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Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 14 Recap – The Getaway (Part 2)

BY Kean

Published 4 weeks ago

Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 14 Recap - The Getaway (Part 2)

Uehara worries about Nao so he follows them on the trip. It is difficult for Nao to pick where to go first because she wants to try everything with Uehara. Uehara tells her they can just go back another time if they don’t finish everything that day.

They go to a shrine where there are votive plaques that grant eternal love to couples. Nao prays hard, but then she finds out that the votive plaques have sold out already. The seller says that somebody bought all of them.

When they get to the inn, Nao finds out that it was Abe who bought all of the votive plaques. Issei makes sure that the boys and girls stay in separate rooms. Abe gets disappointed because he thinks he finally has a chance to be with Kitaura. The hostess of the inn tells them they don’t have to worry because they will still get to spend time together. There is a place called Tragic Lovers Hill where couples get to spend romantic time together.

Nao remembers the sign she saw earlier. She only saw the good part of the sign and she didn’t notice it also mentions the tragic story of the place. The lovers in the legend died without ever consummating their love so they get jealous of other couples and put a curse on those who get along too well. Nao only read the positive part of the story and doesn’t know the dark side of it. 

Abe plans something with Marina and Mitsuishi so the couples of the group can spend time together. He makes a box with papers inside and asks Uehara and Nao to pick one paper each. Instead of doing the same thing to Kitaura and Issei, he just hands them one paper each.

After eating dinner, they go out to play a game. They look at the papers Abe handed them. Mitsuishi and Marina are a pair, Uehara is with Kitaura, and Nao is with Issei. Abe realizes he failed again. The plan was to be with Kitaura, and for Nao to be with Uehara. Abe gets sad that he is paired with no one but instead will be the ghost of the game.

The rule of the game is simple: they have to get Abe’s votive plaque up on Tragic Lovers Hill. If they get the votive plaque then they get to keep it. Mitsuishi’s team and Uehara’s team finish quickly. They wait for Nao and Issei to come back because they realize they are taking too long already. They can’t get lost because they only have to follow one path.

Up the hill, after taking the votive plaque Nao sees a raccoon and faints. Uehara gets worried about Nao so he decides to go back and check if they are okay.

Issei comes down carrying Nao on his back. After seeing the two of them and hearing what happened, Uehara turns around. He says he can’t believe Nao fainted because of a stupid reason. Issei gets mad that Uehara acts too cold to Nao, so he challenges Uehara on a duel. Whoever wins gets to have Nao. Issei explains to Marina and Mitsusihi that he is only doing that to help Uehara show his feelings to Nao. 

They decide to play ping-pong. Whoever wins gets to do whatever they want to do with Nao. The first game is between Uehara and Nao. The second game is between Issei and Abe. Uehara wins in the first game and Issei wins the second one.

The next game is between Uehara and Kitaura. Kitaura finally reveals the reason why she can’t forgive Uehara. She says she was popular with the girls when she was younger. Of all the girls who like her, there was this one girl she liked a lot. Her name was Momoyama Mami.

One time Mami told Kitaura that she liked Uehara. Mami would always follow Uehara. Kitaura says Uehara took Mami away from her, even though that happened 8 years ago. Uehara says he doesn’t remember. Kitaura says it’s finally her chance to defeat Uehara and make him pay for what he did. Uehara defeats Kitaura real quick and she falls to the ground, telling herself she did her best.

The final game is between Uehara and Issei. Issei reminds Uehara that whoever wins will get Nao. Nao tells Uehara that he should do well and win the game. Uehara tells her that she doesn’t have to worry because he will definitely win. He keeps his word and wins against Issei by only one point. Issei really looks disappointed because he tried his best to win. Marina tells Issei they all thought Issei was going to win the game.

After the game, Uehara and Nao leave to buy juice. When Nao is handing Uehara the juice, Uehara pulls her in for a hug. When Nao comes back to the inn after taking a bath, she finds out that her friends already left. Uehara comes out of the other door and they come to a conclusion that it will only be the two of them that night.

Nao calls Marina to know where they are. Marina tells her that the trip was supposed to be Nao and Uehara’s trip so they decided to leave and stay at a nearby hotel. Uehara tells Nao he’ll be sleeping in the other room downstairs. Nao tries to sleep alone but then she gets scared when she remembered the ghost that is said to be visiting the place. So, she goes downstairs to Uehara.

While they are talking, a woman walks in to help them with their futons. She says Uehara must be so happy to have a pretty wife. When she asks them how many futons she should prepare, both of them said she should prepare two.

After the woman leaves, Uehara says he will sleep upstairs and then walks out of the room. Nao follows Uehara and asks him if he doesn’t find her attractive. Uehara admits that he is just worried he won’t be able to stop himself if he sleeps beside Nao. He kisses Nao and when he hugs her, he feels she is so hot. It turns out, Nao has a fever. Uehara looks after Nao then he goes out for some air. He sees Issei, then the two of them go to the hotel to play cards with the others.

The trip is over and they have to go back to school. Uehara and Nao walk to school together. They don’t notice another student watching as they walk away.

Our Thoughts:

We like that Marina is very supportive of Nao all the time. But we think she overdid it this time. She left her friend alone. They all left Nao. They should have at least stayed with her. We are also a bit disappointed that Kitaura liked someone else. We were really expecting it would be Nao. It turns out it was a different girl. But that was 8 years ago. We think it’s not really smart of her to move to a new school for that reason alone. We are hoping that she had a different reason for transferring to Uehara’s school. 

Issei is still in denial. He doesn’t want to admit to himself that he likes Nao. Maybe because he knows he doesn’t have a chance with Nao because she is with Uehara already. We were rooting for Issei to win the game but unfortunately, he lost. If Issei won, would Uehara really let him have Nao? 

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