.

The girl apologized to Nanno for sticking her nose into her business and told her that she didn’t want her to be a victim. Nanno told her she would be one if she thought she was a victim. The girl left the comfort room. Nanno and Nanai are inside the locker room. Nanai tries to kiss Nanno, but she covers his mouth and asks him how many days they have already known each other. Nanai told Nanno that love is not about time. He promised Nanno that he was willing to do anything for her. Nanno started counting from ten to one, and they began to kiss each other hungrily. The next day, Jheng saw the love mark on Nanai’s neck. Nanai told him it was three days, three hours, and thirty-three minutes.

Jheng went to their classmates to split the money and win the bet. Nanno entered the room and asked everyone what they were doing. They are all startled because of that. Look here told Nanno that she didn’t want to join, and she apologized. Nanno asked Jheng about his guess. Nanno told them not to be shy, and she would help them look at the bet. Nanno asked Jheng if there was someone who got close to the answer.

Jheng reads a guess that is the same as what Nanai told him. Nanno asked who got the right answer, and Jheng told them it was from her. She claps her hands and gets all the money. She also said to them that it was not just Nanai who got scored but also her. Nanno went to Nanai and smiled at him. After that, Nanai went to his training, but Jheng easily defeated him. Nanai started to feel weird about his body. He also began to vomit in the comfort room.

Nanno enters the bathroom and hugs Nanai. Nanai forcefully kisses Nanno and tries to have sex with her. Nanno mocks Nanai for not getting hard. Nanai left Nanno in the comfort room. Nanno chased him and acted like he didn’t want to break up with Nanai. Nanno asked him what she had done wrong, and she will fix it. Nanai told Nanno that she did nothing wrong he didn’t like how Nanno looked at him. It was like she was playing with him like he was an object. Nanai breaks up with Nanno and makes a scene like she doesn’t want to break up with him.

Nanai walks away, and Nanno starts to laugh out loud and creepily. Everyone looks at her because of that. Nanai stops because of Nanno’s laugh. Nanno told Nanai about what he said that when she looks at him, it feels like he is an object. It is just the same as how Nanai looks at her. There’s no difference. Nanno told Nanai that maybe after that, he would feel something different. The pregnant student girl sat next to Nanno in the school cafeteria the next day. She told Nanno that she thought she would end up just like them. Petch told Nanno that she didn’t want to take it at first, but the baby didn’t want to come out when she took the pills. Nanno asked her if she was happy or sad about it. Petch said it was the first time she had failed in her life, yet she felt grateful.

In the bathroom, Jheng and Nanai are taking a bath. Jheng opened the curtain of Nanai’s cubicle and asked for shampoo. He looked at Nanai’s penis, said it got smaller, and laughed at him. Nanai is in the locker room with Lookmhee, making out with her, when the girl runs because he sees Nanai’s tummy getting bigger. Nanai wore a hoodie, hiding his stomach when he went to the dining table with his parents. His father asked him if he was sick because they found it strange to see Nanai wearing a jacket inside their house. His mother told him that she cooked her favorite. Nanai takes a bite of the food, but he throws up. He left the dining table.

The following day, Lookmhee is telling everyone about what happened to her and Nanai yesterday when she stops because Nanai entered their classroom. Jheng talks to Nanai about their training, and he starts to eat barbecue beside him when Nanai smells it and throws it up at the window. Nanai checks himself in the mirror. He decided to have a check-up to know what was wrong with him.

The doctor asked if he was transgender because he was pregnant. His case is rare. Nanai told the doctor how that could be possible when he was a guy. Nanai becomes the talk of the town. Nanai walks out of the room, and Jheng chases him. Nanai is upset. Jheng told him to tell him what was happening, so he didn’t need to learn it from other people. Nanai told Jheng he was pregnant, and Nanno called him to smile on the camera. The video spread to the whole school. Nanai’s tragedy started. His tummy is getting bigger each day. The ghost of the girl Nanai getting pregnant is coming back to him. Nanai’s consciousness went back.

The next day, he got his things and went out of the room. Jheng keeps calling him, but he ignores him. Nanai told him that Nanai didn’t even greet her anymore. Nanai went home, and he cried. His father kicks him out of their house and tells him that until his problem is over, don’t come back to them. He can take his money and takes care of his problem. Nanai rented a house and stayed there until he labored the baby. Nanai tried to drink some pills, but she threw them up.

Nanai tried to stab himself, but she got interrupted when someone knocked on his door. He went outside and saw the back of a woman wearing a red ribbon. He saw a letter on his feet, making him wonder about how he got pregnant. Nanai disguised himself and waited for Nanno on that day. He asked her what he did to his body but got no answer.

Nanai walked down the road and saw Petch. He apologized to her for everything that he had done. Petch told him it’d been a while, and she didn’t think about it anymore. She also said to him that she was okay with what she chose at that moment. Petch labored on that day, and she gave birth to a healthy baby.

Nanai was also giving birth. He was inside the delivery room when Nanno talked to him. He gave birth to a baby girl. He told the doctor that he paid for an abortion, but the doctor said that if he wanted the baby dead, he needed to kill it himself. Nanai went home, and the baby kept crying, but he couldn’t do it. He started playing with the baby and breastfeeding her while saying sorry. Someone knocked on his door, and it was Nanno. He apologized to Nanno. The episode ended with Nanno and she saw her picture being drawn everywhere. She went to the rooftop and her photos there and a pink ribbon. The rooftop has a note saying, “See you soon.”

Our Thoughts

A girl’s pregnancy is not a joke. A girl’s feelings shouldn’t be played. Boys need to learn how to respect girls. We are already in a new generation, and people need to learn to respect each other. Pregnancy is not a joke. It is a big responsibility and needs to be fulfilled. Girls need to take a lot of hardship bearing a child inside their womb. That alone is a big sacrifice. Nanai takes everything and every girl as a joke. He gets them pregnant and leaves them after. When Nanno came and made him experience what the pregnant girls are experiencing was the only time he regretted everything that he did. But it was all too late. Not everyone is given a second chance.

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