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Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 15 Recap – Surprise!

BY Kean

Published 11 months ago

Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 15 Recap - Surprise!

Uehara has been very busy with his new computer. Nao goes to his room to confront him about not answering her text messages. Uehara takes out his phone to read Nao’s messages in front of her. He says those kinds of messages don’t need a reply. He figures that Nao won’t leave if he doesn’t give in so tells her he will reply next time. He expects that Nao will finally leave, but when she didn’t he finally tells her to leave because she is bothering him.

Nao leaves the room and sits in the living room. She sees the CDs that Uehara rented. She tells him to watch the movies with her, so he did. Even when Uehara tells Nao not to force herself, Nao still watches the English movies and falls asleep beside Uehara.

When Nao keeps making noises while eating, Uehara can’t take it anymore and he stops the movie and goes to his room. He tells Nao to leave him alone for a while. Instead of giving him space, Nao decides to prepare a lot of food for Uehara. Once she’s done cooking, she sends him a message that the food is ready. Uehara tells her to leave him alone. Disappointed that Uehara is acting cold towards her, Nao eats all the food all by herself.

After that, she ends up being hospitalized for three days. The doctors told Nao that she got food poisoning because of the oysters in the seafood soup that she made. Marina and Mitsuishi visit Nao at the hospital. Mitsuishi laughs at her and how Uehara treats her, but Marina tells her otherwise. Marina tells Nao that she gets to be released from the hospital on the same day as her birthday, so she has to wait a little more.

Because Marina tells Nao that Uehara might be planning a surprise for her, Nao starts to imagine a surprise from Uehara. She waits for a message or a call from him, but she doesn’t receive any. Nao can’t take it anymore so she goes out of her room and sends him a message.

A man appears next to Nao and introduces himself as Senzaki Yu. He says that Nao deserves a better boyfriend, and tells her that he is a perfect boyfriend. He moves closer to Nao and puts his arm around her, so Nao goes back running to her own room. 

Uehara reads a letter from somebody and looks bothered. He listens to the voice message Nao sent him, then somebody rings the bell. The woman hands Uehara some food and tells him that she just cooked a lot so she decided to give some to Uehara. Uehara accepts the food and then thanks her. Abe sees the two and asks who the woman is.

The woman introduces herself as Momoyama Mami, a former classmate of Uehara. She tells Abe she saw Uehara while visiting someone, but she didn’t approach Ueahara because he was with Nao. Abe stops Mami from leaving and invites her inside for some tea. He tells Mami that Uehara is living with his older sister.

When Abe visits Nao, he tells her about Mami. He says that Uehara just accepted the food because he was getting hungry. He adds that Mami already has a boyfriend. Nao gets angry that Uehara doesn’t visit her at the hospital but has time to accept visitors.

Later, when Kitaura visits Nao, Nao shares her worries. Kitaura says that the woman might be only trying to get to Uehara by giving him food. She adds that men cheat so Nao should be careful. Kitaura doesn’t even know that they are talking about Mami, because Abe didn’t tell Nao the woman’s name. Uehara comes home and when he opens their locker he sees another letter. Mami who happens to pass by asks Uehara to accompany her while she waits for her boyfriend. She tells Uehara to just eat whatever he likes.

While Uehara is enjoying the food, she asks him a favor. She says she is organizing a reunion, and the girls are asking her to get Uehara to come. Uehara says no at first but then he also agrees later on. He also asks the girl for her name. Mami introduces herself once more, and Uehara remembers that she is the girl Kitaura was talking about. 

It’s finally Nao’s birthday, so she sings a birthday song to herself. She looks at the messages she received, but none is from Uehara. Yu shows up again and asks Nao for a goodbye kiss. Nao gets so annoyed that when he leans in for a kiss, she slaps him then runs back to her room.

At home, Nao calls for Uehara but she soon realizes he’s not home. She sees a letter on the table and assumes it’s a love letter. It turns out, it’s just a note from Uehara saying he will be staying over at work for a while. Nao calls his phone but he is not answering. She runs out of the house and she is surprised to see her friends carrying gifts for her. Inside the house, Nao blows the candles on her birthday cake and receives gifts from her friends.

Nao thinks that Uehara is inside the big box they were carrying and he is the surprise. But to her disappointment, when she opens the box it is just Abe. Marina gets angry when she finds out Uehara hasn’t contacted Nao yet. So, Nao lies and tells Marina that Uehara texted her already.

After Marina and Mitsuishi leave, Issei decides to go back to Nao. He asks Nao if she is okay with how things are. Nao tells him that Uehara treats her right. Issei gets so worried that he goes to the coffee shop to confront Uehara.

While they are arguing, a note falls from Uehara’s pocket. Issei reads the message. It says: If you ever see Yoshikawa Nao again, I’ll tell your school. Photos of Nao and Uehara also fall when the letter got unfolded. Uehara tells Issei that he doesn’t want Nao to worry so he decided to deal with the threat alone. Issei tells him that nothing will mean anything if he doesn’t see Nao that day. 

After finding out that it’s Nao’s birthday, Uehara runs to the store looking for the perfect gift.

Meanwhile, Nao sees the new CDs that Uehara rented were all Japanese Romantic movies. She realizes that Uehara must have rented those for her. Nao runs out of the house where she meets Uehara. They go back inside and Uehara shows Nao the note he received. He also hands her a keychain as a birthday gift. They go out to buy milk pudding for Nao’s birthday, and while they are outside Mami and Yu saw the two of them.

The next day, Uehara leaves the house. They decide that Uehara will be staying away for a while for their own safety. While walking outside, they see someone sleeping on the street. When they approach the man, they see that it’s Issei. The night before, Issei’s father punched him after he found out about the broken $12000 bowls. Nao tells Issei to stay with them since it’s her fault the bowls broke. When they realize it’s only the two of them since Uehara will be leaving, Uehara decides to stay.

Our Thoughts:

When we found out that it was Momoyama Mami, we thought that we would see an interaction between her and Kitaura. There was none in this episode so we are hoping there will be in the next one. It’s kind of weird how Uehara doesn’t even know his girlfriend’s own birthday. That day would have passed without him greeting Nao if it wasn’t for Issei. If this was in real life, we don’t think there is a friend like Marina that would continue to push her friend to a guy even if the guy doesn’t treat her friend right. We also don’t know how old Issei is, but he seems to be focused on the ramen shop and doesn’t go to school. We still prefer Issei over Uehara because Issei treats Nao better. Other guys in the show treat Nao better than Uehara does. 

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