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Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 1 Recap – Alone at Last

BY Kean

Published 1 month ago

Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 1 Recap - Alone at Last

The show starts with students walking to school. A famous guy named Uehara Hisashi walks in, and every student moves out of his way and starts screaming. Everyone starts gushing about how cool he is. A group of women runs to him. One of those women hands him an invitation and asks him to join their first-year Christmas Party as a special guest. He declines.

Once Uehara is out of sight, three students walk in. They told the first-year students that they broke the top three rules in their school, and they add that the top 3 boys are for everyone. Then they proceed to drag the freshman away.

Nao is talking on the phone with her mom when Uehara walks to her. She is surprised to see him on the rooftop. Uehara tells her that he doesn’t want to go out with anyone. He shows her the message he received. The student who sent the message to Uehara is hiding behind the door, and when she sees the two talking, she leaves. Nao explains that she was not the one who sent the message. Uehara turns his back on her, but Nao stops him. She tells him to talk more nicely to girls and mind his attitude. 

Mitsuishi and Marina accompany Nao when she moves into her new home. They help her settle in the new place, but it’s already afternoon, and they still haven’t finished unpacking. Mitsuishi suggests that maybe the house is haunted. That’s why Nao got it for a low price. The place is huge and beautiful, so she’s lucky to find a house like that in the middle of the town. 

After her friends leave, Nao cleans the place herself and keeps hearing weird sounds. She hides inside her room and grabs a badminton racket. She hears a knock on the door, so she hides behind it and waits for the person to come in. Without looking, she starts hitting the person who walks in. And when she finally stops, she is surprised to see that it is Uehara.

Uehara tells Nao that his lease starts that day. Nao tells him the same thing. Uehara doesn’t believe her, and he pushes her out the door. Nao pushes him back and tells him that he is mistaken. Uehara shows proof that he is telling the truth. Both of them take out their keys with the number 305 written on them.

The two of them talk to an old woman, and they find out that they got scammed. The woman tells them whoever pays $1500 first gets to move in the house. Both Nao and Uehara are surprised to hear this because they are only expecting to pay $800. After talking to the woman, they go back home disappointed. Just outside the door, Nao sees the cup of noodles that Daichi left as a gift for her. Nao smiles before following Uehara inside the house. 

Nao tells Uehara that she has to live alone because her parents took over the family farm in the country. She asks Uehara why he can’t ask for help from his parents, but he refuses to say anything. 

Out of fear that her parents will take her back to the country, Nao suggests that the two just live together since there are two available rooms in the house. Living together also means they get to share the rent. Uehara says he doesn’t want to live with Nao. Nao pretends to cry as she tells Uehara that she doesn’t have $1500 to pay the rent. 

Feeling sorry for Nao, Uehara agrees to live with her. They agree to live together until they have the money or until they find a new place to stay in. Uehara assures Nao that she doesn’t have anything to worry about because he is not interested in her. Offended, Nao screams that she is not interested in him as well. In the middle of his anger with Uehara, Nao remembers Uehara’s reaction when she pretended to be crying, and she realizes that women’s tears easily move him.

After eating the cup of noodles from Daichi, Nao is still hungry. She goes out of her room and sees Uehara carrying boxes of pizza. She tells him she likes pizza, but Uehara refuses to share the food with her. The following day, after Nao enters the bathroom while the naked Uehara is still inside, Uehara writes a set of rules and hands it to Nao.

On their way to school, Nao follows Uehara because she doesn’t know the way. Uehara looks at her and reminds her to remember to keep a 3-meter-distance. Upon seeing Uehara’s attitude at home, Nao is disappointed to see how all the girls like someone like Uehara. 

At a coffee shop, Uehara asks his boss to give him a few extra shifts because he needs to earn more money for his rent. Nanako, the daughter of the owner of the coffee shop, asks her dad not to be too hard on Uehara.  

Uehara finds Nao doing her homework while using a table heater. He reminds Nao that since they share the electricity cost, he will share the table heater with her. Nao tells Uehara that he should have accepted the rolled cabbage given by the girls at school. He says he can’t do that since it would happen every day if he did. While talking, Uehara sees Nao ignoring the phone call from her mom, so he tells her to pick it up.

Early in the morning, Uehara’s alarm clocks go off simultaneously. Nao complains and marches to Uehara’s room and knocks on the door. Since no one is answering, Nao goes inside the room and finds a couple of alarm clocks inside his room. She screams and turns off all the alarms. On her way out, she sees Uehara’s family picture. She smiles and walks toward the table, but as she does, she trips and accidentally hits the family picture. It falls to the ground shattering the glass cover and the frame.

Nao goes to Uehara’s classroom to tell him, but when she sees the other students, she changes her mind. When she sees him in the hallway, he ignores her. Nao has no choice but to wait for Uehara at their house. By the time he arrives, Nao is already waiting and ready to tell him what happened. Uehara comes home and ignores Nao as he travels to his room.

Sensing what is about to happen, Nao closes her eyes and expects the worst. The bedroom door opens again, and an angry Uehara steps out. Nao tells what happened and apologizes. Uehara reminds her that she broke the rules. Feeling guilty, Nao tells him she will replace the frame, but Uehara tells her that is not the issue then he turns away from her.

While eating lunch with her friends Marina and Mitsuishi, Nao finds out that Uehara lost his parents in a car crash when he was young. Upon hearing this, Nao remembers the rude things she said to Uehara. Before she goes home, she looks for the same picture frame that she accidentally broke. It’s already dark, but she still hasn’t found what she is looking for.

Inside the house, Nao waits for Uehara. She gets hungry and opens the fridge looking for something to eat. She sees two milk puddings, and she assumes that one of those is for her. When Uehara arrives, he sees Nao has already eaten one of his puddings. He gets angry and tells Nao there’s only so much he can take. Nao tells him that she will go out and replace the pudding. But he warns Uehara that if something terrible happens to her, he should feel guilty about it.

While looking for something to eat, Uehara sees that Nao cooked rolled cabbage and left it in the fridge. As the clock hits past 11 pm, Nao hasn’t come home yet. While playing a video game, Uehara hits something under the table. He finds a box containing a new photo frame that looks like the one that Nao broke. Inside is a letter that Nao wrote herself apologizing to Uehara.

Uehara goes out and looks for Nao. He finds her crying and hiding. She tells Uehara that someone is chasing her. Uehara laughs at Nao and asks her to come home. Nao requests, so Uehara carries her on his back and tells her that they are even now since she cooked roll cabbage.

The following day, the alarms start ringing again all at once. Nao knocks on Uehara’s door, but no one answers. She goes inside and finds him still sleeping. Nao wakes him up, and Uehara mistakes her for someone else. He calls her “Yuri” before he grabs her and kisses her.

Our Thoughts:

When we saw what the show was about, we thought this would be like the other shows where the two characters end up living in the same house. They would fight and argue, but in the end, they would end up together. Since the show is quite easy to predict, we hope that something unusual happens to any of the characters before we reach the last episode.

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