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Girl From Nowhere Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – Liberation

BY Arabelle

Published 1 month ago

Girl From Nowhere Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – Liberation

Nanno’s adventure continues as she transfers again to another school. Episode six started with a rule book of her new school. Someone says that everything has its own rules. A rule is for the common good, but sometimes some people see rules as some authority over them. Nanno opens the gate of her new school and entered. She walks inside, and she is looking around the school. She stops walking and looks at her two hands.

The story goes into black and white. Nanno introduced herself in front of her new classmates. Nanno sat in a vacant seat and introduced herself to the girl beside her, but the teacher heard that, and she cleared her throat and told her to pay attention to class. The girl beside her introduced herself as Mie. Nanno drops something, and Mie gets that thing. Their teacher asked them what it is, but Mie told her that she just dropped her pen. She brought back the thing to Nanno.

The Administrative Department entered their classroom and told them they would randomly check each student’s belongings. Nanno acted like she was scared to let them check her bag, so she hugs it tightly until one student forces her to give it to him. Nanno told them that it is obsolete to her privacy. The teacher went to her and told her that the students must follow the order of the teachers. She forcefully gets Nanno’s bag and drops everything inside but finds nothing. Nanno just smiled at them.

The Administrative Department leaves the room. Nanno puts on makeup after that. Mie is stopping her, but Nanno didn’t listen. She just smiled at her with her red lipstick on. The next day, the school’s director is having an announcement regarding the school’s rules. Nanno is in the cafeteria with Mie.

Mie warned Nanno to be very careful because the punishment is severe in their school. Nanno just laughed at her, but Mie told her that it is not funny. She started her story with the two empty desks at the end of their classroom. She told Nanno that those desks belong to New and Jelly. She told Nanno that Jelly argues with Teacher B the other day that Teacher B’s answer is wrong. Still, she throw the eraser at her while New recorded that video intending to post it and expose what Teacher B did. She caught him and confiscated the phone.

After that, no one has news about those two. They know that New and Jelly are inside the room of repentance. Nanno repeated the room of repentance and smiled. She said that it sounds fun. Mie warned her that it is not funny at all. Teacher A came into the cafeteria and directly went to Nanno. She forcefully makes her face look at her, and she sees the lipstick on Nanno’s lips. She started to erase the lipstick on her lips and confiscated the lipstick. She told Nanno that she will give her a light punishment since she is a new student. She ordered Nanno to recite the 427 rules of their school in the middle of the field.

Nanno stands in the middle of the field, puts the book on her head, and starts to wave like a beauty queen. Nanno laughed while reading the rules of their school. The student guarding Nanno called Teacher A. Nanno gets lighter on her back and showed it to Teacher A. It looks like she is mocking her. She also burned the rule book of their school. She told Teacher A that she has read their school’s rules, and there is no rule that she cannot burn their school book. Teacher A said the students guard to bring Nanno into the room of repentance.

They brought Nanno into the room of repentance. Teacher A pushed a button that will make her hear the people inside. One student apologized to Teacher A and told her to let her go; she already repented for her sins. She asked Jelly if she was ready to return to the outside world. She also asked New, but New told her that he was not guilty and didn’t do anything wrong.

Teacher A said to them that handling stubborn students like them is easy. They must compile their names, put them on the unpleasant list, and publicize them. Because of that, their chance of entering the university and a company will be gone. New told her that she cannot do that to them. Teacher A told them that she has already done that before. She continued to threaten them until New apologized to her. She opened the room of repentance and freed New and Jelly. After that, she pushed Nanno inside the room and repentance. They made her sit in a chair while there are speakers near her ears, and their school rules are playing nonstop.

Teacher A is inside her office, looking at the lipstick she confiscated on Nanno. She tried to put it on her lips, but she was interrupted when the two student guards opened her office door and told her they had a problem. Nanno is inside their classroom, wearing a green ribbon on her hair. Mie asked her about her punishment yesterday. Nanno told them they just let her listen to their school’s rules inside the dark room. Everyone is confused that there’s nothing change in Nanno’s behavior when they see how Jelly changed and New didn’t go to school that day because he is sick.

