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Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 12 Recap – Tagging Along

BY Kean

Published 2 years ago

Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 12 Recap - Tagging Along

Issei pulls Nao to his side, puts his arm around her, and introduces her as his girlfriend. Uehara happens to walk into the shop and hears what Issei said. Later after Yukari leaves, Issei explains the situation he is in. He kneels in front of Uehara and Nao and tells them how he met Yukari. He tells them that Yukari visited their shop one time. Issei saw her crying while eating ramen. Because he wanted to cheer her up, he gave her a soft-boiled egg for free.

The next day, Yukari asked Issei out on a date and to be her boyfriend. She has been asking him since then. Nao gets surprised that Yukari fell in love with Issei because of a simple reason. Uehara just sits there quietly as he listens to them. When they ask Issei why he can’t just keep on telling Yukari he doesn’t like her until she finally gives up, Issei says that Yukari complimented their ramen. Because Yukari said their ramen tastes good, Issei says he doesn’t want to hurt their customer.

Issei’s father hugs his son, looking so proud of him. Issei bows to Nao and asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend while she is at the shop. Nao tells Issei that it’s weird to see Issei bow to her like that. Issei suddenly remembers that Nao owes him. He reminds Nao that he is the one who lets Nao pay for the broken bowls in installments. Nao looks at Uehara to ask for his opinion, but she sees him already walking out of the shop.

Nao and Uheara go home together. Nao tries to be sweet with Uehara, but he keeps pushing her away. Inside their apartment building, the elevator opens, and they see a couple sharing a kiss. Uehara decided to go inside still, but Nao stopped him. She tells him it is her first time to see a couple kissing like that. The next day, Marina tells Nao that Mitsuishi and her have been fighting. She says that Mitsuishi sometimes gets so possessive. Nao gets envious of her friend and wishes Uehara is the same as Mitsuishi. 

At the ramen shop, Nao gets scared as she works because Yukari has been observing her. Mitsuishi, who is eating ramen with Marina at that time, says Yukari has negative energy. Yukari stands up and tells Nao that she doesn’t believe Nao and Issei are a couple. Issei panics and says they can’t be too sweet because they are at work. Yukari says that the two never touched and were never sweet to each other. Issei pulls Nao close to him to prove to Yukari that they are a couple.

Abe walks into the shop and can’t believe what he is seeing. Marina and Mitsuishi quickly act and stop Abe from saying anything he’s not supposed to say. Yukari tells Issei that she wants them to prove they are a couple. They have to prove it to her all day the next day. Nao tells Ueahara what will happen, but he just keeps on playing his video games.

At the amusement park, Yukari says hi to Issei and Nao. The two keep on looking at Yukari to see her reaction. On the other hand, Yukari never takes her eyes off the two. Even when they try the roller coaster, Yukari sits behind them. Uehara sits beside Abe at the roller coaster’s end, and Marina sits beside Mitsuishi. Marina has asked Abe to pick up Uehara and take him to the amusement park. Marina tells Mitsuishi she is doing all this for Nao because she wants to get some reaction from Uehara.

Issei asks Yukari if she is finally convinced of his relationship with Nao. Yukari says she still isn’t convinced, so she tells them to go inside the haunted house. The three go inside, but Nao accidentally gets left behind because she walks so slowly. It is so dark inside the haunted house, so she continues to lose her way. Marina and the others are inside the haunted house as well.

Nao thinks she is hallucinating because of fear that she will start hearing Marina’s voice. Nao cries while holding a flashlight. She is alone in the darkness. Light points to Nao from nowhere, and a hand grabs her. Nao starts screaming when she feels the hand. Uehara lights his face with a flashlight, so Nao gets even more scared. When Nao finally realizes it’s Uehara, she hugs him tight.

Outside the haunted house, Marina and the others are waiting for Nao. When Yukari sees Nao with Uehara, she asks her who Uehara is. Marina saves Nao again and says that Uehara is just a friend. Mitsuishi butts in and says there is a Ferris wheel with four gondolas that are completely see-through. Marina adds that if a couple rides in one of those and kisses at the very top, they’ll be happy forever. Nao imagines her and Uehara kissing at the top.

They all fall in line to ride the Ferris wheel. Marina pulls Nao to her side and tells her that she will stop Issei and Yukari so Nao can ride the Ferris wheel with Uehara. Once it’s their turn, they start pulling and pushing each other. The attendant at the ride gets annoyed that they are holding the line. She starts taking just anyone and pushes them into the gondola. Abe ends up in the see-through gondola alone.

While Marina and Mitsuishi ride one, Uehara is with Issei, and Nao is with Yukari. Nao takes the chance to ask Yukari why she like Issei so much. Yukari says that when Issei smiled at her after a very bad day, she felt appreciated. Marina also takes her chance to fix things with Mitsuishi. Nao looks behind her and sees Marina and Mitsuishi share a kiss. She’s happy for her friends, but she gets sad for herself.

Issei tells Uehara that he hurts Nao’s feelings when he acts so cool. Uehara then admits to Issei that he is not okay with Nao pretending to be Issei’s girlfriend. Yukari tells them she finally believes Issei and Nao are a couple. Nao looks at Issei and tells him to tell the truth to Yukari. Issei stays behind with Yukari, where he tells her the truth. Yukari asks Issei if he was just acting before. She tells him that Issei doesn’t want to acknowledge his feelings.

Uehara and Nao ride the elevator with another woman. Because of the space, she takes up, Uehara pulls Nao to his chest and hugs her. He tells Nao to quit her job at the ramen shop; then, he kisses Nao inside the elevator. 

It’s senior year, and Mitsuishi, Marina, Nao, and Abe are happy they are in the same class. While talking, they hear another student’s voice look for Nao. The student is a transfer student. She and Nao go to the rooftop to talk. The student introduces herself as Kitaura Nozomi; then, she asks Nao if she is dating Uehara.

Our Thoughts:

Marina’s dedication to her friend is just amazing. She will do anything just to help Nao with Uehara. Abe is obviously on Uehara’s side, but we think we will be on Issei’s team. That is, even though it is obvious that Nao won’t end up with Issei. Finally, a new character that we have been waiting for arrives. We need to see something more in this show. We want a partner for Abe as he looks like he wants a girlfriend. We also wonder why he didn’t ask Yukari on a date when they both look like they want to be in a relationship.

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