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Girl From Nowhere Season 2 Episode 4 Recap – Yuri

BY Arabelle

Published 1 year ago

Girl From Nowhere Season 2 Episode 4 Recap –  Yuri

Friendship, everyone says it’s priceless. The opening of episode four is a group of girls lying in the darkroom. Yuri is shown, and she is drowned in a bathtub. The story starts with what happened three months ago. Yuri rode off the motorcycle and thanked the driver. She is wearing a red ribbon on her head. Someone bumped her, and her things fell to the floor. Someone offered her some help, and she accepted it. They gave Yuri a new bag because the one she had been using was already worn out. Yuri refused, but they insisted on giving it to her. She accepted the bag because Nana told her it was for their friendship.

The students around them are whispering to each other and asking why are Nana and Tubtim hanging out with Yuri. Nana heard them, and she confronted them. She told them to apologize to Yuri, but they just walked out. Nana told Yuri that if ever she heard something like that again, she needed to say it to them, and they will deal with it. They went to class after that. Nanno was behind them, and she listened to their conversation. Nana went to their desk but saw Nanno sitting there. She told her that that was their seat.

Nanno started to count and said that she could sit with them as they were just three and the seat available was four. Tubtim told her they usually occupied four seats already with just the three. Yuri told Nanno that Nana and Tubtim use one chair to place their bags on. Nanno told them that all seats were occupied, and there was no space for a newcomer like her. She insists on sitting at the same table as them because she told them that she saw that their friendship is not measured by wealth so that they can make a space for a newcomer’s arrival like her. They didn’t have a choice but to sit with Nanno.

Nana told Nanno that their group doesn’t usually accept new members, but she will give her a chance. Tubtim told Nanno that she must prove that she is a true friend. Nanno smiled at them and told them that she knows what a true friend means and promised to prove it to them. They had their exam then, and Nanno told Nana that she had the answers, but Nana didn’t accept it. After the exam, she told Nanno not to do that again because their group doesn’t do that kind of stuff.

Nanno explains that she thought being true friends meant helping each other out in everything, which is why she did that. Nana and Tubtim complain loudly about being hungry, but their hands are tired and sore because of the exams. Yuri asked them what food they wanted to eat, and she volunteered to buy it for them. Yuri returned and served the food to Nana and Tubtim but no later after that; Nana complained that she wanted the same sauce as Tubtim and told Yuri about that.

Yuri told her that she would go and get it for her. Tubtim also complains about her food. Nanno is just watching Nana, and Tubtim keeps ordering Yuri around, and it is okay with Yuri. A girl is studying alone is a table when the group Nana goes near her. Nana crossed her hands around her chest and looked at the girl badly, and the girl immediately left the table. Tubtim told Nanno that the girl named Meen flirted with Nana’s boyfriend.

Nana also told her that Yuri was so angry about that and made a fake Instagram account to attack Meen. Nanno praised Yuri because Meen looked so scared because of what Yuri did. Nana thanked Yuri for what she did. They all sat at the table and reviewed their exam answers earlier. They repeated their answer, and Nana got her to answer differently from everyone’s last answer. She told them that she wanted to change her last answer. Nanno volunteered to do that. The three of them watch Nanno change Nana’s answer. After that, she asked them if she was already accepted into their group. Nana and Tubtim rode their car, and Nanno waved her goodbye. Yuri went home after that.

Yuri is walking on her way to her house while looking at her new phone when Nanno suddenly appears in front of her. Nanno asked her if Yuri’s definition of a true friend is being a servant. Yuri denies what Nanno is talking about, so Nanno enumerates everything that Yuri is doing for Nana and Tubtim to keep being close with them in exchange for money. It is no different from being a servant. Nanno reads the message she received about the money being transferred to her for changing the answer. She also told Yuri that she knows that she is lingering so her price would go higher, and Yuri is upset because she took the job before she could.

Nanno smiled knowingly at Yuri. She answered Nanno and told her that high-paying jobs are not easy to find, especially at that time of the year. Nanno told her that she was excited and asked if money was that important to her. Yuri looked at her new phone and answered yes before she walked away from Nanno. Nanno followed Yuri and introduced herself to Yuri’s mother. Yuri gives the new phone to her mother and teaches her how to use it. Nanno is just watching Yuri and her mother.

After that, Yuri walks Nanno out of their tenants. She told them her story and why she wanted money so Nanno would understand where she was coming from. She also told Nanno that Nana and Tubtim are just like those rich people who will need her back up. She keeps on thinking that if one day she becomes rich, she can also do the things that Nana and Tubtim do to her. She imitated Nana and Tubtim’s behavior as if she is the two of them. Nanno told Yuri that she could do it. She told her that she could do it if she has what the rich people are afraid of.

Yuri asked, and Nanno told her that it was their secret. Nanno and Yuri planned on how they will get Nana and Tubtim’s secret. Nanno told Yuri to keep Nana and Tubtim distracted, and she will do the rest. Nanno spilled a drink on Nana, and after that, she went into Nana’s room inside the house. She entered the room and opened the laptop. She saw a lot of folders on the laptop, and she opened one of the videos. She sees Yuri’s name and is ready to open it when someone covers her nose with a sleeping agent on the towel, making her unconscious.

Nanno opened her eyes and saw herself being tied in a dark room. She saw Yuri, Nana, and Tubtim in front of her. She tried to free herself from the tie, but it was too tight. Yuri apologized to Nanno, and Nana stopped her from apologizing, telling her that she cannot apologize to everyone being tied in the dark room. She looked at Nanno and told her it was their plan from the beginning. Nanno cried in from of them. Nana told Nanno that Yuri will not betray them because she is like a dog loyal to them. Nanno smiled at them and said that Yuri is not a loyal dog but a stupid person. She laughed creepily, which startled Nana and Tubtim. Nanno asked about the men who will rape her and told them that she is not afraid of having sex with men. She also told them that she uploaded all the evidence to the cloud, including the purchases with their names.

After a while, Nanno started moaning, and it annoyed Nana and Tubtim. They told Nanno to stop moaning, but Nanno didn’t listen to them. Yuri kept on watching them until Nana told Yuri to keep Nanno shut her mouth and she will give her 40,000 baht. Nanno keeps moaning until Nana and Tubtim cannot take it anymore, and they hit Nanno until she shuts her mouth and dies. Everything was being recorded on the camera. Nanno’s blood is splattered around the dark room. Nana looked at her hand and told Yuri to take care of Nanno’s body. She needs to take Nanno’s body into the bathtub and make it look like a suicide.

Yuri didn’t move, and Nana asked her what was taking her so long until Yuri spoke and told them to take care of Nanno’s body because she have the evidence of them killing her. Yuri threatened them, and she started telling them what she felt. Yuri later called the boys to come out and took care of the girls in front of them. She told them to do whatever they want to the two girls, and she will record it. Nana told her that she couldn’t do it, but the flashback of Yuri being raped showed because of them. Yuri went to Nanno’s body, thanked her, and talked to her. The guys Yuri hired to rape Nana and Tubtim drowned her in the bathtub, killing her. Nanno moved after the guys left the dark room and walks away there. The episode ended with Yuri resurrecting from being dead when she opened her eyes.

Our Thoughts

True friends are hard to find nowadays without a hidden agenda or hidden needs of the person they are befriending. Money is everything, but Nana and Tubtim used it incorrectly. They pay for what they call a friend. A true friendship is rare, and if you find one, you need to cherish it and take care of it for the rest of your life. A friendship is a gift from above that you won’t easily find nowadays. Friendship has its price. Sometimes it is high – so high that it will cost you your life.

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