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Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Rumor Has It

BY Kean

Published 2 years ago

Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - Rumor Has It

At the hospital, Nao is surprised to hear Uehara call the woman Yuri. Yuri hits Uehara and scolds him for suddenly disappearing. She notices Uehara losing weight and tells him to return home. Yuri tells Uehara that they need to talk about Uehara’s future, but he refuses to go back. Nao listens to the two of them talk without Yuri paying her any attention. 

Uehara scolds Nao for telling the doctor where he lives because that’s how Yuri found out about it. Yuri keeps hitting Uehara and even scolds him for not thanking Nao for saving his life. Nao tells them goodbye, but Yuri asks her to go together because she wants to talk about Uehara. When Yuri opens the door, Nao notices the wedding ring she is wearing and assumes that the two are having an affair.     

Yuri sits beside Nao and introduces herself as Uehara Yuri, Uehara’s sister-in-law. She says that she is the wife of Takuya, Uehara’s older brother. She admits to Nao that she thought Nao was Uehara’s girlfriend because he seemed to be comfortable with Nao. Yuri tells Nao to tell Uehara to come home because he doesn’t listen to Yuri.

Nao suddenly realizes that if Uehara leaves, she will have to pay the $1500 alone. She sets a plan to win him over by preparing him something to eat. The following day, she packs lunch for Uehara and brings it to school. When Nao arrives at school, she notices the students talking about her and Uehara, and the students look at her differently. Once inside their room, Nao sees her friend Marina and smiles at her. As soon as Marina sees her, she ignores Nao and goes to talk with the other students. 

Nao tries to talk to Marina in every class, but her friend keeps ignoring her. Nao finally realizes they have a problem, so she follows Marina around the school. Daichi sees her and tries to talk to her, but Nao can’t speak to him because she wants to talk to Marina. Nao chases Marina and finally catches up with her on the rooftop.

Nao asks Marina why she’s ignoring her. Marina says it is because Nao lied to her. She tells Nao that she is angry not because she is Uehara’s girlfriend but because Nao pretended that nothing was going on between the two of them. Upon seeing her friend cry, Marina feels guilty and tells Nao to tell her everything from now on, and she will do the same. Nao tells Marina that they are only pretending to be dating. On their way home, they let Mitsuishi in on their secret. 

Because of her plan to keep Uehara from leaving, Nao plans to bring the food to him at the hospital. But then she remembers Yuri and thinks she can take care of Uehara, so she returns home. But then Nao decides to check on him and makes her way to the hospital only to find out he’s been released.

She finds him lying on the couch. When she asks why he didn’t tell him he left the hospital, he says that he doesn’t have Nao’s number. They exchange numbers, but he reminds her not to text him often. Uehara notices the packed food beside Nao and says he will have it for his midnight snack. When she hears this, Nao checks the kitchen to find that Uehara has eaten the food she left for herself. 

Nao receives a phone call from her mom telling her that they won’t let Nao live alone if she is not part of the top half of the class. Nao tells her mom it’s just a piece of cake, then she realizes she only has a few days left before the finals. She asks Uehara to tutor her, but he declines. 

Even after trying so hard, Nao can’t understand her lessons. She goes to Daichi and asks for his help. Daichi says he can’t because he has a practice game that day. He tells Nao that he helped Nao all the time, and it would be nice if Nao would appreciate him even a little. Nao says she enjoys Daichi. His mind almost changes, but then Nao tells him she should stop depending on him. Daichi’s facial expression changes, and he wishes Nao good luck before saying goodbye. 

After classes, Uehara sees Yuri waiting for him outside. He hides from her and takes a different way out of school. Yuri keeps waiting outside and sees Nao coming out of the school gates. They eat outside, and Yuri asks Nao to call Uehara. She tells her that maybe he is out working. Nao tells Yuri that Uehara seems different when talking to Yuri. Yuri admits that she thinks she is Uehara’s, first love.  

Yuri tells Nao that Uehara’s family and hers have been friends for a long time. When Uehara’s parents died, Yuri told them that she would be like a mother to the orphaned brothers. She then tells Nao that she fell in love with Takuya, Uehara’s older brother. They got married, and the three of them lived under the same roof. Yuri says Uehara admitted to her that he couldn’t live with the woman he loves and her husband, so he left. Yuri finishes her story and decides to visit Uehara. Nao follows Yuri.

With their game canceled, Daichi leaves school. Marina and Mitsuishi see him riding his bike and ask him where he is going. He says he is going to Nao’s house to tutor her. 

When Daichi arrives at Nao’s place, he sees Uehara open the door. He asks him what he is doing there. Before Uehara gets a chance to answer, Marina and Mitsuishi arrive. The two try to distract Uehara and Daichi so they won’t get to talk to each other. Yuri and Nao come and see the commotion inside. It becomes chaotic because Yuri asks Uehara if he is after Nao’s body. Uehara gets mad and says he will tell them everything.

Uehara admits that he would like to live that way until they both find new places. Nao and Uehara ask them for their understanding, but Daichi doesn’t look so happy about it. Before he leaves, Daichi tells Nao to come to his place if anything goes wrong.

After everyone leaves, Nao realizes she still isn’t ready for the tests. She tells Uehara that if she fails, she has to come back home. Uehara has no choice but to tutor Nao all night.

At school, the students receive the results of their exams. Nao slowly looks at her results and sees she ranks 12 in their class. She texts Uehara the results and asks him if he wants milk pudding as a gift. Instead of just a pudding, Uehara makes Nao buy a lot of food.

They eat together, and Nao sees Uehara ignoring a call from Yuri. She goes to her room and admits to herself that maybe Uehara has feelings for Yuri. Nao cries and thinks that perhaps she is starting to fall in love with Uehara.  

Our Thoughts:

It turns out that Yuri is not Uehara’s girlfriend but just his first love. I think it is easier to assume that Daichi has feelings for Nao, and he always helps her out and is always nice to her. On the other hand, Nao keeps denying she likes Uehara, but it seems like she is also starting to like him.

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