Teacher A and Teacher B are in the door, and Teacher A is confused about how Nanno gets out of the room of repentance when she didn’t let her out. Nanno told everyone that she is bored and annoyed by the noise. She also told them that it is not scary at all. Everyone heard someone clear her throat and immediately sit properly. Teacher A went to Nanno and told her to stand up. She puts the cigarette in Nanno’s pocket and gets it back, making it look like that Nanno is smoking. She brought Nanno inside the room of repentance once again. She opened and closed the lights in the room, but Nanno didn’t care.

The next day, Nanno went to her class once again, and she is wearing a color purple hair. Everyone is laughing and cheering for her when Teacher A and B are in the door again. They pulled Nanno to the room of repentance again.

Teacher A asked Nanno about what she wants. Nanno told them that she wants Teacher B to admit her mistakes, and she wants Teacher A to acknowledge that she has put the cigarette in her pocket. And for the headmaster to admit that he sucks at taking care of the students, she will be satisfied. Teacher B holds Nanno’s face, and Teacher A is forcefully pulling the piercing on Nanno’s tongue. Still, she gets the whole tongue of Nanno. Blood is flowing on Nanno’s mouth because of that. Teacher A looks satisfied because of what she did. She is inside her office and looking at the lipstick again.

Yuri entered the office and introduced herself. She told Teacher A that she wants to be a truant patrol in the school. Teacher A seemed uninterested until Yuri said to her that she used to go to the same old school with Nanno, so she knows how to handle her. Yuri showed Teacher A about the group of students planning to break their school’s rules. Not even after that, a group of students gathered and punished in the school gymnasium. A guy is confused about how the school knows their plan.

Teacher A and Yuri are upstairs and looking at the below-punished students. Yuri is looking for some information inside the Teacher A office. The headmaster went in front of the students and asked them if they had already repented for their sins. He told them to follow the rules of their school. Everyone is dismissed after the headmaster’s speech. Nanno went to her classroom, and she saw a gift from Yuri with a TOP SECRET message from above. They met each other and knew immediately what they would do to the school. Nanno is ready to splatter the evidence around the school when Teacher A asks her what she is doing. She told her that she wants to know what the students will do if they know that the rule keepers keep breaking the rules of their school.

Teacher A stops her, and Yuri records everything. Yuri pushed Nanno, and she was stabbed on the pole. She makes it look like Teacher A pushed Nanno and asked for the papers she is holding. Teacher A told Yuri that the papers are fakes, so Yuri throws it below, and the students saw the content of the papers. She also sends the video of Teacher A pushing Nanno, leading the students to create chaos. They are attacking the school teacher and the headmaster while Yuri happily walks around the school. They are inside the gymnasium, and Yuri announces that the students are no longer subject to their rules. She told everyone to force them to write a confession about their mistakes.

Teacher A laughed because of what she wrote until New unconsciously kill Teacher A. Now everyone is panicking and starting to blame each other because of that. Yuri is laughing at what she saw until they hear a gunshot. The director told them that he will forgive and forget everything if they repent for what they did. The director went in front of Yuri and told the students to raise their hands if they thought Yuri was responsible for everything.

Nanno showed herself to everyone and waves her hands at everyone. The director pointed his gun at Nanno; every student brought their phone out and started recording everything. Nanno urges him to shoot her, but the headmaster cannot do it. Nanno tied Yuri inside the room of repentance. Nanno gave the key to Mie, and she opened the gate. The story ended with Yuri getting out of the room of repentance with blood all over her face and screaming.

Our Thoughts

The people who always keep the rules are also those who break the rules. The students are trying their hard not to break the rules but little did they know that rule keepers are the one who keeps on breaking the rules of their school. It often happens in real life. While feeling high and mighty, people in power and authority do their jobs like arresting criminals and illegal users while they are also those who commit the crime themselves. They are just not caught in the act because they have the power and authority to cover for themselves.

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