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Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 13 Recap – The Getaway (Part 1)

BY Kean

Published 1 month ago

Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 13 Recap - The Getaway (Part 1)

A transfer student approaches Nao while she is talking to her friends. The student introduces herself as Kitaura Nozomi. As they talk on the rooftop of the school, Kitaura asks Nao if she and Uehara are dating. Nao admits that they are. Kitaura tells Nao that Uehara is the one person she will never forgive because Uehara deprived her of her happiness. Marina and the others have been listening to the conversation.

When they see Kitaura about to go back to her classroom, they rush back to hide. Because the three of them are so busy trying to hide, Marina slips and falls down the stairs. Luckily, Kitaura is fast enough to catch her. For a moment, Marina seems mesmerized.

Later, Nao admits to Marina that she saw her and Mitsuishi kiss at the amusement park. While they are laughing, Nao hears some students talk about Uehara and Kitaura. The students say that the two must have had a relationship before since the two of them are both cool.

On their way home, Nao asks Uehara about Kitaura. Uehara tells her that Kitaura declared war on him but he doesn’t want to talk about her anymore. He tells Nao he doesn’t know who Kitaura is. Issie happens to pass by and he hands Nao a plastic of roast pork. He says thank you to Nao for helping him out, then he leaves the two.

At school, Kitaura and Uehara continue to compete against each other. Whether it is a math problem, basketball, or in English class the two continue to go against each other. Uehara looks irritated with Kitaura because he can’t win against her, they are always at the same level. Nao hears a couple of students say that Uehara and Kitaura should just be a couple since they are a perfect match. 

Uehara is at the coffee shop when his boss mentions a customer who has an old computer. He knows that Uehara is looking for a computer so he figures that maybe Uehara wants the computer the customer is talking about. Uehara asks his boss to introduce him.

The customer walks into the shop and Uehara is surprised to see that it is Kitaura. When Kitaura sees Uehara she immediately changes her mind and says she will never let Uehara have it. Uehara finds out that Kitaura’s computer is one of the rumored limited edition models.

At the house, Marina is with Nao and they are talking about Uehara again. Nao seems worried. Marina tells her friend that she really is clueless as to what is really happening. Marina says that since Uehara and Kitaura hate each other then they might fall in with each other as well. She explains to Nao that the love that starts to hate can turn into a much stronger love later on.

Nao believes Marina so she goes to see Uehara at the coffee shop. On her way there, she sees Uehara and Kitaura talking. Nao immediately hides but the two eventually see her. The three of them walk home, and Nao walks behind the two. She tries to join in the conversation but she realizes she doesn’t know anything about what they are talking about.

At the ramen shop, Nao tells Issei that she and Uehara don’t really have anything in common. But then she finds out that she and Issei are really alike. After talking to Uehara earlier, Nao finds out that he and Kitaura finally came to terms. Issei tells Nao that she doesn’t have to change anything with herself because couples should be equal. He adds that why is it Nao the only one who has to change a lot and not Uehara. Issei tells Nao that he is just there for her but Nao doesn’t hear it because she isn’t paying attention.

Meanwhile, while Uehara is at the bookstore he sees Kitaura. He tells her that he doesn’t need Kitaura’s computer anymore and he will just work hard to buy one himself. While they are walking home, Uehara sees a lottery game and plays. He wants to get the fifth prize which is a one-month supply of milk puddings because he knows how much Nao likes it. But he happens to be lucky that instead of the fifth prize, he gets the first prize, tickets to Ikaho hot spring. He gives it to Kitaura because he only wants the fifth prize.

While Nao is at work, she receives a gift from her boss, tickets to Ikaho hot spring. He tells her he won it at a lottery but he doesn’t have the time to go. Nao delivers the news to Uehara and plans a trip with him on the next three-day weekend. 

Marina is surprised to hear that Nao is planning a trip with Uehara. She says that she doesn’t know Nao and Uehara have that kind of relationship. Nao still doesn’t seem to understand so Marina explains to her. Later that night, Nao gets conscious and worried that she will go on a trip with just Uehara. While thinking of a plan, she looks at the back of the ticket and finds a way out.

The next day at school, Uehara finds out that Nao has asked her friends to go with them. He is surprised to learn about this so he talks to Nao. Nao tells him that since the ticket is for 6 people, she decided to take her friends including Issei. Uehara gets angry that Nao just decided on it alone and says he is no longer going on the trip.

The rest of the group go on as planned. They notice that Nao is sad, so Abe sends her photo to Uehara to show him how sad she is. Uehara says he is going to be there that night. At the station, Uehara sees Kitaura who also decided to use the ticket Uehara gave her, so they decide to go together.

When Nao finds out Uehara is coming, she becomes really happy. She decides to wait for him despite the cold. To keep herself warm, she keeps moving and dancing around. When Uehara arrives, the two of them decide on where to go first. Kitaura who is alone sees all of Nao’s friends. They decide to let her go with them.

Our Thoughts:

It’s very obvious that Kitaura doesn’t have any feelings for Uehara. We think that maybe she likes Nao. Since Kitaura is popular among the girls we think that it has something to do with another girl. We are also starting to wonder if Nao has more money than we think. They can afford to go on a trip and can afford to pay $800 each for their apartment. Yes, they got the tickets for free, but you still got to wonder how they can afford to spend that much money. They are only high school students.

Anyways, we hope that Kitaura is there for Nao. We hope that she likes Nao and that’s the reason why she can’t forgive Uehara. She must hate him too much to transfer to a new school in her senior year. We can confirm as well, that Issei likes Nao. This time it’s for real. He worries about her a lot. But Nao being Nao obviously doesn’t know this. She seems to be popular with the boys. Is this going to continue with this kind of pattern? Someone comes and confesses to either Uehara or Nao, then they will argue. Afterward, Marina will come to help her friend and save her relationship with Uehara. We hope to see a big twist that can shake their world to the point that what will happen next becomes unpredictable. 

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