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Girl From Nowhere Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – SOTUS

BY Arabelle

Published 1 month ago

Girl From Nowhere Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – SOTUS

SOTUS is the title of episode five. It started with a first-year orientation in a lodge. Have you ever done something just because it is what has been passed on? It is like continuing the tradition. But sometimes, we don’t know what we are passing on. It is a tradition that is often followed by the word decent. But is it decent? A freshmen initiation is happening in a small court of their school.

A guy named Kaye went in front of every freshman who attended the initiation. He told them that he is the school president of their club for that year and he wanted to welcome the first-year students of their college. He told them that their school activity is an ancient tradition that is so decent in their school, and it has been passed on from generation to generation. It is their job to pass that tradition to their freshmen students. Kaye asked everyone if they were ready and told them to face each other.

The senior gave each group a plate that is being covered, and when they opened it, they saw a disgusting thing with worms inside. They told the freshmen to eat those things on the plate. Kaye is laughing, and the senior force them to eat it. Someone vomited because of that. Kaye is roaming around the area, and they asked them the motto of their college. He told them to respect their seniors, and if the seniors ordered them around, they needed to follow it. The seniors enjoy it, but the freshmen are unhappy about what they do.

After the dance, they asked all freshmen to copy it, but a girl told them that she couldn’t dance, so they changed the activity to a human centipede. Kaye is explaining how the human centipede works when Nanno laughs so loud that she gets Kaye’s attention. She stands up and asks Kaye why his definition of “unity” seems so horny. It is all like sexual harassment. Kaye asked all of them if there was someone who agreed with Nanno. Yuri raised her hand and told Kaye that she agreed with Nanno’s idea. Nanno looked at Yuri and smiled at her. They are both in their world, and they started to dance on their own. Yuri drank some of Nanno’s blood which made her live again.

Yuri thanked Nanno because of that. They keep on looking at each other. Kaye told everyone that their club is free of sexual harassment, and there is only seniority and juniority. Those who do not follow the order of the seniors will be punished. Kaye ordered Nanno to take off her shirt. Nanno looks at her and takes off her clothes mockingly. Kaye also told Yuri to take off her clothes. After that, he told everyone to stand up and takes off their shirts.

Now, everyone is naked in front of them, and he takes a photo of them. After that, everyone was getting ready to go home when the director of their college showed Kaye the video he had received. Kaye is making everyone walk with their knees. Kaye just laughed and told the director the kids were being stubborn, so he punished them a little bit. The director thinks it is too much and tells him not to let the video get leaked.

Yuri is walking alone while Nanno is waiting for her. They greeted each other. Yuri asked Nanno if she was not happy that she leaked the video. Nanno asked her what she wanted, and Yuri told her she wanted to be a trainee. Nanno told Yuri to do whatever she wanted and left her. Another freshman initiation happened. Kaye told everyone that someone from the freshman leaked the video of their punishment yesterday. He doesn’t intend to find the mole who leaked the video that day. The goal is to have them show their unity. They take away their phones first.

Everyone received a video sent by someone, and it was Kaye’s video being hazed by the seniors when he was still in his first year. In the video, he said he would tell his dad about everything the seniors did to him. They continue to hurt Kaye in the video. Everyone laughs because of that. Nanno smiled sweetly. Kaye looks at her and comes near her. He asked if Nanno was the one who leaked the video. Nanno told him she wanted to share an interesting thing for everyone to see.

In the past, Kaye was the one who told the seniors that they didn’t have the right to yell at him, but in the present, Kaye becomes the yeller. Nanno asked him what made him do that. Is it for an act of revenge? Kaye laughed sarcastically and went in front of everyone. He told them that unity means mutual responsibility. If one of them has done wrong, everyone will get a punishment. Kaye told everyone to lay on the floor except for Nanno. Nanno just smiled at Kaye. The punishment continues, and Nanno is just watching everyone. Nanno told Kaye that she was sleepy. Kaye said to them that they would play one last game. Nanno lay on the floor with balloons surrounding her.

Nanno just laughed at Kaye. Everyone is blindfolded, and they will hit Nanno to pop the balloon on her. Nanno keeps on laughing at them. Kaye covers Nanno’s mouth with his foot, but Nanno keeps on laughing, and Kaye’s patience runs out because of that. He hits Nanno with the metal bat, leading Nanno to die, and her left eye is taken out on her. Kaye remained in the gym, and the director went to him and told him that he went too far that time. He told Kaye that he would cover everything, but he needed to quit their school. Kaye doesn’t have a choice but to agree. 

Three months later after the incident, Kaye transferred to the school. There is a freshmen orientation at that time, and he is asking for a tie from the seniors. Kaye is in front of Nanno, and she is trying some thread on Kaye while saying what Kaye told them during their orientation before. She greeted Kaye and smiled at him. Kaye told Nanno that she was already dead, but Nanno told him that his school life would be so much fun. Nanno made a scene and told Kaye that grabbing a senior’s butt was not nice. Kaye denied it and told everyone that he didn’t touch Nanno.

The seniors forced Kaye to confess. Kaye peed on his pants because of his nervousness. The next orientation stage told them that all men and women are equals, and Nanno told them to switch their genders. They ordered Kaye to change his clothes, but he ran away from them. He was shocked when he saw Yuri out of nowhere, but when he looked in the same direction, Yuri was not there anymore. The seniors caught him and made him change his clothes. Nanno is doing to Kaye everything that he did to her back in their old school.

Everyone is punished for climbing up and across the bars. Nanno told Kaye that she has a special punishment for him. Nanno gets a dog with a chain. She asked him to respect Lucky because the dog is his senior. Kaye refused, but the seniors forced him to do it. They kicked Kaye out of the room because they told him he was giving them trouble. Kaye asked Nanno what does she wants from him. Nanno showed him the chain and shouted to everyone that Kaye hurt Lucky, and he escaped. They tried to find him, but they could not find Lucky.

Nanno told them they needed to find a replacement for Lucky, and they all looked at Kaye. He acted like a dog because that is what everyone wants. That night, they caged Kaye in Lucky’s cage. He tried to get out of there, but he could not. Nanno told him that being a dog is better than being a centipede. If he ever survived, he can take it all out on the juniors next year. Kaye cried, apologized to Nanno, and told her he would not do it anymore.

Kaye asks Nanno to let him go, but Nanno walks out on him. Kaye kept on crying when Yuri approached him and opened the cage to let Kaye out of the cage. Kaye ran away, and Yuri shouted that Kaye ran away. He sneaked into a car, and the car started to move. Kaye smiled because he thought he had already moved away from that place. The episode ended with Kaye returning to the orientation place because that is where the car is going. Kaye started to run away again, but everyone saw him and started to chase him. He fell into the water and started to scream and told everyone that he didn’t do anything they accused him of. Everyone started to attack Kaye because of what Yuri told them. Kaye’s eyeball went out of his eyes.

Our Thoughts

A tradition should be decent, but a tradition that includes violence and harassment should be stopped. Not every tradition should continue and go with the new generations. A tradition should be something that one can learn from and not a tradition that can make someone carry a burden for the rest of their life. A freshman orientation should be happy, and the seniors are thrilled and willing to welcome the new students into their college. There are a lot of activities that they can do to show their hospitality. They can eat or have a team building. But an activity like SOTUS should be stopped because it just made students fear the seniors instead of being friendly to them. Respect is earned and not given.

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